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— by ferbwuzzzhere2 Comments

bad dream :(((

i had a bad dream last night :/ woke up crying, itz ok tho !! im gonna eat breakfast, thatll make thingz better » Continue Reading

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— by ferbwuzzzhere3 Comments— 4 Kudos


my nail polish chips off way too fast >:( i painted them like,,,, YESTERDAY , and theyre almost completely chipped off tbh i havent been doing well mentally lately, i think i need help? liek im not in therapy atm bc my mom hasnt been able to find one yet and i dont wanna vent to my frenz liek,,, they shouldnt have to hear ab that i watched the boxtrolls for the first time in 4 yrs today! good movi... » Continue Reading

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— by eSoftTools

How to Export Outlook PST to Thunderbird

As we all know, Microsoft Outlook is a most versatile and extensively used email programme worldwide. Many small and large businesses use Outlook to manage emails, calendars, meetings, and events. But Outlook's numerous features and functionality come at a cost. This is probably one of the main reasons users shift from Outlook to a more cost-effective application.  After Outlook, the best option f... » Continue Reading

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— by Rae Cervidae2 Comments— 18 Kudos

Who the eff is Rae?

Yo, I'm Rae.  I've had several organs surgically removed and one very stubborn ovary grow back (rude). I'm a medical mess with a permanent ileostomy. Disability advocacy is the name of the game, and I'd love to have you along for the chaotic ride. 💀💕 » Continue Reading

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— by Relish Ubiquitous4 Comments— 2 Kudos

Favorite websites

An annotated list of my favorite places on the net.  Other than SpaceHey of course.  Some of the sites/links are defunct but still good sources of knowledge.   Brainsturbator Here I link to the Brainsturbator of old, with many fantastic and memorable articles.  Together with the knowledge of Humpasaur Jones and Skilluminati ... » Continue Reading

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— by ferbwuzzzhere1 Comment


i feel really tired and mopey today :( i might take a nap in study hall, i cant function like this » Continue Reading

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— by Sentineltheory

Let's give this a shot.

Fb is full of hypocritical bullshit. Looking to make new friends here » Continue Reading

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— by Octobertrick — 1 Kudos


okay so earlier i was like “im gonna try doing that scene eyeliner thing where you put a bunch of eyeliner under your eye but instead with eyeshadow bc i have no eyeliner!!” and it looked TERRIBLE LIKE AHHHH, and then i had to ask my mom for help to see if i looked normal or if i just stared at myself for too long so that was majorly embarrassing!! » Continue Reading

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— by Nika ʚ✟⃛ɞ3 Comments

My parents house burned down..

Last week I got a call from my mom. I was just hanging with a couple of friends in the park, getting ready to walk home. I missed the call but called back immediately after. It still feels unreal.  What she told me was that our house is burning down right now. They were at the dinner table, when their radio went off and they noticed there was no power. They at first thought of a power outage but t... » Continue Reading

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— by h3ll0k1ttyk1ll3r1 Comment

how to add images to your page tutorial

1. copy the image URL of the image you want to add (right click and press copy image address) THE URL HAS TO END WITH gif/png 2. go to edit page and and scroll down to either about me or who I'd like to meet/anywhere with a blank space 3. put this into that space 4. go between the two quotation marks you just put, and paste the URL 5. press save and it should work  DISCLAIMER this might not work i... » Continue Reading

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— by Bxrbed.Wire — 8 Kudos

Hi Hi ! Please Read !

Hey ! Im Nova ! Im A Minor From The UK/NI ! Im A Non-Binary Bisexual Who Goes By They/It ! Im A Young Artist Who Likes To Draw Their Ocs And Fandoms ! I Have Hobbies Such As : Art , Gaming , Listening To Music , Sleeping And Watching Anime ! I Have Large Fascinations In Space And Eyes ! I Hope We Can Be Friends !  I Love You ! » Continue Reading

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— by Nutrigrain

It's a wonderful feeling

The look of this is wonderfully nostalgic as well as the idea. Might make a YT video about it in the near future but I need to learn/relearn how to use it, lol. Change is hard. I have two YouTube channels, InternetKindness and CreepyAndWeirdPodcast, so I try to promote these things online and get a discussion going. Creepy and Weird is a thing I do with my friend Jamie about anything creepy and we... » Continue Reading

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