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i'm garbage

everyday I feel like a garbage. tbh i just wanna eat some ice cream and takis » Continue Reading

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Heat and Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning and warmth installation are just one of the essential home devices that require arrangement in a home. Therefore, it is necessary to understand just how important air ventilation is to a home and how to heat your house equally, specifically during winter.   Normally, when constructing a house, the designers will certainly consider the HVAC, heating, air flow, and air conditioning ... » Continue Reading

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dr knowitall is a lie

they knwo NOTHING so stop actinv like it » Continue Reading

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posted march 21st 2007 DEAREST DIARY i know. more abot the  cult or whstevevr. I WAS lookikng at a. butterflu and it flew inside of s trasdcan and. and nlooked like jthe ones i liek        when they TOUCHme. i liek it. i dug nto the trashcan AND. i brougghgt it to kami. cus she likrs bugs. i dsaid. HELLO freind meet my new fRIED ALFRED. THE BUTTERFLY. anf sje screamed bevacuse she was so excITED. ... » Continue Reading

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What Happens When You Neglect Getting a Car A/C Service? Let’s Find Out!

If you are a proud owner of a four-wheel vehicle, there is no doubt you always remind yourself about various things such as petrol, gasoline, cleaning, and, of course, car maintenance. However, you cannot travel further without fuel. While cleaning is optional, it is still a necessity. Service is something that has its own importance for a vehicle. It might cost some money, but surely results in l... » Continue Reading

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quiero vivir disfrutar de mi juventud pero me siento atada a ti quiero salir, sin ningun miedo, con quien sea simplemente disfrutar mi puta vida pero no sé no lo sé » Continue Reading

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i dont love you

Si tú me hubieras dicho siempre la verdad Si hubieras respondido cuando te llamé Si hubieras amado cuando te amé Serías en mis sueños la mejor mujer Si no supiste amar Ahora te puedes marchar Si tú supieras lo que yo sufrí por ti Teniendo que olvidarte sin saber por qué Y ahora me llamas, me quieres ver Me juras que has cambiado y piensas en volver Si no supiste amar Ahora te puedes marchar Aléjat... » Continue Reading

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