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— by ferbwuzzzhere54 Comments— 201 Kudos

drawing of me :D

heres a drawing i made of myself in school last week !! its not the best bc i only used gel pen and i couldnt erase, but i still think its cute x3 this artstyle is so fun 2 use :> » Continue Reading

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— by Rekkz16 Comments— 36 Kudos

Neon purple fox lineless art test!!!! xP

Last time I did lineless wuz like 3yrs ago, so I wanted to try again. Not rlly happy with the results. Felt like I did thingz in a way that was more complicated than necessary, so next time I do one, I'm going 2 do thingz differently. Anywayz!!! This is my raver fox OC, Lark :P Her bright colorz R great for testing stuffz xD Also I threw a lot of glitter on there just for funz uwu » Continue Reading

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— by BEEFSTEW — 11 Kudos

Animation Assignments

Nothing else to really post about, so here's a couple of short animations I made for my animation class in gif form.  This one was for an assignment to demonstrate Secondary Motion.  Aaand this one was for an assignment where we had to morph three different shapes into each other. I'm still getting used to working in 24 fps, everything moves SO FAST compared to what I'm used to (12 fps); but overa... » Continue Reading

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— by VIN ★1 Comment— 2 Kudos

animation w.i.p :P

a little peak of a thingy im working onnnn :3 (lets hope this looks oki grahhhh) im probaly gonna go 2 bed bc its almost 3am o_O god.... oki but i hope ill finish this by tmmr xD » Continue Reading

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— by Joshie HawtSauce3 Comments— 3 Kudos

HEY FURRIES! (get free art)

Edit: closed, thanks yall!      I used to draw furries all the time, even having over a thousand followers on my lost furry amino account :,-) but i stopped because of getting harassed for being a furry. Now im out of the groove and need practice drawing them again TwT   Link ur fursonas ref sheet in the comments and i will doodle them! It will just be in my note book uncolored tho. If this post s... » Continue Reading

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— by Froz! — 1 Kudos


ITS ABT THIS SCENE KID FORUM POSTER FROM 2004 THAT GOT DEFROSTED INTO MODERN TIMES ITS SO COOL U GUYZ GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT!11!1 ill list all the current posts abt it that the artist has made so far! 1   (this more of a character concept that the artist made but u shouldz still chex it out!1!) 2 3 plz support the artist NOW i love this comic with all my heart -froz  » Continue Reading

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— by lolly♡2 Comments— 6 Kudos

lil Drawing of myself。◕‿◕。

of course I'm not that pretty irl but i rlly like to draw this cutesy stuff (*´ω`*) this is the first time i ever post one of my drawings, i take criticism just don't be too mean pls, I'm new in digital drawings ( ╹▽╹ ) » Continue Reading

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— by ANI.D (Ani Destouches)

Cat Doing Things

Cat Doing Things A conceptual/video artwork clearly inspired by 2020 Your browser does not support the video tag Refresh the page to watch the cat doing more things Or visit » Continue Reading

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— by s4ltyslush1 Comment— 4 Kudos


i drew scourge i was gonna wait until the end of zimtobr but i couldnt get it out of my mind i also made a speedpaint!! its also on my vidlii » Continue Reading

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— by rodent-cat — 2 Kudos

3D breakdown - Cowbee - PART 1

Hi ! So, I've been working on a cowbee model that's been taking me about... 2, maybe 3 days so far, and I decided to take screenshots of my progress. In this blog post, you'll get to see how I do these things ! And yes, I did make this specifically so I could beehaw in style. So, first up, blocking it out, pictured below. I've been thinking, and I came to a realization. You can't do sculpting with... » Continue Reading

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— by Xx_MaxMorgue_xX — 2 Kudos