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Erase Astronomia

I erased myself so many times,  I erased, ripped, crumbled, and burned, so many times I was only a name on a page  A character in a book, one you forget about until it’s time for the end. I wanted to burn myself into ashes to fit into the hands of death. I thought about what the weather would be the day after I died. I wondered if it would be sunny, like the world didn’t catch on to the tragedy, o... » Continue Reading

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— by ✮ toby ✮ — 8 Kudos

all of my poems in one place!!

hey my name is toby!! u probably already know that since ur on my profile but yea!! i write crappy poetry and am hoping to publish a book in the next few years :3 this is a consolidation of all the poems i have currently published on my spacehey just all in one place so they’re easier to find!! if u like them pls comment ur fav or something u liked/nf alright lets get into it!! poetry pt1 (the ori... » Continue Reading

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— by neeleve ☪︎ ࣪⋆ — 2 Kudos

a new color

i no longer find myself lost in the muddy reflections of the fragile memory  i am one with time no longer consumed by it’s unsteady flow letting the lifetimes within me afloat no longer waiting to transform  because i know that with time  i will grow  » Continue Reading

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— by Galamot Shaku

...Bestias del Internet...

Proyecto Universitario  Gracias por entrar a mi Blog Soy Galamot Shaku y si te preguntas quién soy, solo necesitas saber que me gusta el PixelArt y desarrollé el videojuego “Broken Reality”. Déjame mostrarte algunas piezas de mi trabajo: Foto Ya que estás en contexto de mi trabajo, permítete introducirte a mis descubrimientos. Sin más preámbulos, te introduciré a las bestias que he estado investig... » Continue Reading

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— by ⋆。‧˚ʚ🍓ɞ˚‧。⋆ — 1 Kudos

(tw; sh)

cut. cut yourself. its what they tell me each passing day. each day i get even more miserable. the thoughts are slowly, painfully filling me up. im drowning in them. theyre slowly seeping through my pores. into every last remaining, positive thing i have left. do i even have any more good left in me? all i am is just a shell of a girl. i never was truly happy. im not meant to be happy. happy is un... » Continue Reading

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— by leoniebeetle (autoplay :3)2 Comments— 5 Kudos


i like to talk about my original characters/stories a LOT, so if you'd like to see them i'm going to update this blog entry with the current creative projects that are stewing in my brain. :3 DEMONIC DRAMATICS This is my main focus at the moment! I'm working on the story for a visual novel about a regular emo boy who gets posessed by a demon (who are not demons in the traditional sense, more on th... » Continue Reading

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— by Cy.clone???🕷1 Comment— 7 Kudos


I’m not a social being. I don’t thrive in the company of others, i shut myself out in the presence of other humans. I’m most at peace when by myself. I’d rather drown in the literature of this world than live in it, I’d rather read and listen, watch humans do humanly things and not be one of them.  Now I don’t know anymore. Now I wanna do humanly things with you. I want to go shopping for things w... » Continue Reading

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— by finnfuckingtastic3 Comments— 13 Kudos

Maybe Silverdale produces melted minds

Green clovers and grey skies, I miss the way that the cold used to tempt me. How the city seemed oh so enticing, How I used to cherish the small things. I miss the times when I didn't know what the radio was saying. When you had the guts to claim me as a product of well spent time. I am not a friend to the adults that coerce me.  Maybe Silverdale produces fucked up minds. » Continue Reading

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— by Mikaeyulea (get it ?) — 6 Kudos

Unnamed Conlang Dictionary

I will update this if i add more stuff ==VERBS== lıum - to be ʻlwa - to have / own / hold ʻmùn - to like gwı - to love  stwaʻn - to hate ʻfó - to create ʻlwıuʻm - to destroy hwáı - to live dùnw - to kill (the following ones are mostly going to be weird since they were formed as adjectives) nıum - to make male maʻm - to make young fswaʻn - to live in ùʻn - to give birth  paìn - to be in the past ht... » Continue Reading

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— by cypher_snake

caught by the bus but i caught you too

i was catching the bus well waiting for it to catch me a sitting duck and behind the scarlet and pink last rays of sunset i saw you again standing across the street. your silhouette i of course remember it is an impression rubbing or maybe blueprint-white sun print in my memory. you were even looking up at the sky again. keen as a trickster as buses do my very bus passed by but the opposite direct... » Continue Reading

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— by cypher_snake

shadow of a stallion at the riverbank

i went to the riverbank expecting it to be dry, it always was this time of year, demoted down to a measly stream. i thought i saw you, it couldn't be you but i knew i just did. the shadow enveloped between two trees nickered and i stepped closer. it followed my every move and when i stepped nearer to the bank understood that to be beaconing.  i kicked off my shoes and waded in cold licking up my a... » Continue Reading

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