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People who think they can be a Satanist and a Christian at the same time

For quite a few years, I have met people online who believe that they can serve Lucifer and god at the same time. They probably believe that if they don't serve god at least; that they will end up going to "hell". Maybe they think that if they keep one in foot in christianity that they are safe? Who knows?   If they think they can serve both Lucifer and god, they are wrong. You cannot serve the ... » Continue Reading

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Space/Hay zone. ¯\_(😷)_/¯ we're passing a Tascam 8-track back and forth for the Winter.... for eventual release, probably on Chocolate Monk? and as much as we miss touring, might be a while yet, but definitely thinking about outdoor guerrilla/generator sets in Seattle (and perhaps elsewhere around th' NW?) in 2021, to a super limited amount of folks, etc.... friend us here for future tour shet,... » Continue Reading

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Valentine's Day Tarot Decks

@import url(''); @import url(''); h1{ font-family: 'New Rocker', cursive; } p{ font-family: 'VT323', monospace; } body{ font-family: 'VT323', monospace; } Hi everyone! My boo got me some new tarot decks as for Valentines Day because he is a DOLL. I thought I'd ... » Continue Reading

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"Whoever reds the saints' confessions cannot help thinking that Jesus was sent into the world not so much to save people as to comfort the hearts of women starved for love." --Emil Cioran, except from Tears and Saints 01. Renounce useless guilt 02. Don't make a cult of suffering 03. Live in the Now (or at least the Soon). 04. Always do the things you fear the most; courage is an acquired ta... » Continue Reading

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[tagged the post as religion and philosophy because neopets and the magical world of neopia is both a religion and a philosophy for which the youth should follow] idk i just wanted to write about neopets lol. i really lovvvvved neopets as a kid and teen and played it all the way through high school. there was this pirate rp game they had? and it was like a board game and you had a chat window wit... » Continue Reading

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