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— by acer2 Comments— 5 Kudos

the test of time and guilt (tore at my stitches)

"Say his name, wish him to be damned to hell!" but tearing away at the shame and wishing you'd rot in hell would tear my family apart. yet, i still rot in my corpse who still bothers to walk. encapsulate me in formaldehyde so people will see the child who didn't deserve it and not the empty-hearted ghost it turned into. maybe if i'm taxidermied and put up for show, people can throw tomatoes at me ... » Continue Reading

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— by acer1 Comment— 4 Kudos

butterflies (TW bulimia)

4:35am My screaming vibrates off the shower walls I can’t hear it, my ears ringing like missed calls but i feel it I can feel my retching and gagging as my fingers reach that sweet spot in my throat The one where i can be rid of those butterflies Fluttering through my esophagus The sprinkling shower like glitter in the light coming from the curtains Clothes piled on the floor, the same ones i’ve b... » Continue Reading

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— by Kathleen2 Comments— 4 Kudos

Day Dreaming of a Car Crash

I admire how the earth's eyes only look at you. Looks at me sometimes, with one hand covered, and the other busies itself with something better to do. I don't know if I can sit up straight in a pew. Tears of self pity. A crucifix kicked underneath the seat. I wish I had an Alice door to compress and push my body through. A key was there. Sitting on the giant's size hutch, inside the floral dish. I... » Continue Reading

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— by redrevelry

Humans are Animals

In my dreams I run through the trees, And my toes curl and turn into paws, And my tail whips behind me and my ears prick up and my snout twitches. At night I curl up to sleep, and pray my legs change shape and my claws grow and I trace the shape of my canine teeth. Homo sapiens, closely related to apes. Omnivorous, bipedal, elongated digits, blunt teeth. A highly social species. The first tool was... » Continue Reading

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— by demolovers — 3 Kudos

of my beloved (2015)

will i ever feel this warmth without you? the signals it sends are better than the hug of another. when the world is ending, i would like to die with you. a puddle of my blood, a cricket in my hair, another mammal on my body. i give back to hear your smile. thank you for loving me like no one else. thick & thin, i’ll always be nothing, yet everything in my own mind. sizzling, sticky, the bad smell... » Continue Reading

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— by XxAdrenalineAngelxX1 Comment— 8 Kudos

[poem] Chronic Chemical Burns

I'm singing my fears to the window pane. The ground is still marked by the rain. And all the sky's bruises that won't ever fade Are a constant reminder of your pain. It's foaming, I'm scrubbing, and soaking it in, Sodium hypochlorite alleviates sin. A swelling of blisters, but it's only my skin. They don't know how it burns deep within. A gash in a canvas where no lines have been drawn. I'll give ... » Continue Reading

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— by Kris. — 4 Kudos

Poems for class #1: The Truth.

The Truth The sun has hid away, The moon has arrived in a way, Mother's looking through. And though, it's been hours, She called me over, and showed What's ours. Every tear came while I looked  At the page. I wish I would tear the history out Of my age. His story revealed the truth.  » Continue Reading

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— by katherine ☆゚.*・。゚1 Comment— 5 Kudos


I'm a sort of homely girl.  I don't have very many interests. I sit in bed and daydream for hours and listen to music and think that I am better than everyone else when in reality I am not.  I am awful at math and I hate sports and sometimes I wish to be someone else entirely.  I could be one of those wild girls. one of those girls that sneaks out of her window late at night and meets boys that ar... » Continue Reading

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— by katherine ☆゚.*・。゚1 Comment— 4 Kudos

i am home

home is the long yellow grass and ivy  the cracked and broken sidewalks that I tend to trip over the roadkill on the edge of the street  and the black cat sitting beneath the juniper bush  home is the funny smell that comes from the ocean  the car with a tree growing through it  the tiny dog behind the fence  and sparrows that nest in the roof  I am the black cat with wide yellow eyes  and I am th... » Continue Reading

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— by Red Monaca — 3 Kudos

A Poem

Great and heavy are these chains you carry, Of dried remorse and premature intents; Of the footsteps one makes in the ascent. Duration, you realize, must cease its toil. Between the flows, you returned to the below. You recognize that one must let being be. Ends and beginnings coincide in the deed. the frozen white noise static snow that is your memory although i know we'll never meet, you're ever... » Continue Reading

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— by Catherine Zickgraf — 4 Kudos

Two 30-Something, Married Women Have a Discussion in My Entryway

Give me a moment to decide whether I should laugh in your face since 32 is too old, you say,  to smoke a cigarette on my porch   with the 20-year-old boy living in your house across the street,  who pads around your kitchen  in his boxers every morning. Would my deployed husband  approve of that cigarette, you ask?   Your jealousy radiates through your teeth.  He’s a child to me, you can have him.... » Continue Reading

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— by Definitely-Not-Stephen-Finch1 Comment

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