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SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH •—•—•—• I am a survivor of suicide. Healing is a long and grief-stricken process. There are times where I feel very lonely in my grief and there are times when I feel lost and confused. The trouble with suicide is that no one knows what to say. No one knows how to react. So they just ... » Continue Reading

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Troll in the Tower

Eyes dull. Stomach full from the excess of last night's soul. She attempts to avoid skin touching the chill of the floor. It isn't long before she sentences herself to thirty more hours. A self prescribed bed ridden existence. Pity swarms in tiny circles around her skull. She can be found swiping imaginary bugs crawling on jawline plateaus that end at the chin. If you're slow, keep up! She's the f... » Continue Reading

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Self delusional or self aware? Discuss

“We think we know what we are doing. We have always thought so. We never seem to acknowledge that we have been wrong in the past, and so might be wrong in the future. Instead, each generation writes off earlier errors as the result of bad thinking by less able minds- and then confidently embarks on fresh errors of its own. We are one of only three species on our planet that can claim to be self-aw... » Continue Reading

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I’ll Have Just One

I’ll Have Just One Parker glanced at his plate.   There were two cookies there.   He wanted two cookies, but knew it was a bad idea.   “Elma?   Excuse me, Elma?” Elma came out of the kitchen.   She loved it in the kitchen.   The kitchen was her domain. “What’s the matter, Parker?   Why are you calling me?   You know I’m in the kitchen.” Parker pointed to his plate.   “It’s just that… I only asked ... » Continue Reading

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praying to god-trees

I went to the nature sanctuary today took the celestial trail met perfect, old god-trees I gave wordless noises to all the stones hugged and smeared tears on them I apologized they emptied me out with efficient courtesy and made room for more the man in the parking lot didn't like me why did you bother coming here just to remain unchanged the me inside me said that the man said nothing at all » Continue Reading

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Making acrylic splatters, colorful and vivid. Video footage of a pretty, blonde girl hugging a canvas to her chest. Etches and scribbles on the inside of your arm, inherently provokes the off switch. Curtains drawn. No one has time for that shit. » Continue Reading

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freight train

the deepest hole ever dug was the you I wrote pages and pages and pages of love to buried up to my elbows the titanium iceberg below the surface that swelled unnoticed and even as we lay next to each other, skin touching, as I knit the love out of your closed-fist sleep, I also whittled the edges of it away with fingers cut to the quick submerging it over and over again making grand calculations t... » Continue Reading

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In dreams you can't avoid me. I can have a conversation without skipping right to the ending. Where you look at me despairingly, with those stupid spheres of moon dust. Most of my shit sits here, still collecting dust. I could care less. Because inside, I know I don't belong here. My existence has this gravitational pull about it.  Connecting your fingertips to my face for just a moment. They rest... » Continue Reading

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a riddle: killing two birds with one sports car

if a middle-aged man of limited means who does not pay child support buys a sports car with two seats, does he make room for one child, leave the other behind, a duffel in the dust to take unasked-for turns or does he ask them each to miniaturize themselves to become halves of each other to simply become one perhaps two-dimensional caricatures that form a neat, smiling stack or, if that proves too... » Continue Reading

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sugar-teethed american dream

dusty and sugar-teethed the collapsing blanket fort swallowed us up my sister first and then me and she came out older, thirty-one a sense of duty borne from inside her child-sister soul I came out the way I climbed in crawling on all fours looking for thunderstorm chaos fingernailing the grass and when the net of labored earnings fell on me the wonder of being trapped struck me dumb ahhhhh to thi... » Continue Reading

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scrounging for empty worries averting eyes from the full-handed worry the big worry heartsore that bleeds and bleeds and bleeds deafening blankets of please's of tiny-lettered help's of water pouring through the light fixtures Greg Abbott begins painting the walls red right over the doorknobs and the windows too is it sticky, does it dry? no matter, no matter we hold hands the worry laughs and lau... » Continue Reading

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Happy Anniversary to Us*

Happy Anniversary to Us* I held it in my hand! My ticket to the grand fourteenth anniversary celebration of Blogophilia at Martian Towers.**   I’m so excited!   I barely participate, but they keep inviting me anyways.   The Blogophiliacs are a bunch of swell people.   My mind raced back to the time I celebrated with them on the fourth anniversary celebration.   (Wow, that was ten years ago.   I re... » Continue Reading

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