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Music & Art Festivals

Music &Art Festival Helpful Tips Here are some things about All Music Festivals. » Continue Reading

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why raves are better than clubs

oh my dayyysss... The amount of people i still have to try and convince to go to a rave. the girls dont want to dance anymore wtf? they just go to the club for a man or.. you know..?  but im partnered as a lesbian and i only go for dancing. Im having such a better time its amazing!!  How do i convince people that most clubs now a days are shittt » Continue Reading

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I hate parties

I was forced to go to a party by my gf despite the fact she knows I get scared by other people easily. She said it wasn't a real party but it was and I had to cover my ears because of the music being too loud, everytime I'd try ignore people like she said to do and go on my phone a group of people would suddenly appear near me. In the end I started crying and we had to go home early but when we di... » Continue Reading

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omg free food!

yesterday i went to a party with my classmates so yeah :3 i was only there for the free food and drinks yum :] » Continue Reading

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now that i have your attention, i have a question for you, little deary rascal whoever might be reading this... HOW DO I MAEK FRIENS ON SPACEHEY?!?!??? i dont wanna go out on a whim and just start friending random people.. WHAT IF THEY HAVE COOTIES?!?!?!? nonono i cant let them near me.. IM AFRAID OF VIRTUAL PEOPLE! THE FFITNESS GRAM PACER TEST IS A MULTISTAGED AEROBYC CAPACITY TEST GOd FUCK » Continue Reading

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Bored asf!!

Im always so bored I need more places to go. I wish i was pretty enough so id be invited to parties :P » Continue Reading

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WTF i h888 the chicago park district y did they move riot fest????? this sux so much i dont wanna pay 4 another cta pass >:( » Continue Reading

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Pride Prom

I’m volunteering at my town’s annual Pride Prom. If I had the money and the confidence to do so I’d actually attend myself. There’s a girl here that looks like the actress who plays Lucy (Fallout tv show) that’s in a pretty dress and converse. My gay ass is like 😳 » Continue Reading

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Beautiful girls to offer services

Do you are expecting hot service from Dehradun Escorts ? Do you need reliable service from hot Call girls in Dehradun for enjoyment? » Continue Reading

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