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car that i saw what do u think? » Continue Reading

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— by Ellen DeGeneres

hello fans

it is me ellen degeneres from the ellen show. you may remember  me from my profile on "Myspace Windows 93.Net" or you might not. I am a famous hollyowood superstar either way. i am near. xo - ellen » Continue Reading

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— by mackzayn27

Ford launching over-the-air software updates

Ford is all set to commence the over-the-air (OTA) software updates to its vehicles. It has previously produced two of its updated models for Ford F-150 and Mustang Mach-E buyers. At the same time, rival companies such as Tesla had been producing the vehicles with the OTA updates largely. The company is now prepared to produce around 33 million cars receiving over-the-air software updates by the y... » Continue Reading

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— by Slick

dream car.

do any of you have a dream car? personally mine is the 1987-1990 model year Mazda RX-7. why? i think it looks neat. it also has a rotary engine and ya boi likes rotaries. shits expensive though. » Continue Reading

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