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— by Lando of "What In The Horror?!" Podcast — 3 Kudos

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We review horror movies every other Saturday. » Continue Reading

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— by Scotto Moore — 1 Kudos

Hey I was on a podcast!

I recently spent a lovely hour chatting about art on the Seattle-based Perfect Bound Podcast. They catalogued the topics we discussed: • Adapting his own plays into a novel • How writing for theater influences his novel writing • Mike's experience being a beta reader • Scotto's influences • How he pitched his novel to • The benefits of beta readers • Doing the work as a writer, and learnin... » Continue Reading

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— by Alex Hicken1 Comment

Debuting a new regular guest on my podcast

About a month ago my wife was speaking with her sister, and I suggested that they do a podcast similar to how I do a podcast with my little brother. My sister-in-law was excited about the opportunity to participate in my productions. We finally recorded our first episode together yesterday, and I edited it today. It has had a good reception so far. The podcast is called "Your Friends in the Gospel... » Continue Reading

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— by DaBl

A link to my podcasts & blogs

I like to talk about cinema, and I've also done a lot of writing on the subject. Here's a link to my Author page on where you can find links to hundreds of films that I've reviewed on that site over the past 10 years.  » Continue Reading

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— by Lando of "What In The Horror?!" Podcast

New episode this weekend

Well, I'm watching the first horror movie we'll be talking about to watch then onto the next after that. In this new episode, we'll be talking about Puppetmaster: Axis Rising (2012) & Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) So I might as well get to it!! The link is in one of my other Blogs. 😉 » Continue Reading

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— by Justin (Shibbs)

Bloodsport - Never Seen It Podcast

We just got done recording the podcast tonight, we watched Jean Claude Van Damme's Bloodsport, can't wait for the episode release, it'll def be a gas. Is that how we talked in early Myspace days? » Continue Reading

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— by Jo Anna 💨✨ — 3 Kudos

AJ DUNK Can’t Make This Up

Listen to the full episode.  It seems like an implausible story in itself. Still, on Wednesday, January 6th, Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill in an attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden as President and begin their own revolution. Little did they know that actual reality would set in–and democracy would live another day. Until then, we wait for inauguration day to bring us another hi... » Continue Reading

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Wow this is gonna be awesome lol

spacehey is BACK yaaay hmu if you’re an artist/dancer/singer/model/musician/film producer-director actor filmmaker🎥of any kind and you wanna be on my podcast🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😉 All creeds/colors/genders/sexual preferences welcome, as long as you aren’t a hater or racist. sorry, gotta draw the line somewhere lol🤣🤣 Talented newbies welcome but be prepared to be screened. If you like what you hear, subscribe and... » Continue Reading

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— by Eddie Goldman

No Holds Barred: Our 15th Anniversary Show

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman marks the 15th anniversary of this podcast, No Holds Barred, with a monologue on the show's history, principles, and evolution. Where boxing and various styles of wrestling presently stand, the corruption embedded in the sports world, the banality of the combat sports, bright spots like the revival of amateur sumo in the U.S., and much more ar... » Continue Reading

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— by Isabella Difronzo

Interviste » Continue Reading

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— by Lando of "What In The Horror?!" Podcast