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Him ~ Journal Entry 9-17-21

⚜️ 9-17-21 I had a visitor this morning, after dropping Matthew to school. Someone from the Otherside stopped in for a chat. I was a bit surprised he wanted to sit with me, until I quickly remembered, there is no pretense on the Otherside. They do not participate in silly quarrels & misunderstandings for the most part. They are not busy "taking sides". They are visiting to share more knowing. He h... » Continue Reading

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— by Lyrian Space Frequencies2 Comments— 7 Kudos

The concept of a soul contract. What occurred before my incarnation?

I heard a friend mention something about a soul contact to me the other day. The concept of a soul, past lives, and reincarnation and so forth is nothing new to me but for whatever reason I haven't thought about that aspect of it too much. I knew about how we tend to stick with soul groups and pick familiar physical characteristics. Even past life trauma can carry over into the next life with vari... » Continue Reading

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— by Pitbull𓃡 — 3 Kudos


i don't usually remember my dreams when i wake up but this time i did? & captain cold was in my kitchen, i was cooking eggs for him? and then we ate breakfast talking about how people die from freezing. still confused on why specifically i dreamt about him, i haven't really read for him anything in a long time he was really nice tho, pls come visit my dreams again mister Snart » Continue Reading

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A couple weeks ago, I was talking with my mom about past Halloween experiences. She talked to me about a Halloween party at our old apartment when I was 2. It was October, Friday the 13th in 1995. My dad worked at a Blockbuster back then and he brought home a copy of Batman Forever on VHS a couple weeks before it was meant to officially come out. "I can vaguely remember that party." I told her. I ... » Continue Reading

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— by Lyrian Space Frequencies1 Comment— 4 Kudos

I think I had a previous life on another planet as an advanced being. My mind has empty slots where transcendental emotions of pure bliss should be.

I've written about this before to an extent. It just seems like my expectations are too high for everything. The feelings of joy, happiness and pleasure just seem to fall short of what my mind is telling me they should be like. I feel like I've been robbed of emotions and abilities that I once had. I can feel extreme misery, pain, anxiety, sadness, etc but where is the flip side? It seems off bala... » Continue Reading

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— by Pitbull𓃡

dream-log 2

this one was much more random and its actually like two dreams in one log bc i forgot to log the other one so the first one is basically my dentist coming over to my house, eating with my family and then after lunch he fixed my teeth in the bathroom, which was pretty cool and i think i dreamed of this bc i missed my appointment anyways the other dream is me and him fighting in my living room about... » Continue Reading

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— by ClownAltercations

Weird Dream I had

Well, it was this dark empty room with the sound of dripping water somewhere in the background. Suddenly Rose Quartz from Steven Universe appeared in front of me, her eyes were closed and she simply said “just forget” before turning into dust. I proceeded to say “wait please- Dad!” Before falling to the ground and waking up. Dreams like this keep happening and I think they mean something. Can I ge... » Continue Reading

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— by Cole

People Are Sleeping On Sleep

You can get to some really strange mental places just by manipulating sleep, or at least I can. Try this experiment: Pick out a musical album that's an hour to an hour and a half long, that you've listened to many times and know inside and out. Wait until you're a little tired. Refrain from the influence of substances. Go into bed and under the covers (important), turn out the lights, and do nothi... » Continue Reading

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— by brook

Pisces full moon!

The full moon is in pisces, that means there’s some magical things happening. here are affirmations to attract good based on your zodiac sign! Aries: “i will allow myself to rest. i will radiate inside and reflect it to others.” Taurus: “What i make is powerful, others love my offerings.” Gemini: “My talent and effort is awarded, people will see potential” Cancer: “my abundance waxes and wanes lik... » Continue Reading

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— by Spike <3 — 2 Kudos

lucid dreaming

is anyone here interested in lucid dreaming?? id love  to talk about it with someone and get advice to be better at doing it on command. i find it so cool!! » Continue Reading

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