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SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH SUICIDE IS NOT SELFISH•—•—•—• I am a survivor of suicide. Healing is a long and grief-stricken process. There are times where I feel very lonely in my grief and there are times when I feel lost and confused. The trouble with suicide is that no one knows what to say. No one knows how to react. So they just s... » Continue Reading

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Self delusional or self aware? Discuss

@import url(''); /* gotta fetch the font for phone users */ /* c o l o r s & b a c k g r o u n d */ /* if you want to play with the colors, change 'em in the root here */ /* you can also change the background image, and resize your name */ /* if you wanna keep it simple, stick to changing these. or go hog wil... » Continue Reading

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do we have any scp fans??? i want some thoughts

i'm writing a scp because i'm feelin good and creative and i wanna know if 1. we have any other scp fans!!! lol 2. if people tihnk this is Good.... okay so here goes (uncollapse these in order lol): the skip itselfItem #: SCP-[NO NUMBER DESIGNATED] Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Communication of researchers aware of is monitored. Researchers are advised to describ... » Continue Reading

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B-Horror (poem)

I recently submitted a bunch of work to a poetry journal at my university, but this one didn't make the cut so I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy.there are nights when the wind is wild and suddenly you are there; I feel you move against me in the starlight in the same sort of way that you felt someone watching you when we used to watch those old horror movies. you never did like the special effe... » Continue Reading

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Repost: Power from a Story of Fiction

Tried to find one of my most tolerable old high school era Myspacey angsty post on my tumblr. Lol! Sorry if there are any misspellings as it's over 10 years old now. Only a story of fiction could help your escape. A world full of complications and a spirit loaded with doubt. The demons of the soul claw at your chest to try and fill your heart cavities with despair. A wave of emotion overcome... » Continue Reading

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I’ll Have Just One

I’ll Have Just One Parker glanced at his plate.  There were two cookies there.  He wanted two cookies, but knew it was a bad idea.  “Elma?  Excuse me, Elma?” Elma came out of the kitchen.  She loved it in the kitchen.  The kitchen was her domain. “What’s the matter, Parker?  Why are you calling me?  You know I’m in the kitchen.” Parker pointed to his plate.  “It’s just that… I only asked for ... » Continue Reading

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