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Stop Hailing Satan

Category: Religion and Philosophy

If you need someone edgy to worship worship Lucifer. Satan is literally evil he isn't a quirky gay guy or something he will literally put you through the worst bad trip of your life times one million and every time you hail Satan a baby gets eaten. At least Lucifer is more chaotic than evil. Being edgy is not something you want to go to Hell over trust me Comments Disabled because I was tired of n... » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

I made these shirts :) I 100% believe everything I create shirts about by the way » Continue Reading

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One Hollows' Eve is here!

Category: Blogging

Yo, peoples of SpaceHey! It's incredible to be here. 😁 Yeah, I was around during MySpace's good ol' heyday, so I remember so much stuff. While I'm glad to be here, it's sad to see a lack of activity. Maybe it's just me? 🤔 Lots of people are still signing up so there's hope! In any case, what's this entry about, eh? It's just to let the good peoples here know what's what when it comes to old Elian ... » Continue Reading

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Where are the alt adults on SpaceHey??

Category: SpaceHey

Yo, folks! I really like searching and browsing profiles on SH. Even more, I like looking at blogs. But I find that most of the more interesting blogs are from...younglings. ._. I'm almost 30, y'know? I imagine I'm one of the older members here. 😀 I'd like to take a moment to say I'm part of the alt scene. I look like a goth despite being a metalhead. 😁 I consider myself a member of the "darkly-in... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

haiiiii! ^_^ why am i just now finding out about this!  names Brian (i go by BrianSuxx on the internet!!)  :D im 25yr, i live in North Carolina. i grew up on myspace and now that i found this was a thing my life is complete!!  i do music! i do hyperpop/punk kinda music AKA myspace music!!!  my fav hyperpop junkies atm are: Charli XCX, Glaive, SOPHIE, 100 GECs, Ayesha Erotica, and many more!  add m... » Continue Reading

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spacehey has a really big exclusionist problem

Category: SpaceHey

there, i said it i don't feel like being active on a site where half the userbase is gonna violently harass me because they're too lazy to learn some actual queer history and unpack the TERF bullshit they've been taught i honestly hardly add anyone who friends me because most people who add me are these dumbass kids who give me the sorta vibes that they're an edgy 14 year old who thinks being a me... » Continue Reading

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things I hate

Category: Blogging

bella poarch kids that walk up to you in public and ask to be your friend  blue jeans people that sit by me at lunch people who look in my direction at school shorts country music meat PEDICURES school lunches  vans. like the shoes.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION  the words “cuddle, snuggle, huggies, cuppycakes, and poppytarts” heat the sun  summer dogs my mom ronnie radke bras bob bryar twitter sex ipad sel... » Continue Reading

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About Me—The Pilot Post

Category: Blogging

One of my major regrets from the '00s/my MySpace days of yore (along with an ungodly co-dependence on Blingees) is that I never really put the Blog section to use. Now thanks to SpaceHey, I have the opportunity to redeem myself! So here's where I'll elaborate about me for now: Pronouns: She/her. Western Zodiac: Taurus. Chinese Zodiac: Horse. Myers-Briggs: INFP. If the Harry Potter-verse was also a... » Continue Reading

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

⚜️ 2014 I am on leave from work in the jewelry district. I am pregnant with his son. He has left me again. I cannot afford the apartment & raising 3 sons on my own. I had to make tough choices after he explained he would not live with me. I am sure his version is different, but those facts remain. I think about packing up another apartment filled with memories of him. He told me he loved me here. ... » Continue Reading

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face reveal kinda i think

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

some pics i took the other day (^_^) i took the mirror selfie w my phone from 5th grade xD » Continue Reading

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