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i hate finals

Finals suck. This concludes another quality blog post from gohomenate! » Continue Reading

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— by Åndi [Hobbit]1 Comment— 3 Kudos

Self-learners, outcasts, autodiadects..

Hey there! I would love to start some kind of online discussion group to bounce ideas and interesting study tactics off.  » Continue Reading

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major in community college

Ever since Covid has hit for at least a year, I'm not surprised that I miss going to class physically, but at the same time, wanting to take specific classes, in person because it feels better for some of the classes I'm currently taking. I'm majoring in film right now at the moment in community college. I'm somehow going to get my coaching certification license when I move back to South Korea. It... » Continue Reading

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— by ⛧ 𝖘𝖔𝖋𝖆 ⛧4 Comments

college fucking sucks

little bit of a rant, sorry i fucking hate college during COVID. pretty much all i fucking do is sit in my room alone all day procrastinating, doing homework, smoking weed, watching TV, and sleeping. i live alone so i don't have any human contact unless i leave my dorm to go to my one in person class or hang out with friends in a COVID safe environment. even so, i only have 1 irl friend who i can ... » Continue Reading

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— by ✨DesertRose🥀 — 1 Kudos

Virtual Learning

Anyone else over this distant learning?  » Continue Reading

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I got 100%, but...

So, I took my second management exam. The exam is online, open book and open note, but only because COVID restrictions closed the testing centers. So, I got 100%. But, I know the only reason that I did was because I had access to my book/notes. Even though I read every chapter and watched every lecture twice, so many of the questions were random and quasi-obscure rather than main points that there... » Continue Reading

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— by Xx_EhYeHaT_xX

No alt kids at my school DX School Life

School Life #1  (1/18/21, 8:29 PM, Monday) So im a sophomore in highschool, and there wasn't any skool today because of MLK day, nothing crazy happen today, just chilled at home mostly and went out to get food.  since nothing happen today, i guess ill talk about my school in general n my friends!! Our friend group consists of 10 people including me, because sometimes someone else comes to sit with... » Continue Reading

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right now my space key is only half working so this is very infuriating. anyway, so next we im returning from spring break. im in hs and the week I get back online, the junior high kids will start to return in person. if that goes okay then the following week I would go back in person. part of me is kinda concerned for cases but at the same time im not going to accept having my junior and senior y... » Continue Reading

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naaaahhh ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

why tf nobody cant send me homework  ( ꈨຶ ˙̫̮ ꈨຶ ) that makes me sad asf  press » Continue Reading

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— by Leila — 3 Kudos

School Project

We are doing a little project in school and should sketch out our ideas for a small card. All the cards of our classmates will then be put together, it will be a graduation gift ^-^ My classmates had a great idea where we design the card like a music player with our favourit song on and a pic of ourselves so I followed that idea » Continue Reading

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— by Alex Tate

Avail Revit Assignment help to overcome issues in assignment writing

One popular building, modeling, and information software called Autodesk Revit is used by architects, designers, contractors, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineers. If you are interested in becoming a Civil Engineer or Architect and choose to study Revit, you will need Revit Assignment help services from reliable writing service. Take a quick look at this article to get insight ... » Continue Reading

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