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I Don't Like Parties and Nightlife

Night time is for sleep. Can't even see at night anyway. I'd rather get to bed early and make a good breakfast in the morning. » Continue Reading

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This shit is wack.... I need a cute profile. » Continue Reading

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I never believed in flying saucers until I tripped a waiter.  » Continue Reading

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Two walk into a bar.

You'd think the second one would've ducked.  » Continue Reading

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West Hollywood/Sunset Strip

Just like everyone else in the world, I wish I could go out and party like I did before. My favorite hang out spots were in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip! You could find me at the Whisky and the Rainbow! Those places were like my second home! I miss seeing friends bands play and making new friendships!  What are some of your favorite hang out spots!? » Continue Reading

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Do any of you guys remember your high school prom? Well, my high school prom is still fresh in my memory-

Yup, you read that right. I wore a fricking tiara to prom and basically called myself a princess. I have no rEgErTs. I wasn't voted as prom queen, but I did win "Most Likely To Be Famous" sooo... Let's make that into reality by subscribing and leaving a like on this video 8) ( I Wore A Tiara To Prom Lol - from my Youtube channel) Please enjoy my Youtube video (and subscribe to my Youtube channel, ... » Continue Reading

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My First Time #1

I refuse to name any names in this. My First Time: Getting Drunk. This is the story of the first time I ever drank. (without being forced)  So let's jump back to 2016 I was 15 then and it was one of my buddies 15th birthday. I was asked if I wanted to come over for the party, this being the first time EVER  getting invited to a legit party I said "Fuck yeah!." There was a catch though. I had to he... » Continue Reading

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Own Worst Critic? (tw drugs, weed)

Anyone else become their own worst critic when they get baked?  If conversations die out and there's just a silence, or more often, toasting alone or being the only one stoned in a group, always leads to me overanalyzing everything thing I do, even what I'm thinking, to a point where I hyper ventilate. It effects my actions, what I end up doing as well as, making me shaky and paranoid. I appreciat... » Continue Reading

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