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{0й...п3рвую п¥бликацию я, п0жалуй, п0свRщу св0ему тв0рчеств¥....] я влюбилась в твое темное каре, светлый лик, чудаковатый говор... и теплой струйкой лИлись речи в ручейки, ты осветила самый темный, злобный город. порой я упивалась горечью разлук, что били в ребра, доставая до души, когда мы не смогли коснуться рук, когда моею явью были сны... » Continue Reading

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What is spacehey lore? (and how do you participate?)

Spacehey lore is something that me and a few friends started talking about in bulletins. The concept comes from VTuber/Streamer lore, in which streamers create a story for the character they present themselves as. This story usually also contains the reason as to why they stream/do what they're doing. But how does that relate to spacehey?  Simple, in spacehey lore you create your own story behind ... » Continue Reading

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the earth is flat.  if you disagree i think youre retarded,, dont bring any bullshit 'time zone' talk up either because time zones aren t fucking real and are just a scam by the online world, its a flat circle which is bent into a tube, nasa is just a way to push round earth propagada into your gullible little brains, and you know who i think began this big lie of a spherical earth? kanye west. th... » Continue Reading

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— by dollie 𐙚 — 3 Kudos

Tree, Big Forest (chapter 1.)

𓆱 Their world was an expanse of never-ending farmland. They were different patches of green and yellow, sewn together by one wide gravel road. On one side, the tall grass of the fields swayed like a gentle wave, like one who silently welcomes. The blades were soft and lofty, elevated, and densely packed together.  They were a maze. Something sharp had cut through the meadows, shaping many paths, t... » Continue Reading

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Our Parents Our Martyrs

Well, I'm pretty fucking tired . So we'll see how cohesive this ends up being? I've posted many 'o bulletin and I'm getting pretty fucking sick of the radio silence from everyone. Either that, or the awkward comment equivalent of passing by a homeless whose finally snapped from all the abuses these brittle systems bring. (Okay, majorly dramatic , I by no means, know what it's like to really be hom... » Continue Reading

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RUE. RAMONA (2146449) > INTERNAL TECH Hello! This is Trainee Agent Ramona Rue, ID 2146449. I'm concerned that my terminal may not be functioning properly. Upon connecting to the Agency File Network, my terminal was labeled HQEXPERIMENTAL-1 instead of the typical agent-specific serial number. Additionally, I was told I lacked clearance for α-2634017, a project that my documentation says I am a part... » Continue Reading

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— by 薔薇🍰使徒2 Comments— 8 Kudos

poem #5

17.06.24 cope. if you starve a pig it will eventually eat you the lustrous smell of decay lingering. repulsive yet you run towards it unable to deny your » Continue Reading

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— by 薔薇🍰使徒2 Comments— 6 Kudos

poem #4

16.06.24 another poem. i don't really have an opinion on this one. its longer than my usual ones. you use your words the most so i, who wishes to be used turns into a song written on scrap paper » Continue Reading

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two women and a love spoiled 🥛

body { background-image: url(""); background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; background-attachment: fixed; font-family: 'Georgia', serif; } .inner b { color: #ec9999 } nav .top { background-color: #ec9999; } nav .links { background-color: #ec9999; text-align: right; » Continue Reading

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Emine/Janet/Goofball/Sponge/Muffin or just call me whatever you want idc 15 y/o any pronouns  birthday may 8 [turkish] [multifandom] [multishipper] [artist]  I love drawing and watching cartoons and kid shows.. and daydreaming for hours  I also love  cutecore cutegore  kidcore weirdcore dreamcore  webcore   dont be shy to message me however I can be shy awkward nervous at first and cant talk much ... » Continue Reading

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— by FRAN[KIE] — 12 Kudos

haunted house (no ghosts, just me)

I always want more friends until I remember what it's like to make them. What it's like before you figure out the cues in their voice or what words they can never spell right. Like when you move to a new house and don't know which floorboards squeak.  Eventually, I'll know you have to lift the bedroom door up to get it to click. Until then, I'll keep tripping over the corners of the carpet and awk... » Continue Reading

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