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— by silas ☆36 Comments— 56 Kudos

ur (fictional) crushes... r8d.

Category: Friends

i got a  LOT  of submissions a  LOT  quicker than i expected (but thats ok) THIS IS ALL 4 FUN !! PLZ DONT TAKE NE OF THESE SERIOUSLY!! R8ING UR FICTIONAL CRUSHES! JESSE PINKMAN (breaking bad) LOOKS:  8/10 PERSONALITY:  8/10 CHARACTER:  10/10 YAE MIKO (genshin impact) LOOKS:  6/10 PERSONALITY:  5/10 CHARACTER:  3/10 SEAN DIAZ (life is strange) LOOKS:  5/10 PERSONALITY:  6/10 CHARACTER:  7/10 SULFUS... » Continue Reading

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— by Hooterbby 8 Comments— 155 Kudos


Category: SpaceHey

While I have a moment I'd like to say... It's very commonly only 1 of us online at a time currently. I don't say this to receive empathy, I say this to remind you all that when you see accounts going untouched for hours, I'm asleep which is what many behind the spam accounts wait for. I do need to attend to personal things, but I do try to push through when I know no one else is online at the time... » Continue Reading

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— by Vylette ☆21 Comments— 143 Kudos

2000s slang for texting

Category: Blogging

idk why i said for texting you can do this whenever texting slang/abberviations ttyl- talk to you later lol- laughing out loud rofl- rolling on floor laughing hmu- hit me up bc- because wut- what ngl- not gonna lie yk- you know txt- text y- why omw- on my way sry/srry- sorry thx- thanks irl- in real life l8- late l8tr- later plz/pls- please def- definitely totes- totally tlc- tender loving care lm... » Continue Reading

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— by mussorgskyy22 Comments— 76 Kudos

Accurate Google replica I made (Evolves in real time)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

The Accurate Google Experience™™™™™™™ (A dumb project I've been working on for a while now) One thing which has annoyed me over the last few months when using is how it isn't accurate at all. It does the search engine part of it well, but it's missing alot of features on the homepage, which therefore makes it feel less real. So, after dealing with this for a w... » Continue Reading

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— by snwbunnigrl8 Comments— 49 Kudos

some of yall need 2 get a grip

Category: SpaceHey

(this was originally a bulletin but someone requested i make it a blog) like some of yall r always complaining ab this website or just something in general an its like ??? okay ur the 1 who chooses to login nobody should have any sympathy 4 u   im not even tryna be mean but im so done watching ppl be insufferable an acting like its normal. get a grip tbh!!!!!  like ofc this websi... » Continue Reading

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— by 🎸 ꜆ׄ Rudy ꕀ ʾʾ⭑6 Comments— 24 Kudos

[Eyestrain(?)] Art🙀

Category: Art and Photography

this is joke art btw ! i havent posted a blog in a while so why not post this wooo yeaagg scollace yaoi or whatever (i used the game sprites as refrence) » Continue Reading

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— by snwbunnigrl21 Comments— 57 Kudos


Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Tuesday : fairy grungey fit ?? i wore it w a black jacket for some of the day :) ft. my silly converse      Wednesday : todays fit was very basic :( it was POURING rain this morning so i didnt wanna where my original outfit which was a skirt and white top.... i wore this outfit w my docs !!   also ignore how im posing like a man doing a thirst-trap i feel sorta insecure in this top  Thursday : nav... » Continue Reading

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— by Hooterbby 1 Comment— 64 Kudos

Age Requirement + Spamming

Category: SpaceHey

You must be  13 +  to join Spacehey.  It has come to my attention that many are making fake/role playing accounts and listing their age below 13.  This will result in a ban . If you have numerous accounts, having one role play account is one thing, but if you are adding up on accounts linked to you that  will result in a ban . Take note that is why you see a lot of the alike profiles being banned ... » Continue Reading

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— by krynd422 Comments— 11 Kudos

The Xbox for Windows app can EAD

Category: Games

I've tried to pre-install Starfield (Bethesda Game Studio's latest release) through the XBox app on my Windows 10 PC and it was an ordeal. When I first started working on it nearly a week ago, I was able to install any game but Starfield through the PC GamePass system, so I thought that might be normal because the game had yet to be released. While there were many posts from PC GamePass users repo... » Continue Reading

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— by ☆steve (taro yamada real)9 Comments— 85 Kudos


Category: SpaceHey

hi, it's me cheetos / stephen, whatever you know me as, i think i had 2 or one blog abt kara mell that got popular at some point but i deleted my acc cuz of some drama i had. anyways i solved it. Uhm okay now lets get to the blog. [TW: GROOMING] So, story: me and my friends decided to make a twitter acc where we followed kara to see his tweets but...he DM'ed us (i think thats how its spelt) instea... » Continue Reading

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— by Atlas15 Comments— 13 Kudos

idk what's wrong with people rn

Category: Blogging

Is it just me or are you guys also getting friend requests from NSFW accounts? I mean, I have it stated on my profile that I'm only 14 (turning 15 on November 20th) but i just got a request from someone and I accepted it, but their account was like 99 percent NSFW. And a lot of it was like necrophilia, and how they wanted to commit non-con somnophilia. It's just freaky that they added a 14-year-ol... » Continue Reading

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— by Nastyaツ17 Comments— 14 Kudos