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Logic Masters Logic Masters Deutschland is a really awesome organization. There are plenty of active users on their website that post their self-made puzzles. Cracking the Cryptic This YouTube channel inspired me to start creating my own Sudoku puzzles. Miracle Sudoku How I Set Sudoku: Clover » Continue Reading

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another online blog.

how many times have i started a new blog on the internet? this has got to be like the sixth time by now. i really like this website, i've always said how much myspace as a platform suits what i am seeking for in an online social media platform :-) gotta start off with my usual. i'll try to utilize this one this time. i think it would be healthy to journal or at least reflect. see you soon ;-) » Continue Reading

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This is Your Spark

I don't know how many of you would have liked the high school version of me. Well, here is one piece of photographic evidence, back when I thought I was the height of cool: This is my much(?) referenced "Xanga Monk" picture. It's probably one of the last ones that remains from that era of my life. And you know what's kinda stupid? That I sort of want to reactivate my Facebook. Just so I can go bac... » Continue Reading

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Emarie Visit Log #1

i figured for my first real blog post on here i'd discuss me and my partner  emarie's third visit together :-) she's currently at my place and is staying here til the 9th.  the 29th, the first day, was stressful in the moment but in hindsight quite easy. TSA was super chill with her and she got here no problem. we came home and went straight to sleep because it was night time anyway. the 30th i sh... » Continue Reading

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ig this is how i see myself :) » Continue Reading

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my ex best friend..

tell me why my ex best friend, who did me extremely dirty mind you, created a new instagram account (because I blocked all of her other ones) made a new account and tried to send me a message! Actually it was three messages. they were all her going live.. needless to say I blocked that account when I figured out it was her. like obsessive much?? » Continue Reading

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found this gem in a political debate channel on discord

As a Dream stan with an honors degree in molecular biology, an IQ of 140, dozens of skills and hobbies, and a respectable full-time job, I would LOVE to have a discussion with those who say dream stans are all "just uneducated 12-year-olds" NOTE: THIS PERSON WAS 100% SERIOUS HDAHJSHDN » Continue Reading

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Join to my group! » Continue Reading

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yaaay hellur new friends!!

this site is a little different from friendproject so i'm still trying to work out how to use it. it's sad there's no status option. so do people just write in blogs for all of it? i don't know if i'm doing it right hahaha it's ironic because i actually used the real myspace but omg i can't remember i was 12 and it was only for a short time :( » Continue Reading

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Why I never cared about American history

I always knew there was more going on than what they were teaching us but never really knew the extent of it. The American government keeps us so far from the truth it's ridiculous. The colinization of America was not all fun and games and treaties and agreements. It's far from it. And black History is so much more than the underground Railroad. It wasn't until last year during the riots that I le... » Continue Reading

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I am worth $1,93 million! - How much are you worth? » Continue Reading

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