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— by jackaloped

24 july: what we'll win as angels

autumn, grey skies, a rusted green wrought iron fence, some rooftop. deftones and butchers and finally again we can look at each other without one of us turning away. undustrial zones and cold weather and breathing i hope, i hope. but just as with bullets, this one won't pierce through xxxx jackaloped » Continue Reading

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— by bexcause

Letting my inner child lead me

A little kid with two long braids and a bright yellow shirt pulls me under gnarled branches to examine the micro worlds for a moment. The ants are picking apart a dead grasshopper. We watch, eyes wide and faces so close, we shallow our breathing as to not blow them away.  She tugs my arm to lean closer right as they snip a wing. A single ant totes away the much larger prize. We both suddenly feel ... » Continue Reading

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— by Leezle

Ghosts on the Television

I titled this blog "Ghosts on the Television" because currently I am sitting at my dining room table while my mother watches some long-haired blond man hunt ghosts. One of the Zak Bagans types, you see. So, speaking of ghosts, I shall now regale you, dear reader, with tales of horror and intrigue.  Let us start with the GREAT DEPRESSION. I capitalized it because all things that are great deserve c... » Continue Reading

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— by Dadpool1 Comment

Random fun fact about Dadpool

Dadpool once chased down his own truck and saved his son along with the truck stopping it only inches before a collision with a parked car. » Continue Reading

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— by Greer♥

— by xX_C4RT_Xx


very high high medium low im not iffy with kin doubles at all eric cartman - south park yandere kun   - yandere simulator joey  - yugioh nekomaru   - danganronpasdr2 zim - invader zim jataro - danganronpa:udg genocider syo - danganronpathh xingqiu - genshin impact kokichi ouma - danganronpav3 pinkie pie - mlp trevor - gta  » Continue Reading

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— by angie!

New layout...

Decided to use the great "Moonlight and Rain" layout by Katie! » Continue Reading

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— by Noelle Cottrell

Dream Journal 8/03/2021

I am standing with my sister on the barren land of a planet, one that looks like dust and death. I hold her hand in mine, tears on my cheeks. My heart is broken. I know what has happened here. "Brother,"she says. "Brother did this, he's angry with us." I nod, knowing she is right, that our brother had exacted revenge on us for sharing our magic between us sisters, but not with him. I knew this lan... » Continue Reading

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— by The.kid.from.above.


Since I have said I'll do it, I decided to write about subliminal stimuli. It's something that really helps me with developing a better life, so I wish I could spread the word so that more people get to know this wonderful technology. You will probably think I'm lying but I know what subliminals & LOA did to me, & so did they do to other people. Subliminal stimuli is basically meant to resonate wi... » Continue Reading

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— by Noelle Cottrell — 1 Kudos

Dream Journal 8/04/2021

Setting: A decrepit one story shack made of wood that looks to have been built around the early 1900s, now missing beams and derelict due to age and years of weather. Weeds have grown about it eagerly, brambles and vines clustering along the edges to grow along the walls, and likely acting as pressure to keep the building together and standing. A lone window offers a bleak look at dirt floors, mou... » Continue Reading

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— by Words Like Violence...