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Keep drama and toxicity OFF of SpaceHey!!!

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SpaceHey is a place to chill and make friends, NOT for drama, racism, harassment and bullying. People like that have no place here. EDIT:: Apparently some people can't read, so here is the dictionary definition of racism: rac·ism /ˈrāˌsizəm/ Learn to pronounce noun prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial o... » Continue Reading

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Shadow the hedgehog is a bitch ass mother fucker

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Don’t get me started on what he did to my wife MAKING AN EDIT MORBIUS THE HEDGEHOG  » Continue Reading

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warning (important)

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therez soem men on here dat hav been creepy 2 me lately plz block them JonnyD (he asked me, a 17 yr old, 4 mai number, 4 gawd knowz why) proof: jeff_greer (called me "pretty damsel" despite the fact that im 17 and he looks 48, he also has primarily young girls added) Xx_DJpjr_xX (called me beautiful despite the fact he looks like hes in his late twenties, also called me "queen") ik soem of teh evi... » Continue Reading

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90-2000s technology

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technology back then was so much cooler! now everything is sooo minimalist. and we didnt have so many phone options then, which i think helped just a bit with the environment... now, phones are just a block with glass on it XD but back them it was so much cooler! phones: dont get me wrong, i reallt am grateful for the phone i have. Its that these designs are far more interesting! now... laptops! l... » Continue Reading

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Spacehey having some srs problems.

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The user “Morrow” is a 20 year old on Spacehey who thinks you can be racist to white people and has problems with a lot of black people who educate them or tell them their wrong. I’m only saying all of this because we are not doing this. Spacehey isn’t going to become your anti-black, casually racist, and neo pronoun hating safe space. Not only is “Morrow” a grown woman (20) but, also they make Nf... » Continue Reading

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Spacehey and racism why i’m probably leaving.

Category: SpaceHey

If I’m gonna be 100% honest I never expected this type of platform to become the new best way to just out right be racist. The user Zion has been banned from space hey again for no other reason aside from white people thinking you can be racist to them if you notice white creators of space hey and creators who think that you can be racist white people plainly have only use that reason to defend wh... » Continue Reading

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— by Mika 🏳️‍⚧️🇵🇱2 Comments— 3 Kudos

Albums enjoyed: 6/21 - 6/24 (week post)

Category: Music

Tue Indochine - Alice & June Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds Of Silence KISS - Creatures Of The Night zalagasper - love letter [not sure though] Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook Michael Jackson - Thriller Justin Timberlake - Justified Hollywood Undead - Notes From The Underground Dream Theater - Images and Words Nightwish - Once Wed Eminem - The Slim Shady LP Evanescence - Fallen Omni - Omni (1985) Wavestar... » Continue Reading

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I don't care about why you think I'm wrong

Category: SpaceHey

I literally don't care. Y'all getting mad about me not wanting SpaceHey to become toxic is really telling. And you don't like being exposed, so then you resort to insults and slurs. Like wowww, what an iron defense, however will I recover... EDIT: LOL oh, and having a second account just to comment on people's posts after they block you? Literal kindergarten behavior . Also, I screenshot  everythi... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

i found some temporary tattoos 2day and felt like making myself look kinda grunge haha » Continue Reading

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Some of my work

Category: Friends

Just a collection of some of my art/work I’ve compiled over some time. I haven’t water marked these, but please do not steal them. » Continue Reading

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DNI list I guess since everyone else is doing them

Category: SpaceHey

DNI if: -You're racist (to ANY race, this includes white people and if you think you "cAnT bE rAcIst To WhITe PeOpLe" -- then congrats, you're a racist and consider yourself on this list.) -You're a misogynist or misandrist -You're pro abortion (except in cases of rape or where it's medically necessary) -You're a furry -You insult or degrade anyone who disagrees with you politically -You're homoph... » Continue Reading

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