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— by Noah Red2 Comments

Banks! Enough

Can we agree going into 2008? That the comments will stop, I am not gay, I have a girlfriend, I love. You're just a self-entitled bitch who when is miserable you try to make everyone else miserable. I have no clue why everyone is practically afraid to tell you so. What happened to Bailey is not funny!  I'm so glad, winter break's in a few days. I get away from you for a bit, bitch.  » Continue Reading

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— by BT517

Can there please me something more to talk about then me?

In case anyone is wondering. I do not know if my mom is going to make it, and no I do not know who stabbed her to practical death. All I know is I woke up from a nap after taking the SAT for the third time because colleges can't decide if the ACT is any good. I found my mom bleeding to death, I called an ambulance and had the night from hell at the precinct. Can the local news stop claiming I atte... » Continue Reading

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— by Tom Curry

Typography video agency unlocks the kinetic potential of video marketing

Video marketing is the most preferred means of conveying a corporate message to global clients. Therefore, international business leaders invest a huge amount of capital to provide effective video marketing. However, developing visual content for marketing is not an easy task for global clients. Either they hire a professional typography video agency or assign the same task to the in-house team. P... » Continue Reading

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— by Charlie Chariot1 Comment


I like to say, congrats to our drama department. I know we're not the most normal department compare to the rest of the island. How many times have half the athletes rushed from football practice to rehearsal? Seriously rock stars you guys are. Speaking of rock stars. Bailey T, she literally had a week to learn a role for opening night. And you perfected it girl! I know everyone wants to know why ... » Continue Reading

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— by Lee Godbey


I can't wait for the 30th of August #College #SNHU » Continue Reading

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— by Garybolan

Assignment help in uk

Reasonable prices and excellent quality from professional assignment help service for students. New Assignment offers you the best Research Paper Writing Service in UK including all the subjects. Research proposal writing service utilize top rated subject matter experts to prepare top grade assignments at affordable prices » Continue Reading

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— by XxDarknurrxX

Considering Going Back To School

Took a break from community college for a year to focus on myself and self studying. I didn't end up doing much studying but i've managed to get employed again. Im considering going back this Spring, since Fall is coming up to fast and IDK if i'll complete FAFSA and register in time. I'm going for Computer Science and have 20 credits out of 60 so far. » Continue Reading

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— by NLET

Why Do Schools Needs School Management Software

There is no surprise, educational institutions play a vital role in shaping students' futures. The need for School Management Software is growing tremendously with the increasing use of technology. It plays a significant role in shaping the children's future. As a result, educational institutions such as schools need a robust system for implementing school management techniques.   Managing all of ... » Continue Reading

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— by Edumagnate Blogs

Expert’s Advice to Compose Effective Conclusion for a Thesis

Writing a conclusion for your research report is one of the most common challenges that every researcher faces. This section answers the best practices that you can use when writing an article for publication. It should be clear that the author has to put effort can be spent on creating a conclusion.  You should write a very well-reasoned and well-researched paper that will persuade readers that y... » Continue Reading

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— by Lexi Edwards

How & From Where to Hire Dissertation Writers for My PhD Paper?

Every student asks the same question 'where to  hire dissertation writers  who can provide me the best writing & solutions for my scientific experiments'. The simple & most proposed answer is to reach the Assignment Desk. As per the UK students, it is the most reliable & convenient website as they always approach them to get help with their dissertation. Sometimes, it can be difficult for students... » Continue Reading

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