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omg i almost forgot to post this i am not a real kaeya fan... HAPPY KAEYA  day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE i am  so happy  i hope he gets the most of love from everyone even though his  bday letter is kinda lacking :'c but imo i think its cute this year he just happens to have found a new interest to gush and talk about . hes silly KAEYA DAY PARTY!! » Continue Reading

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slept till 4pm today

i stayed up till 9am getting drunk but for the last few hours i watche dvideos about the deepest parts of the ocean with skyler. it was awesome and also scary. and then i slept till 4pm it was crazy da sun was going down when i woke up. WHO CAN RELATE! » Continue Reading

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bark bark woof woofbark barkwoofdbahdbv » Continue Reading

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