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— by Risstastic

Who is that marshmallow?

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So there's this goofy cartoon marshmallow I made in order to help me re-learn drawing after multiple years of no drawing. She's the simplest solid shape I came up with, so I gave her a goofy face and a goofy name. Her sole purpose is to make me laugh, and that she does! Squishy is sorta like a tamagotchi, but I'm unsure how she levels. Currently she's level 3 meaning she has eyebrows and arms now ... » Continue Reading

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— by Jade Starr

Recording Vocals for Disir Album #4 - Kev Harte & Jade Starr DISIR - How To App on iOS! - EP 417 S7

Category: Music

In this episode of "How to App on iOS" I'll be recording vocals live for the Long Awaited DISIR Album by Kev Harte and myself. During the next 2 weeks I'm wrapping up vocals for each song and sending them over to Kev for mixing. He'll then be sending them back to me for the final mastering and final release this month! Come along to check out this Killer Album! How To App on iOS. Presented by Jade... » Continue Reading

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— by 333H3llK1tty666

Going to ask only for a most wanted items for Christmas including another Nintendo Switch Lite for my other copy of Animal Crossing

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

All I want for Christmas is something I always wanted ever since I saw it despite being expensive Japanese stuffed animals, also since I have another copy of Animal Crossing that is physical and hasn't been played because I didn't have another Switch, I want a teal colored one but I'm not sure if there sold anymore is any color expect pink is alright with me, it will be a Switch Lite since there c... » Continue Reading

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— by ClunkyDot

Sorry for not being super active!

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I check my spacehey daily but in terms of community engagement I pretty much don't do it that much at all x"D I'm usually on my twitter or newgrounds actively but I do pop on here routinely to accept friend requests and tweak my profile sometimes (which I plan to edit a bit cuz I wanna try a different palette/image layout). » Continue Reading

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— by Nex

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first time doing this lol pls dont say its ugly » Continue Reading

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— by l0c4l_h3rb_k1nn13

how 2 add pngs/gifs >:P

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

okay this is kinda basic but i just figured out how to add png's/gifs to ur profile, feel free to use this :] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   » Continue Reading

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— by shoopdooppoop

i need friends

Category: Friends

HI!!! anybody want 2 be mutuals? » Continue Reading

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— by Touchcreator

I finished setting this up

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So as you can see, I just joined. But thanks to my epix coding skills B). I did it! » Continue Reading

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— by juniper ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ

— by ash

hi !!

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hey !! :D hoping to meet some friends (: my spam instagram in 1004.cjstk if u wanna be moots !! » Continue Reading

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