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i hate finals

Finals suck.This concludes another quality blog post from gohomenate! » Continue Reading

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— by Åndi [Hobbit]1 Comment— 3 Kudos

Self-learners, outcasts, autodiadects..

Hey there! I would love to start some kind of online discussion group to bounce ideas and interesting study tactics off.  » Continue Reading

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Virtual Learning

Anyone else over this distant learning?  » Continue Reading

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major in community college

Ever since Covid has hit for at least a year, I'm not surprised that I miss going to class physically, but at the same time, wanting to take specific classes, in person because it feels better for some of the classes I'm currently taking. I'm majoring in film right now at the moment in community college. I'm somehow going to get my coaching certification license when I move back to South Korea. It... » Continue Reading

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school started today, i don't know how to feel about it. i only had one zoom meeting and it was for geometry...hopefully this trimester isn't as hard as the last one. danger days is on repeat, life is good [for now]. i don't want to do my hw but i have no choice, send help </3. » Continue Reading

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— by Xx_EhYeHaT_xX

No alt kids at my school DX School Life

School Life #1  (1/18/21, 8:29 PM, Monday) So im a sophomore in highschool, and there wasn't any skool today because of MLK day, nothing crazy happen today, just chilled at home mostly and went out to get food.  since nothing happen today, i guess ill talk about my school in general n my friends!! Our friend group consists of 10 people including me, because sometimes someone else comes to sit... » Continue Reading

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