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— by Lando of "What In The Horror?!" Podcast — 3 Kudos

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We review horror movies every other Saturday. » Continue Reading

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— by Scotto Moore — 1 Kudos

Hey I was on a podcast!

I recently spent a lovely hour chatting about art on the Seattle-based Perfect Bound Podcast. They catalogued the topics we discussed: • Adapting his own plays into a novel • How writing for theater influences his novel writing • Mike's experience being a beta reader • Scotto's influences • How he pitched his novel to • The benefits of beta readers • Doing the work as a writer, and lea... » Continue Reading

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— by Dani1 Comment— 2 Kudos

— by DaBl

A link to my podcasts & blogs

I like to talk about cinema, and I've also done a lot of writing on the subject. Here's a link to my Author page on where you can find links to hundreds of films that I've reviewed on that site over the past 10 years.  » Continue Reading

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— by Alex Hicken

Debuting a new regular guest on my podcast

About a month ago my wife was speaking with her sister, and I suggested that they do a podcast similar to how I do a podcast with my little brother. My sister-in-law was excited about the opportunity to participate in my productions. We finally recorded our first episode together yesterday, and I edited it today. It has had a good reception so far. The podcast is called "Your Friends in the Gospel... » Continue Reading

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— by Justin (Shibbs)

Bloodsport - Never Seen It Podcast

We just got done recording the podcast tonight, we watched Jean Claude Van Damme's Bloodsport, can't wait for the episode release, it'll def be a gas. Is that how we talked in early Myspace days? » Continue Reading

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