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They guy i called a faggot was my boyfriend.  🏳️‍🌈  » Continue Reading

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Online dating app is fucked!

Now i know what you all thinking of when you read this title: "Oh an incest that likes to complain about not getting a woman and get laid." or "Maybe you need to lower your expertation!" I hear this all the time from different people and it isn't directly from myself, but rather other people i've read online how dating sites are really dying in 2020s from when the lockdown happened two years to pe... » Continue Reading

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partner applications!

do it as  a joke or fr i dont mind !! » Continue Reading

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my beautiful azz bf » Continue Reading

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cute guy in my class (⭑•͈ 𓎟 •͈ )

I've been talking to this cute guy in my design class and he has such an interesting personality. He likes to go to the skate park every weekend, likes gaming and likes working on his car. When we first met and started talking, he straight up asked me if I wanted his number and offered to walk me to my car and opened the door for me   (He's a millennial so he's a bit older than me by 7 years, but ... » Continue Reading

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I love HER!!

I like this girl, who I barely know... BUT GUESS WHAT!! she lets me hold her hand, and lets me walk her to class!!!! ISN'T THAT AMAZING?! (,,^W^,,)   I'd like to know her whole schedule. I want to follow her home when she gets off the bus stop. Is that strange? (‐^▽^‐) » Continue Reading

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— by nia

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Your mom

I fucked your mom last night she really likes my 25 in penis she sits on my dick all day she likes to lay on my bed and suck the shit out of my dick. She pays money for my massive peen thats why your family is poor and your parents are getting a divorced cause she likes my dick so much. » Continue Reading

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me and my bf

-the first time we held hands was on a roller coaster bc i was scared + the first time we kissed i was leaving his boy scout camp where i was visiting. it was just a peck but woaaahhdsjdkdsnajn -he came over and we watched encanto and cuddled on my couch  -i told him i had a headache and he put his hand on my forehead (like your mom does when you have a fever) and then kissed me there  -we had a p... » Continue Reading

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What should I do?

I made a bracelet for my crush and I don't know how to approach him, and I don't want to sound like a dumbass. How should I talk to him and give him the bracelet without sounding like a dumbass. » Continue Reading

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About my beloved

I've made her paper heart rings, a keroppi ring (bc her fav sanrio chara is keroppi and kuromi)  she loves sanrio. I knew this before she told me. when she told me i said " I know :D, I have a hello kitty patch on my jacket, I'm wearing a hello kitty shirt. I already know!! // ^.^//  " i asked her if she listens to bring me the horizon. She said she only knows the popular songs, and I was thinking... » Continue Reading

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— by SMALL FRY2 Comments

she rejected me </3

well, at least i have her phone number and i know what her last name is. Sad thing is; i dont know her scheduele. :( i still want her to love me. i was crying a lot. but im not giving up. i rly wana get off at her bus stop and follow her  » Continue Reading

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