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— by Surbhi Sharma

Looking for Bike Shifting Services in Nagpur, Consider The Options

Bikes are an important mode of transport in Nagpur. Driven mostly by youngsters, these are owned by individuals, retailers and companies for fast transport. They are used for deliveries by shops and restaurants, office boys use them for office work and individuals drive them for business and pleasure. Most of the persons relocating would like to take their bikes with them. It’s possible to move th... » Continue Reading

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— by Gloomy1 Comment

The moon isn't right

the moon is wrong the sky is red it all burns inside my head yeah no i tried. I can't do poetry, i sure think annie can though.. I miss annie » Continue Reading

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— by mae — 3 Kudos

do people actually read these

ive been sick all week and i dont wanna go back. i have so much work to do but i think ill just beg for my teachers to let me do it over the weekend. i have so much and theres tests and quizzes and i dont know any of the material. fuck i have to watch sum lectures wish me luck » Continue Reading

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— by mae

not sure

not sure what to write but my blog feels so empty or sum n i wanna write so ig ill do tht. i hav to change study labs so instead of being w a hottie who totally wants me i have to b with a bunch of  annoying ass kids kms » Continue Reading

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— by Billy Big Butts

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— by Natalia<3

Autoestima, te odio <3

hola gente que esta leyendo esto, la verdad no se que decir ni porque estoy escribiendo en una pagina que me encontre hace una hora cuando en realida deberia estar durmiendo pero bueno, cosas de la vida dea son las 2:37 de la madrugada :D y estoy escuchando musica, justo ahorita esta sonando "Another love" es una cancion muuuuuy linda, en serio la recomiendo, tiene una melodia re suave que me enca... » Continue Reading

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