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More Art

Haven't been too active in awhile, but I am still here lmfao. My profile was really bothering me and I'm trying to find ways to fix it... idk... Here's some more art :) Some random cat designs: and some original character sketches and shit:   » Continue Reading

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Female portrait. Oil on canvas, gold leaf.

My inspiration came from Louis Rakovich photos. Like or follow. June 2021.  40x60. Thanks for your support and watching. » Continue Reading

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Fursona/Persona Stuff

Here's some more art lmfao, most of my blog posts are just going art dumps probably... I don't have much else to post about » Continue Reading

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louis wain

probably one of my favorite artists ive recently discovered, hes from london and was born in 1860,but only started making these anthro cats during the victorian era so could he be considered the first furry....???? much to think about... this is a pretty good example of the stuff he made,and here is some of my favorite things from him as he got older,his mental health declined and he had to be adm... » Continue Reading

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Losing respect on bliss,,,

guys,, im starrting to loose intrest on bliss, this is because he made an unfunny joke on and is an friday night funking fan (i don't like fnf, please respect my opinion) should i lose interest on bliss? » Continue Reading

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some :sparkle: arts :sparkle:

god tiers, the lowblood set light player gang i made this for pride, really proud of it experimentation my favorite of the fantroll designs, i love her so much clancy TMG my beloved » Continue Reading

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Introducing my OC: Minerva

Hello lovelies! Introducing my unofficial manga series, Nya Nya! 's one of the main character: Minerva Rodriquez.   Please feel free to comment down below on your comment about the character, I love to hear what you say! This blog will update all my changes on this character. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ❤️  This comic was created ... » Continue Reading

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Meet My Puppets: Royal (Roy) The Pongo

Meet Roy The Pongo , he’s one of my favorite puppets. Roy comes from The Puppet Company . You probably won’t be surprised. Roy , likes bananas. Do you have any bananas? I might just do a video with Roy . Not sure what about. Won’t be a review type video. Perhaps just a walk around, observational sort of video? He makes for a great puppet, because he’s very loose, which makes him articulate and giv... » Continue Reading

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