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why i use religious imagery (even though im not religious)

so recently i had somebody ask me why i use religious things in my profile even though im not. for one i used to be religious. i was christian up until i was maybe 10-12? years old. but i realized that it just wasnt for me and that i didnt believe in god, i didnt believe in any of it. a lot of times when i was growing up people used "the word of god" for their abuse and as a weapon against me. i f... » Continue Reading

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the seagulls are coming for my knees

 I can hear their squawks in the distance. How'd they find me here in Manhattan. I thought I had finally escaped. They mock me. I can cry, but that certainly won't do me any good. My knees are quite ripe and fresh, a tasty snack for those salty birds. I can't take this much longer. Seagulls, stop it now.  » Continue Reading

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— by Niiick

meme over-analysis pt.1 Freud

When it comes to Freud in the popular imagination, the thinker is most often associated with “so, you want to bang your mom/dad”. Of course things in pop culture will be dumbed down.  And so we have for example, this meme I will respond to. It is clever but illustrates in part that pop phenomenon.  The meme went: Sigmund Freud: All men secretly REALLY REALLY want to have sex with their mothers It'... » Continue Reading

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Good as proof of God, and the innate desire to connect with the Creator

> > > > > > Evil is inherent to all, a natural force. In a godless, random world - as seen in the animal kingdom - the fittest survive and the weak are left to die. Women are raped for their desired child-birthing qualities and death is rife.  However, the existence of good deeds (which have no logical use for raw survival) prove that there are forces at work beyond what truly random nothingness d... » Continue Reading

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When you are born, there are no set rules, no limit, you can do whatever you please. You can make your own interpretations on what you should do in life sure, “live it to the fullest” or “have the most fun” and while that is good advice, OBJECTIVELY, the only purpose we are here for in this world is to die. It’s the only shared constant in life across all 8 billion of us here that we WILL all expe... » Continue Reading

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Favorite Bible Verse

What is your favorite passage from The Bible? » Continue Reading

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The Abundance Of God A different way of thinking about and explain the trinity. Facebook: Truth Social: » Continue Reading

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on religion and systemhood

our relationship with religion is. complicated. we grew up vaguely russian orthodox christian but our parents left the church because of how oppressive it was. i spent around 5 hours this weekend searching orthodox churches around my area to try and force our brain into remembering which one we went to. i was convinced it would bring me to some sort of revelation. it didn't and instead we sent mos... » Continue Reading

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i need more friends who love history

are there any history girlies on here that like study of religion and fashion history? and maybe ancient civilization? » Continue Reading

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I went to my first ever bible study today

I went to a bible study today, and I was never to one before. Everyone there was generally so nice, and I am very excited to see them next Sunday, after church. The bible study is called Breathing Room, I am assuming it is how we try to give us a time to ourselves without to much worry. I hope to learn more about the bible and breathing room, and get to know the women in the women's study group. » Continue Reading

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Everyday Sabbath Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy.... What better way to remember and honor the Sabbath day than to than to live it everyday as God first intended for us. Facebook: Truth Social: » Continue Reading

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