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— by Mark Zuckerberg151 Comments— 251 Kudos

Please delete this

Dude, please delete this. I'm already fighting every other tech company and congress, I could do without this shit. » Continue Reading

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— by alok13 Comments— 19 Kudos

changing spacehey colors in HTML

while I appreciate the old school GeoCities approach with GIFs everywhere (and my myspace used to look like that), now I prefer a simpler, minimal look. the bare minimum CSS you need to change to change your color palette is below, using my colors as an example: <style> /* background of the page (i.e. left and right of your profile) */ body {   background-color: #111; } /* your profile i... » Continue Reading

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— by monotony ♡◔ᴗ◔♡1 Comment— 58 Kudos

need help with your layouts?

This blog post was a big help when i first started  This tool will also help you see your layout changes in real time instead of constantly having to save changes and then look and then go back and edit. I hope you have fun customizing your page, definitely expect some frustration and trial and error because th... » Continue Reading

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— by clive6 Comments— 17 Kudos

Links to guides on customizing one's spacehey page

I haven't dug in yet much to customize my spacehey page, but lots of other folks have -- and, they've written handy guides on various aspects of doing it! Here are a couple I've seen, that I'll be using myself ... I'm gonna sit down this weekend and weird-ify my design. A very comprehensive list of ways to change the css, by meh Changing spacehey colors, by Alok How to add more rows to your... » Continue Reading

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— by alex12 Comments— 19 Kudos

I choose, therefore I am

«Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vitami ritrovai per una selva oscura,ché la diritta via era smarrita.» «Midway upon the journey of our lifeI found myself within a forest dark,For the straightforward pathway had been lost.» - Dante Alighieri I've rediscovered some long forgotten joys since I signed up for SpaceHey yesterday, and even if my mind and thoughts are undoubtedly clouded by nostal... » Continue Reading

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— by corentin5 Comments— 19 Kudos

A nice little bit of css

Hello :) Here's my css for my background image (the clouds loop) : body::after{ content: ""; background: url('') no-repeat 100% 100% fixed; background-size: cover; opacity: 0.5; top: 0; left: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; position: fixed; z-index: -1; } The cool little tricks are the size of the bg image (100% width and 100% height), the fact ... » Continue Reading

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