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i hate spacehey right now

Category: SpaceHey

theres  people that romanticize murderers everywehre and people attacking my friends over literally nothing i know making this blogs giving them attention which is what they want but its actually fucking insane. so many of my old friends turned out to be disgusting p eople who think literal serial killers are attractive or redeemable or cool and now i practically have to question every single one ... » Continue Reading

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— by ☆Sal/Dazai!!(auto music)☆16 Comments— 38 Kudos

Tcc mfers on here or weirdos in general, account links + block and report links.

Category: Friends

here to help people avoid tccers and weirdos, this will be updated when they come back / move accounts.  This only contains people who have broken ToS that are TCC Don't report for tcc, report them for ban evasion and having murderers on their profiles, that breaks ToS please read hooterbby's blog on tcc and what is allowed and what isnt allowed, i'm tired of tccers saying "I was banned for no rea... » Continue Reading

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pro palestinians are dumb as fuck lmaooo

Category: Blogging

you actually don’t know shit about the war. you think seeing some videos and reading posts is what makes you educated?? bffr. just stfu and don’t say nothing. and calling this a genocide is so fucking stupid because okay we get you don’t like israel cuz that’s the trend rn but bruh this is LITERALLY by factsss not a genocide???!!!? like okay keep on saying that but it makes you look so stupid 😭💀 f... » Continue Reading

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— by silas ☆27 Comments— 43 Kudos

smash or pass (round 2) rankings

Category: Games

vote 4 female characters HERE ! ! vote 4 male characters HERE ! ! (rankings from round 1 HERE ) quick reminder that all characters + votes were submitted by u guys !! rankings here represent only how many ppl voted "smash" on ne particular character these r NOT my opinions of these characters !! FEMALE CHARACTERS as of the last upd8, there were 76 submissions, so votes will b out of 76 !! Jane Mar... » Continue Reading

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— by Satanslostson50 Comments— 150 Kudos

why pegging isn't gay!

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

i understand that some of you will find my statement controversial but i had to clear things out, so let me first tell you that i'm not speaking from experience i'm just letting you guys my opinion on it. so why do i think pegging is not gay? well, let's understand what gay means. gay means a person who is a male attracted to another person who happens to be male, so how can pegging be gay. people... » Continue Reading

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— by rowaa n18 Comments— 29 Kudos

rowars fanart

Category: Romance and Relationships

(rowars = rowan x mars) mars is the one with glasses btw credits to orion for the last 2!!! » Continue Reading

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— by penis corndog man?!? (jizz ⚠️ vulgar slang)16 Comments— 17 Kudos

dni + byf

Category: Blogging

dni: zionists nazis republicans  donald trump supports people who force their religion onto others anti-satanist anti-abortion dream supporters msi supporters blood on the dance floor fans tcc (normal true crime fans are fine tho!!) people who bully others for no reason pedophiles people who are friends with pedophiles sexist misogynistic  proshippers people who glorify sh/ed zoophiles necrophiles... » Continue Reading

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— by Sunny51 Comments— 31 Kudos

What would you do?

Category: Religion and Philosophy

what would you do when a sexy vampire (me) stares at you like this? » Continue Reading

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— by xoi ★ (Pissfucker45)16 Comments— 69 Kudos

buttons i made!!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

music!! shows   movies games misc i will make more later!! :3 » Continue Reading

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— by Hooterbby — 66 Kudos

❌❌ Refresh on RULES ❌❌

Category: SpaceHey

I see myself repeating the same things pretty often as warning, so here it is again. If you are repeatedly making accounts and your username or profile content says (i was banned) don't be so shocked when you're banned again. Obviously. If you are banned and come back and make an account that is an exact replica, don't be so shocked when you're banned again. AGAIN. Spacehey is growing. Again no Mo... » Continue Reading

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— by ⛧Local Void⛥2 Comments— 12 Kudos

Blinkies - Made without generators, part 1

Category: SpaceHey

My blinkies: Made without generators, part 1 [ directory ] All of these were made with PhotoPea and EZGif . No credit to me necessary when using, but comments are appreciated! Please do not use the kink ones if you are a minor.                                                                                         » Continue Reading

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