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adult films are ruining relationships

i feel like this is common knowledge for most people with morals, but it’s so god damn frustrating for me i feel like i’m going to explode. i’ve been helping my partner for our whole relationship with our conflicting views on p0rn, almost three years. i’m not anti porn i know everyone’s boundaries are different, but i am a very sensitive woman which they know. it’s always me feeling like i’m compe... » Continue Reading

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Astrology: Opinion on Scorpio men?

I'm currently talking to this Scorpio guy, and he seems like a great fit for me. I get along with Scorpio woman, but this is my first time meeting a Scorpio guy and wanted to know more about them.  » Continue Reading

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men i fimd hot

Leon Kennedy Whoever the guy in this painting is Sebastian Castellanos Joeseph Oda » Continue Reading

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i fink im CURSED!!1!!1 (rant)

dear diary,  i think i might be cursed. i can't stop meeting RETARDED MEN. im literally an angel. im pretty, im smart, im funny, and i give AMAZING head!!! and there's still so much more. but why is it that ive never met a guy that's good enough for me? it's not that im desperate of that i want to meet someone but its kind of interesting how im literally better than every dude like EVER!? and the ... » Continue Reading

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Yall pls ignore how wild my face/hair is in the one, the sun and wind was right in my face 💀 (Also idk y two r actual links and the others arent?) » Continue Reading

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i am slowly turning into a kyman shipper (Please help me)

Ok so I've been watching South Park for like a month now and I'm trying really hard to not ship Kyman but it's not working. Their trope is hilarious and so are their interactions. Their friendship is so odd too, because they care about each other but they also don't. They're the most interesting ship in South Park and the fanarts aren't helping me get over them. I know there are so many other ship... » Continue Reading

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oh my god

 I am SO glad my family dragged me to this restaurant  there's this whole group of like collage students sitting at a table diagonal to the one I'm at and jesus christ this one guy is the literal definition of a pretty boy like omg he has a ear ring, and one of those stupid "masculine" bracelets and his hair is so obviously dyed black,, like it is definitely way too dark and unnaturally toned to b... » Continue Reading

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Characters I f/o or self-ship with

Note: You're okay to interact if you are any of these characters in any way as long as you're okay with it. But if you self-ship with any characters whose name is written in bold  please DNI! Ones with an asterisk* next to them I very rarely talk about so don't worry about them too much Aoyagi Toya   (pjsk) Hinomori Shiho (pjsk) Tenma Saki (pjsk) Mochizuki Honami (pjsk)* Hakaze Kaoru (enstars) Shi... » Continue Reading

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are neopronouns still a thing

like i havent seen them in a HOT minute besides like people joking idek » Continue Reading

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Awaiting my lover.

When will it be that the occasion finds me, where I awake dazed within a red-tinged bath of ice with a deep pain in my side? I am getting impatient. » Continue Reading

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when can i finally love somebody

please just prove to me that it is possible, i won't ask for more just let me know I can do it I need to be able to love I don't know what else to do with myself, I'm so tired » Continue Reading

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