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— by Josh Manders92 Comments— 148 Kudos

Deleting Facebook permanently, I encourage you to do the same.

Category: SpaceHey

I have made this initially as a bulletin but they are only 10 days in length before being removed, so reposting here for posterity. Original bulletin: Facebook, Inc is a garbage creepy company. I do not like their business practices at all. That's not even counting the cesspool of a user base they're cultivating on the platform.Because of those reasons I have decided after over a decade on Face... » Continue Reading

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— by corentin114 Comments— 137 Kudos

>> List of profiles with custom css <<

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Hey! This is my first post on spacehey! Since I stumbled across the profile of mxp (his profile was removed), I had one idea in mind: create my own personal css for my profile. This is now done, and I love it. And now I want to see more profiles with custom css, can you send me the cool ones? Edit: add link to seth who also have a veeeery good design! Edit 01/12/20 (dd-mm-yy): page of ... » Continue Reading

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— by meh!!81 Comments— 318 Kudos

[no hidden fees] ---> 100% FREE CSS STYLE L@@K! <---- [come n get it]

Category: Art and Photography

Hey, bro! •You looking for a quick way to start stylin' your page? Well here's a placeholder stylesheet for ya! It's kinda trashy, but that's the whole point! To see it in action, check out my buddy Holmes' page   tested on Android &amp; MacOS, chrome, safari &amp; brave btw •If you hate the way it looks, well, change it up dude! The code is right there! Go ham! A lot... » Continue Reading

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— by Francesco16 Comments— 11 Kudos

New Album OUT NOW!

Category: Music

My new album Enter the Void is now available! If you'd like to support me and my music, please listen, like, follow and share to your friends. I hope you like it. The album has different genres so if you don't like one track please give a chance to the others! SoundCloud -&gt; click here to listen! YouTube -&gt; click here to listen! Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music etc -&gt; click h... » Continue Reading

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— by Seth12 Comments— 127 Kudos

Resources to get started pimping out your profile

Category: SpaceHey

Thanks to Spacehey and the rise of popular web browsers such as NetScape Navigator 3 and the new Microsoft Internet Explorer, we can now do things on the web never before possible. Spacehey makes connecting easier than ever and offers the unique ability to express yourself on your profile. Here are a couple resources to get started.Resources to get started:Amazing GeoCities GIF repositoryCameron's... » Continue Reading

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— by Mark Zuckerberg109 Comments— 137 Kudos

Please delete this

Category: Blogging

Dude, please delete this. I'm already fighting every other tech company and congress, I could do without this shit. » Continue Reading

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