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— by kerp ☆11 Comments— 39 Kudos

sona(s) art & info

because i'm a narcissist! yippee! kerp (literally mee)(silly) this is my main sona obviously main features: - messy black hair - headphones/similar head accessory - heterochromia (right eye black, left blue-ish grey) - hoodie & fingerless gloves - converse shoes - electrical cords/wires as tails (always at least 5 of them) higher quality these are his main 3 outfits, i default to the first one (l-... » Continue Reading

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— by fr4nc354 Comments— 7 Kudos

ancient ancient tf2

do not use or repost my art anywhere » Continue Reading

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— by ☮donchan420🍜 — 3 Kudos

text flags + requests

pls kudo before u request flags have the name of sexuality/gender in them if you request add a link to a picture of the flag you can use in anything im just making these for fun     Demigirl                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ... » Continue Reading

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— by Zenith1 Comment— 8 Kudos

— by Jeff's Word Search

Photos' of Fav Music Artists, an experiment in online blog page post (this might get taken down)

[Yeah, an update, started this couple days back this type-time, because of a gag reflex hit me, however am gonna not post anymore images here on, will leave this as is for a few though. It is true of recent for a fav artist is Perty. Of the past The Beatles and Nirvana. That is fact. For now less something other happens, I'll leave this blog post as is other than this update. If something other ha... » Continue Reading

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— by Rekkz5 Comments— 16 Kudos

Emo Demon Dog 4 da winz xD (new style for sketching)

Totes 4got I never posted this here xD Was playing around with the brushes in Krita since last I used that program wuz like.... 5yrs ago??? Turns out the brushes got hella smexy since then o-o SO new style I can use for sketches xD it's basically my traditional art style, but digital now I guess????  This guy here is named Lucifer xP » Continue Reading

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— by ⛧ van ⛧3 Comments— 12 Kudos

Black and White Doodles

here i will stash all my black and white doodles ive done / will do I find them cool and im proud of them » Continue Reading

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— by 2 Comments— 6 Kudos

my obsession, my love

here r my tattoos that I have so far, show me yours !! also some of the pics look gross ignore that bc these are all fresh pics right after and some of them pissed off my skin AND it was cold !!! my newest (black moon lilith symbol): my first (inspired by type o negative): my favorite (xotwod): my most meaningful (layne staley tribute): my most painful: » Continue Reading

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— by Tooterz2 Comments— 8 Kudos

Crochet Dolls I have made over the years!

I really enjoy making dolls and other stuff, but amigurumi crochet dolls quickly became my specialty . Biggest seller Star Wars dolls I did 21 dolls as a set my biggest individual seller sere Chewbacca and Jabba the hut that came with salacious crumb. Collection pics I did 8 inch dolls and 6 inch dolls for baby mobiles I never got around to making baby mobiles for ppl maybe someday lol. Jabba and ... » Continue Reading

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— by KittyBot1114 Comments— 10 Kudos

fluttershy drawing!!

cos she iz probz my second fave pony x3 i hope u guyz liek!! » Continue Reading

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— by bizkit093 Comments— 3 Kudos

OK here's my fursona

I'm listening to Snoop Dogg right now » Continue Reading

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— by 🖤xXx_4nth0ny_xXx🖤 — 2 Kudos

Art blog I guess :p » Continue Reading

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