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My drawings

I redraw Silverstein album covers ''Arrivals & Departures'' and ''Redux: The First Ten Years'' This is drawing of what I saw in dream  La Dispute flower logo  Denki Kaminari from My Hero Academia  Finn, Jake and BMO from Adventure Time. This isn’t finished  Finn’s Golden Sword  I drew this at uni before exam. I want to finish this and erase better  Camp Lazlo  » Continue Reading

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I will be updating this when I make more » Continue Reading

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my super kewl art!1!1!

please do not use/repost my work without my permission helloo, this is somewhat of an art archive for me, but also to share my art to everyone mostly just wips since i am a big procrastinator & i hate commitment 11/25/23 glam dave mustaine :3, i might finish this tmrw.. or the day after tmrw 11/27/23 peter steele, i only rlly started this as a warmup sketch but i wanna finish this so bad :00 12/2/... » Continue Reading

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ong put links 2 pictures of yo ocs/fursonas/whatever in the comments and ill draw themm

on paper obvi #shitatdigitalartcuzidonthaveatablet 1.  made for  this gay fag homo boyliker 2.  made for  this silly homosexual 3.  made for  this pookie » Continue Reading

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ART DUMP!!! all my current art!!//maybey some nsfwish but nothing graphic!!

    if u eanna use something for yr layout/pfp go for it but pls credit me and tell me!! thatz so cool  >. » Continue Reading

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stamps ive made

you dont need to credit me by rhe way. feel free to request more in the comments » Continue Reading

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Bound with Blood

"Whats all this about?" Bound with Blood is a project im working on. It involves the lives of many characters, but the main story is that of a fallen angel on earth, trying to assimilate into human society. Hilarity ensues. Anyways, ya! This blog is gonna be a directory with all my characters, what theyre like, their backstory etc. I hope you enjoy! ^_^ Characters (click on whichever potrait in or... » Continue Reading

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