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— by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡2 Comments— 16 Kudos

IMPORTANT!! (plz read)

please dont chat with clowie about yucky stuff (that has to do with s*x). she is interested in a lot of things, from super pink kawaii stuff to super scary horror stuff, from small talk to super complex questions about stuff like the world and time, but she ultra hates talking yucky stuff! she will probably find almost any other topic interesting, though » Continue Reading

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— by ◉ marr ◉3 Comments— 24 Kudos

◉ 9ore/horror gif mp ◉

find other gif categories here:  buttons blinkies stamps icons favicon dividers » Continue Reading

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— by leo!!4 Comments— 8 Kudos

abt me

stolen from mark 😈 name: leo / harper nickname: im not sure i remember zodiac sign: aries current location: not important eye color: blue hair color: brown hair type: almost to my shoulders what's your middle name?: why is this important your fear: do i hwve to list them first thought when you wake up: “what time is it??” pepsi or coke?: they dont really taste that different, but i’d say coke mcdo... » Continue Reading

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— by kerp ☆ — 1 Kudos


welcome to my blog... my name is kerp & i'm a college student studying IT and digital communications & media. i love old web stuff and computers. i also like to draw. he/him, but they/them is fine sometimes too. EST. bi & a-spec. INTP 5w4, if that matters feel free to IM me, i'd prefer to talk to people who are close to my age & share the same interests as me. everything is currently a work in pro... » Continue Reading

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— by 𝐦2 Comments— 7 Kudos

about me

hello welcome to whatever this is thank you for attending this is my meat suit it came with a lot of shitty organs i do a lot of sitting in a chair like this being annoyed at this non-consensual 3D consciousness someone could live a full and fulfilling life with the collective hours i've spent searching for music why why why i am always asking why but guess what there are no answers hahahah̷a̷h̷a̷... » Continue Reading

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— by kerp ☆

kin list

[no particular order] ☆ sunny (omori) ☆ shadow (sth) ☆ benry (hlvrai) ☆ lain (sel) ☆ yellow (pokespe) ☆ silver (pokespe) ☆ kris (deltarune) ☆ prototype (oneshot) ☆ shuichi saihara (drv3) ☆ akira kurusu/ren amamiya (p5) » Continue Reading

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— by cora1 Comment— 2 Kudos


4 kudos special!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got 4 kudos on the post with the lice plcake guy or whatevr the cats name is so here is another cool post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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— by milica <3

layout credits masterlist

hello this blog is just for some layouts i've used in my blogs and on my profile so i can credit the original owners layout used on - layout profile -  avril lavigne this post -  pink overload layout #2 Fast food restaurants and bakeries should not be near schools  -  glossy purple ? ! !? ?!  -  Fallen - blue overlay Friend application  -  GirlsGoGames Pink Layout question series  -  Glossy Editio... » Continue Reading

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— by Azure

links ♫

The links section doesn't have enough room for all of my links, so I'll put all of them here for your convenience! About Me - my flags, pronouns, names and terms I'm comfortable with Kinlist - I'm the freak who takes being fictionkin 'too seriously' that the TikTokers warned you about Socials tumblr - my main form of social media! Twitter - my private Twitter; you'll have to request ... » Continue Reading

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— by milica <3

series of blog posts

hello, this post is for listing some series i have in my blog, if you want you can check it out :) question series  - ongoing regular blog posts  - ongoing days of surviving school  - ended » Continue Reading

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— by ☆ eli ☆3 Comments— 1 Kudos

about meeee ! >O<

okay soooo hi ! since im on here 2 make new friends i thought i should do an abt me ! soooo my name is eli (pronounced eh lee) and im 19 ! im genderfluid n use any pronouns and also bi :3 i am autistic and have bpd as well. i have an amazing wonderful lovely boyfriend who i adore w my wholeeee heart and if we become friends u'll probs hear about him a lot teehee... anyway uhhh idk what else to put... » Continue Reading

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— by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡ — 14 Kudos

if youre feeling awful atm, plz read

dont feel scared to send clowie a pm (private message) about whats bothering you! whether or not shes in your friend list, she will still want to listen to whats bothering you, because she wants you to feel happy =D if you posted a bulletin about whats bothering you, then clowie probably missed it. or it said stuff like "nsfw" in the title (you can still mention if something yucky is bothering you... » Continue Reading

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