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— by snodat (the actual one)13 Comments— 4 Kudos

hi im back

look me up on bulletens (i doubt anyone would recognize me unless ur like really really og or something)  i was really not cool i think im better now » Continue Reading

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— by ✧ narcissus ✧14 Comments— 6 Kudos

Americans r hilarious

like they have 0 geography or history knowledge and think every country is racist  like a person called me out in twitter because I was supporting argentina in the Copa America (logically, because I'm argentinian.) and said that we are all racists…pardon me? My country abolished slavery a few years after independence » Continue Reading

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— by girlshelpgirls — 49 Kudos


Hello! This is the girlshelpgirls blog! Before we start we would like to assure our audience and give some friendly reminders. Incase you are confused on how this account works: Ask for advice on anytopic, vent your frustrations or ask a question regarding girlhood to  our suggestion box.  Those were some examples btw! (Our IMs are open aswell!) We will repost your stories and give our advice. Our... » Continue Reading

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— by ✧ narcissus ✧12 Comments

tw self harm

I'm actually thinking on starting self harming again,I was clean for months but its temping, school it's been a pain in the arse and I'm actually really depressed ajdjaodjwk  I don't know what to do,when my parents find out they'll beat the shit outta me,I'm scared (? kind of,not scared,more like disappointed on myself for being so useless. maybe if my brain worked correctly I would be better,but ... » Continue Reading

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— by QueenJFS4 Comments— 15 Kudos

the fuck is up with the cosmo stuff in the top blogs

Idk i dont like the callouts anyways and i dont even like cosmo eather but yeah just gonna use the situation as a reason to say the spacehey grooming allegations have been very insane. Idk if that guys fr but still. Btw this is half baked so dont shit on me pls » Continue Reading

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— by 🦅 𝓕𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 Royce/Solly ! 🏳‍⚧ — 28 Kudos

✦ Vampire themed graphics for vampires! (lots a glitter)

body { background-image:url(; font-family: "Times New Roman " , Times, serif; font-size: 20px; font-display: bold; } :root { --logo-blue: #85030d; --darker-blue: #000000; --lighter-blue: #d60e00; --even-lighter-blue:#b80c00; --lightest-blue: #d60e00; --dark-orange: #FFFFFF; --light-orange: #d60e0 » Continue Reading

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— by ཐི⋆♱ cielo ♱⋆ཋྀ7 Comments— 12 Kudos

face reveal :3

these are from last year, now i have a light bown balayage » Continue Reading

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— by 𝕲𝖍𝖔𝖘𝖙3 Comments



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— by ⭐️VickyAlienBoy⭐️3 Comments— 11 Kudos

🦴🩷💚Vicky's Dni List + pls add if 💚🩷🦴

1.People who victim blame victims of abuse/grooming/ect🦴 2.Gatekeepers (specifically those who hate on the younger generation just because they were born in a different time) or people that think you have to dress emo to be emo, policing people for literally everything🦴 3.People who use ai art for their pfps and » Continue Reading

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— by ⛧⦻_aceee_⦻⛧ (🩸🦟maddie’s kool aid🦟🩸)2 Comments— 40 Kudos

unless someone has a risk of hurting someone else STOP MAKING CALLOUT BLOGS

it’s actually so annoying when i see ppl posting callout blogs. if it’s between you and them just block and/or report them. if they have a risk of hurting someone else then post about it. some of you guys need to be more mature. if someone did something in the past and they’ve admitted to it then leave it alone (unless it’s something truly unforgivable) people do dumb shit. you’re not perfect, im ... » Continue Reading

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— by ༺KoЯn☣staЯ༻2 Comments— 16 Kudos

errr i might b gettin targetted by sum1 or stalked or wtv irl☹(tw)

i wanted 2 make this a blog cuz it's not sumthin that should go on a bulletin n i js needed to umm... tell everybody..whatever that word is,, anwyays! so yesterday was july 4th right...yeah kool day for us americans..erm so I have this neighbor n hes real abusive, he hits his girlfriend, hits her car when she tries to leave, throws his damn kid around(in a BADD way) n calls her real bad » Continue Reading

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— by Fuzaino/🪲 (#1 sainz fan)

interests n stuff

@import url(' » Continue Reading

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