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They guy i called a faggot was my boyfriend.  🏳️‍🌈  » Continue Reading

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Case On Kota

Category: SpaceHey

about how you said you was knocked up, in february, but you was only 3 weeks in july? but you had a miscarriage right? do you think its okay to joke abt that too? cause i mean i miscarried at 10, i can tell you alll about it. how about the rehab? lets talk about that one babyboy.  you "failed a test" when they put a drink infront of you, but in rehab esp in halfway houses you cant have electronics... » Continue Reading

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william A. ferguson

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how's this guy not deplatformed yet? bro literally wants trans people to get hit by a bus and also he looks like this (left) yet photoshops himself to look like (right) no hard feelings tho. just very bored and surprised this senile bloke is even allowed to post on here. update: he got suspended ! spacehey moderation is goated » Continue Reading

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NEW MCR BLINKIES 4 KEWL PPL !! » Continue Reading

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dni listt !! (pls read) <3

Category: Life

-bigots (homophobes, transphobes, ableists, racists, xenophobes)  -dsmp and tommyinnit fans  -heavily political people -toxic genshin impact + danganropa cosplayers and fans -proshippers and anyone else who justifies abusive relationships -lgbt fetishizers  -pro-lifers -south park stans that ship and sexualize the kids, y'all are weird  -discord mods /hj  -people who call themselves yanderes irl  ... » Continue Reading

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emo stereotypes still exist (tw some sensitive subjects)

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kinda lame that people still think all emos are extremely depressed, suicidal and always hurt themselves. of course there are some that are like that but they exist in every community. plus ... it's not cool to make fun of anyone who deals with that type of stuff, emo or not. it's very serious. » Continue Reading

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freeprints based

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decided to cover my wall in shit but realised i'm low on money again so i tried out freeprints .. printed 45 6x4 pictures of legacy computer/music format ads and i'm just making multiple accounts now to get as many as i can lmao proud freeprint goon » Continue Reading

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the test of time and guilt (tore at my stitches)

Category: Writing and Poetry

"Say his name, wish him to be damned to hell!" but tearing away at the shame and wishing you'd rot in hell would tear my family apart. yet, i still rot in my corpse who still bothers to walk. encapsulate me in formaldehyde so people will see the child who didn't deserve it and not the empty-hearted ghost it turned into. maybe if i'm taxidermied and put up for show, people can throw tomatoes at me ... » Continue Reading

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matching byler pfps for you and your very hot s/o 💌

Category: Art and Photography this is aimed at my partner to a... » Continue Reading

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picz of meh from my tumblr !!!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

me back wen i had my black n red hair !!! luv these picz lol xD » Continue Reading

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