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— by zoxx/callum (no1 FARTZ fan!!) 🍰7 Comments— 14 Kudos

dni list!!

weezer haterz...:// (/nsrs btw :'3) » Continue Reading

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— by GRR1M☣️2 Comments— 26 Kudos

Graffiti Tips

Choosing a name: 1. you CANNOT have a name of any graffiti legend 2. you can pick literally anything, like actually any word works. Not only that but you can have multiple names so I'd personally play around with that a little bit. 3. don't change your primary tag name because its difficult, I've personally started to consider changing my name "GRRIM" completely for the simple fact that its hard t... » Continue Reading

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— by ◐▻◐:🍇M0N0KLIT🖤5 Comments— 18 Kudos

Gore accs are whores Real.

To the PPL who are creating those disgusting Gore accs should srsly get a fucking life. Enough of your bs. Attacking my friends is not gonna make u succeed in life lil bro. Like I think it's better you go outside and touch grass.This is exactly why your parents hate you and this is also why society will fucking treat you like a fucking outcast. Your collecting Gore pics like a collection, that's f... » Continue Reading

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— by +.。𝒿ui

— by Nii 🦇🕸4 Comments— 17 Kudos

types of people I hate💓💓

1. The ones that make drama and then make themselves the victim of the whole situation  2. People who walk too slow, if it's someone who has problems i don't mind.  3. People that hate on other people's make-up, everyone has a different style 4. People that bully someone for being a nerd- this happens in my class every single day and it's the ones with bad grades 5. People that laugh at other peop... » Continue Reading

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— by Tavcore1 Comment— 6 Kudos

V-day selfies :3

hope everyones V-day was as slutty as mine » Continue Reading

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— by MORTIS ♱ — 2 Kudos


HELLO!!!!! I go by a multitude of names, mainly Mori, Will, Kit, or Pyro!!  Im an aspiring tattoo artist and game developer I really love talking to people but I have very bad anxiety thus im not very good at holding conversation , be patient with me 🙏  too many interests and fandoms to keep track of, I mainly tend to fixate between Slashers, TF2 and Homestuck.  My music taste is very eclectic and... » Continue Reading

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— by astxrist — 7 Kudos

Abt me!! (≧∇≦)

always adding more/changing things!! hello :D My name is Hana and here’s some stuff to get to know me ^.^ i’m 16, use she/her pronouns, i’m mixed!!!, i’m a muslim/i practice islam!!!, i have 2 cats that i love very much, only speak english but am learning 2 languages, and i play the lead/soprano steel pan in my school’s steel drums band >:3 I say a lot of out of pocket stuff so i hope u don’t mind... » Continue Reading

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— by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆3 Comments— 7 Kudos

my first ever CD's!!

so a little bit of context, the local mall hosts an antique fair monthly that sells all kinds of vintage stuff, jewelry, books, old coins, vinyls, hell i even saw a few old phones there! however i somehow had NO idea about this until today when i went to the mall and i accidentally stumbled across this antique fair. i was like hey lets check it out, who knows maybe i'll find something cute! so i w... » Continue Reading

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— by genevive ౨ৎ ⋆。˚1 Comment— 18 Kudos


hii my name is genevive (most of you already know lmao) i'm 17 and i'm from the us! i'm pretty introverted and kind of awkward lol, but i do warm up to people usually! then i just don't stop talking... my interests are all over the place ... i love hockey, which is one of my most favorite things to ever exist.. literally. i'm very into music and reading books, playing guitar, cooking/baking, drawi... » Continue Reading

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— by poesias_muert4s2 Comments— 2 Kudos


i feel like a fuckin loseeeeeer » Continue Reading

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— by julie — 8 Kudos

a little bit abt me

hi hi! i've missed the old myspace/tumblr feeling so i decided to sign up cuz why not - my name is julie/julianne/jill (wtv u wanna call me) - im a trans girl, 20 years old, college student, she/her - a lot of people i talk to describe me as a big sister to them, and honestly its what i enjoy doing. i like helping others with things so pls dont be afraid to hmu if you need advice/help. - im a comp... » Continue Reading

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