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Shame... SHAME!!!!!

Dear loving readers. I must confess something today. Just now, when Ms. Philps was taking attendance, and asked me what my favorite flavor of ice cream was, I lied. After a good minute of hearing other's responses, and trying to come up with a funny sex joke about vanilla ice cream and hardcore ice cream, I instead opted to say "Creamed Gazelle." And she asked me what Creamed Gazelle was. And I to... » Continue Reading

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— by kyle

projection - a poem

I point out every pretentious situation every unaware example every embarrassing mistake  and unprepared fool for I search in others what I hate in myself » Continue Reading

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— by invaderzee2 Comments— 3 Kudos

I just wanted to talk 'bout creepypasta real quick

and when I say creepypasta I don't mean like the story videos on YouTube that make me paranoid and give me nightmares. I mean like Jeff the killer, Masky, Tici Toby or however you spell his name, etc. I wanted to talk about them cuz it's like, everyone knows what creepypastas are. Everyone's heard of them. And most of the people I've met have been in or are in the fandom. But there's like so littl... » Continue Reading

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— by vodkalover97 — 4 Kudos

monday afternoons: make libraries quiet again

people probably hate mondays because they're tired from a busy weekend, or they just don't want to start a new week of school/work and they want it to stay the weekend. whatever, i don't hate mondays because of that. time literally flies and blends together, so in that sense, monday is just literally a Day. the real reason i hate mondays is because after school is literal hell on earth. for me, sc... » Continue Reading

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— by helpgirl505 — 3 Kudos

brazilian gas station murders

posted january 7th 2006 hey. this is the first time i'm ever writing about my independent true crime investigations in this blog because this case hit close to home, since i work on the same road it happened. i don't know if you may have recently heard of the brazilian gas station deaths, so i'm making here a summary: 3 workers were found dead in the male bathroom of a gas station in imigrantes ro... » Continue Reading

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— by ༺Wira༻

bookwormz group

bro could yall like pllzzz join my group, i made it bc i was bored and yk wanted some new friends so i would luuuvvvv if u joined » Continue Reading

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— by pixosi1 Comment— 2 Kudos

Characters I think are autistic coded but there’s no context

- Fluttershy and pinkie pie from mlp:fim - rui and emu from pjsekai - L and near from death note (duh) - tomoko from watamote - hat kid from ahit - tsukimi and the rest of amars from princess jellyfish - Sarasa from Kageki shoujo - Menhera chan » Continue Reading

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— by codingi686 — 2 Kudos

Joke News #2

Hello and welcome to today's news broadcast, I am your host: Ivor Windybottom. Our top story tonight... Locals have recently been hearing a strange sound in the fair land of SpaceHey, some have decided to look for it. One local has found the source of the noise, which happens to be the author of this news blog, snoring away in his sleep. Unbeknown to him, his snoring has caused a city-wide earthqu... » Continue Reading

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— by 🍥 em1 Comment

outing a dead person!!

Hemingway might've been genderqueer.  I'm hearing this, like third-hand, so this might not even be correct and like everything I say, assume I'm actually full of shit.  but anyways... how was hemingway genderqueer and how do we know? I'm not sure how we know, but i think he wrote letters or smth :'D as i said, this is from someone else. the only hemingway story I've read to completion was 6 words ... » Continue Reading

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— by halogen_bulb — 2 Kudos

"Monotone Blue" - Furry Boy's Love from the Creator of "The Girl From The Other Side"

I just received the copy I pre-ordered in the mail. I've read scanlated chapters of it online before, but since it's not very popular, only a few groups have attempted translating it to English. It's really nice to be able to hold an officially translated copy in my own hands. The artist, Nagabe, has such an intricate and detailed style that really sucks the viewer into every page. I highly recomm... » Continue Reading

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— by codingi686 — 2 Kudos

Joke News #4

Hello and welcome to yet another news entry! My name is Ryan Air, our top story tonight... A fleet of buses have been vandalized by local yobs, following the protesting about no more protesting. Most of the graffiti on these buses are too awful to read out loud, but one of them that we can say is "Protesting is stewpid", and another says "Protest ned to fukc of" - personally I think these two vand... » Continue Reading

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— by wilma2 Comments

book reccs

does anyone have any book recommendations?? i havent touched a book in a while so i think its about time lololol » Continue Reading

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