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I might slit my wrists in the bathtub lol » Continue Reading

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haunted hello kitty radio

Thinking about the times when i was a child and I'd go in my room and find my radio turned on to some creepy religious chanting I'd change the station but if I tried to find it again I couldn't I don't believe in ghosts or anything but I still can't explain that experience O_O IT LITERALLY HAPPENED LIKE 5 TIMES and on my hello kitty radio, too. the disrespect -_- it was one of these bad bo ys B) » Continue Reading

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Ghost stories

So, here's a funny little story my sister told me One time she went to sleep, and she had a dream where a funny little ghost boy with no face was staring at her at the end of her bed, and when she woke up her roommate was praying, and the next day she asked her roommate why she was praying and she said it was because she had a dream where the funny little ghost boy with no face was staring at her ... » Continue Reading

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Dream I had I had a dream last night that I walked into a cafe and I met Daniel Johns. It was strange. I held his face in between my hands and I was just rubbing his face saying “you are just so beautiful”. Genuinely was scaring myself. I couldn’t stop. Then I looked across the table and an alternate version of Daniel was there. So I said “this is getting weird isn’t it” and he said “yeah” so I sa... » Continue Reading

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cryptid of the week: the cactus cat!!

basics: a bobcat-like creature covered in long spines. it uses its spines to slice open cacti to drink and has a barbed tail. after slicing up the cacti, it lets the juices ferment into an alcohol to drink later. location: the southwest us first seen: ~1910, primarily sighted in the era of cowboys » Continue Reading

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THE GREY ALIENS; and why they are scientifically impossible without human DNA.

Now, this isnt the kind of blog that i usually post, but i felt the need to inform everyone. The grey alien is a popular concept within science fiction media and literature, they have been deemed as iconic extraterrestrial creatures for decades, and most people who believe in aliens completely disregard the fact that this concept is far, far too humanoid to be a creature of the galaxy.  (the commo... » Continue Reading

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Today's Reading 22/09/2022

22 Sep 2022 Today I'll be using my  MKR  deck.   My cards today are the Two of Clubs ,  Ten of Diamonds , and Three of Diamonds . Two of Clubs The Two of Clubs  is silent. Ten of Diamonds - Next to  Club  (left): Certain inheritance. - Next to  Diamond  (right): Bad travel in all respects. Three of Diamonds The Three of Diamonds  is silent. I watched the JJK movie yesterday. I'm not the biggest fa... » Continue Reading

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— by Andrea

A little something-

So uhhhh- I'm not Christian. I am an Atheist lacking contribution of belief to God. I don't believe in God often, but at rare times I do whenever I'm giving praise or advice. I know a lot about God and all that stuff, but I don't associate my life with it or make it my main religious belief because it was very stressful and traumatizing for me in the past. An explanation for that? Well... My dad's... » Continue Reading

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Today's Reading 21/09/2022

21 Sep 2022 Today I'll be using my  Autobike  deck.   My cards today are the  Nine of Diamonds , Ten of Clubs , and Ace of Clubs . Nine of Diamonds - Next to  Club  (right): Loss of money. Ten of Clubs - Next to Diamond  (left): A gift from a man who is not from your town. - Next to Club  (right): A substantial sum of money lost, but then recovered with interest. Ace of Clubs - Next to  Club  (lef... » Continue Reading

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— by Dam0n

A Dream i Had

So Yesterday i had a dream where a strange disease transmitted by sound had suddenly infected the world. It started out Normal with being out with my friend but the streets seemed a little empty and then we saw a person get infected i dont know how to describe it the person just stopped moving he stayed still and he stopped talking.So we returned to my house. 2 weeks later i suppose.. i am in hous... » Continue Reading

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weird dreams

posted march 27th 2006 hey. it's been a while since i've posted anything now, but i felt like this was worth a blog entry.  you see, i have never really remembered my dreams until very recently. for the past 3 weeks or so i've been having this recurrent dream that i have no idea what could mean, and whenever i have it i wake up exhausted, it's like i didn't sleep at all. it's always the same: i wa... » Continue Reading

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