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Halloween 2021

What's everybody doing for Halloween? » Continue Reading

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my school is having a halloween dance this year11

This year, my school is having a halloween dance!! I'm most likely gonna be Rouge the Bat from Sonic!! She is so cool!! Sorry for all the exclamation marks lol, i'm just really excited xDD. I just don't know how I'm going to do for her shoes, tho. Should I wear knee-high boots, or white heels with knee-high stockings?? AAAAAAA I'm not sure, and Halloween is so close!! :00 » Continue Reading

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The Arizona state fair

On the 17th I went to the state fair with some friends. I have to say it was the best afternoon of my life! We didn't get any pictures, but it was really fun. The rides were exciting, we made jokes out of vender names, and we had some good food. For dinner we had curly fries with nacho cheese and beans. It was disgusting and delicious at the same time. There were also plenty of super yummy dessert... » Continue Reading

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"Nightmare On Commerce....."

I used to work at a local Haunted House some years ago. The Boss was a ginormously-OBEEEEESE, dominantass, crankyass Jabba...with a big, brown, perpetually-wet Sarlaac Pit back there on his shorts where his Thermal Exhaust Port is..... » Continue Reading

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22/10/2021 no sé  Estoy de la super caca, ODIO la materia de Química definitivamente la odio mas que matemáticas y álgebra, DIOS ES HORRIBLE, literal por mas que me esfuerzo en sacar buen puntaje en mi promedio NO PUEDO dios, siento que mi papa me va a sacar de la escuela solo por esta materia por que dios lo que es Química y Historia, me tienen HARTAAA. Para mi son las peores materias de la prepa... » Continue Reading

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kolkata high class escorts

Quite possibly the most popular kolkata hot female escorts   scenario that you can institute is the point at which one of you  darjeeling call girls service female claims to be the cop and different professes to be a crook, the cop does all that they can to get the criminal to talk. In this situation the criminal is attached to a seat with hotel service escorts in dakshin-dinajpur binds and ropes,... » Continue Reading

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