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— by Aaron Rift of — 3 Kudos PRO-WRESTLING survey for SpaceHey! PRO-WRESTLING survey for SpaceHey! Favorite... Wrestlers: Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker Entrance music: William Regal (Real man's man), Rougeau Brothers (All American Boys), The Mountie, Hulk Hogan (Real American), Steve Austin Tattoos: Batista Finishing move: Stone Cold Stunner, Rock Bottom, Pedigree, Ankle Lock Raw or Smackdown? Smackdown Al... » Continue Reading

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what is good about sports

Rolling on 10 oz of 90 proof whiskey, I'm going to try to explain. Before I sing any praises, I have to acknowledge what's bad about sports. The reason sports are bad are strewn across them. no one feels that safe in the company of macho things, and speaking from the US perspective, that's the main thing sports tends to cater to. Plus capitalism. Capitalism would be super excited if you liked sp... » Continue Reading

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why sumo

At the end of this blog post you can find resources to watch next month's sumo tournament, but first I want to tell you about how my best friend destroyed my knee when I was sixteen years old. To make up for our small school, my friends and I took up amateur grappling on the foam around the swingset. It was only a few of us, though I'd challenge people over and over to do it. I really enjoyed gr... » Continue Reading

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Fix faulty recorded workout data

If you are a runner or cyclists you probably know it, your sports watch didn't recorded your heart rate data correctly and it is either way to high or to low. With Tredict you can edit and correct this mess and get clean and shiny workout data in your statistics. If you like, you can read a more detailed article about this functionality here: Please ... » Continue Reading

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