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Body Count

 In the 50's women started wearing scarfs to cover up hickies that they got when they had "relations" with a man. Then the 60's started off with the youngest president in history and ended with the summer of LOVE. The 70's brought diverse change on all fronts. Music, Rights and on and on. Who You had sex with was not spoken about unless you were a teenager. PRIVATELY 💀 Then the 80's and 90's with ... » Continue Reading

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I'm here to get babes and shitpost, and I'm too confused to shitpost » Continue Reading

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Misconceptions of Polyamory P1

What do you know about polyamory? Do you think it's a man with multiple wives, you know - like the mormons? Do you think they're couples, looking for women to join them for a night? Deviants? A haram? In this blog, I plan to debunk rumours and misconceptions presented to me as someone currently living in a triad polycule. A little bit about me; I'm 21, I have a boyfriend (32) and a girlfriend (24)... » Continue Reading

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dating apps are hot garbage

(yes, i've been dating during COVID. i always meet folks outdoors) i hate dating apps so much. i mean, i've gotten some decent dates (and also had some lasting relationships) via dating apps, but yeah wow, it is truly like pulling teeth trying to get anything halfway decent set up. it definitely doesn't help that asian guys are usually bottom of the pecking order in the dating world (at least for ... » Continue Reading

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Blessed Fanfiction: Chapter 1 Build the Fence

Blessed Fanfiction Chapter 1: Build the Fence It was a dark pandemic night. Texas was freezing to death, and parsec was misbehaving. CommieCon sat at his computer, his faithful comrade Phinny in his lap. As he streamed, CommieCon's mind swam with thoughts of his beloved dexterchacko. A notification popped on CommieCon's screen! His heart hammered in his chest. "Is dexterchacko live on twitch?" he ... » Continue Reading

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dating tips

hi. just a few disclaimers before moving on: i'm not going to give BS pickup artist advice. from my experience, pickup artist tactics are fucking weird and absolutely do not help out one bit, plus people aren't that dumb - it's easy to sniff that shit out from a mile away. i've dated for quite a while now, but i'm by no means 100% an expert on any of this stuff. your mileage may vary. this advice ... » Continue Reading

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The New Sexy Man

TITLE: The New Sexy Man A man who works to improve his core personal traits moves differently. talks differently. behaves differently and carries himself differently. You can see him coming from a mile away. He resonates confidence, humility and truth. There is zero air of desperation about him. He has faith that the work he has done will attracts what he wants. He doesn’t have to be the best-look... » Continue Reading

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Thinking About My Ex

Okay guys so recently me and my ex broke up it was a two year relationship and we were supposed to be married at the end of this summer but he cheated on me with his cousin(weird I know ) and two other girls and his guy best friend he is a trump supporter and he never told me his political views till this upcoming election now I am not sure what to do its been about 3 months since the breakup and ... » Continue Reading

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If you are 18+

If you are 18+ feel free to subscribe to my OnlyFans ! 😜 » Continue Reading

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Depression, ADHD and relationships

I am in a polyamorous relationship with two amasing, living and caring women. They make my life easier and so much better. It is so hard to describe what they do for me on the daily to help me get to the ends of my days in one piece. I have a lot of mental problems. And today it was very apparent. I suffer from ADHD and depression. Those are some of my biggest demons, and they work very well toget... » Continue Reading

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POV: im ur valentine

this post is dedicated to conn. can we share banana pudding?  ✧・゚: *✧・゚♡*( ͡˘̴ ͜ ʖ̫ ͡˘̴ )*♡・゚✧*:・゚✧   » Continue Reading

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