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— by puppy1 Comment— 4 Kudos

trigger warning

ed type stuff ig idk why would you say that why would you say that why would you say that why would you say that i feel disgusting  im so disgusting you made me feel disgusting i cant even look at myself why would you say that "youve gotten prettier" thank you "your welcome youve gained some weight too" why would you say that i never want to eat again  » Continue Reading

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— by Kari Likes — 2 Kudos


++++++++++++++TESTING AREA++++++++++++++++ Link to My Stupid Daily Forum Topics About my Human Life on Earth +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here's a tip, you could test your simple codes here in the blog and then click on the WYSIWYG button to get the HTML code to paste wherever you want it on your page.  Wtf does wysiwyg even mean? wrong answers only! bye >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>... » Continue Reading

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— by Bennet <31 Comment— 2 Kudos

~ My friend application :D ~

hello~ i’m Bennet/Benny and i’m here for a friend application. i’m 14 and i’m a virgo, i play genshin impact and i kin hu tao lol. i watch anime, i’m kind of awkward sometimes but yk :^ idk what else to say cause i just found about this site like 15 minutes ago but it looks really cool hehe » Continue Reading

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— by eli💖1 Comment

about me xD plz read

hi my name is Eli !!! XD  my style is scene and emo (scemo) but alittle of gyaruo !!!  my FAV color (s) is blue, blue, pink, gray, sage, and black :P im always online in school hours / sometimes at home:) my idols are, Mad Molly, Kevin Crow, Jay Von Monroe, and alot of scene/emo icons LOLLLL i use He/Him and im a dude O_o im gaeeeyy aka mlm :D im single LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! uhhhh im hispanic / el salva... » Continue Reading

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— by ADRIAN / GH0ST1 Comment— 2 Kudos


I FORGOT TO DO THIS YESTERDAY LULZ IM SOZ  T^T HAI!!!!!! just a basic introduction =3  my name is adrian !!! you can also call me ghost or max x3 i mostly use he/him but i also use neopronounz !!! (full set can be found here =D) i mostly just draw and listen to music but i love talking and meeting new frienz !!!! everyone here seemz really nice and welcoming !!!! if youre curious about the kind of... » Continue Reading

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— by marl.png


Redoing this because my previous intro was a bit.. meh..    hello people of spacehey! im just a random internet user who fell in love with the    customization of this website, lul. might be posting my own layouts someday, making    these profile thingies is rlly fun :))    i guess some styles im into are dreamy-cute stuff, horror, a little bit of sci-fi, and whatever    style Phineas & Ferb, Eart... » Continue Reading

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— by SharkysGamingAdventures

I may have encountered a fake friend

Well I ended up being unfriend today by a woman I met maybe a year ago through my neighbor.  Unfortunately in this situation she couldn't separate between our friendship & her relationship she had with our neighbor.  There were somedays we could chat & it goes fine. There were however days where she would bring him up. Ask me questions about him & complain about him to me. Keep in mind my husband ... » Continue Reading

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— by puppy


im finally back home so i can be active on pplz blogz again  sorry if i missed anything important T-T  ill respond to the blogz that i can and if therez any u need ppl to see lemme know and ill look n respond » Continue Reading

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— by Xxxemo_bunnyxxX — 2 Kudos


THANKS TO  adrien;)♡  FOR SHOWING THESE PROGRAMS IN THEIR BLOG!!!!!!!! I WOULDN'T HAVE FOUND THESE WITHOUT THEM! --------------------------------------------------------------------- So I discovered last night some other rad old internet programs. Its a remake of 2009 Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. If u don't know what either of these are, the person i've linked above has a gr8 descr... » Continue Reading

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— by glitch =)


transphobic , homophobic , toxic dream smp fan , people who dont respect xenogender or neopronom , im 14 so like people 3 year younger or older . racism , dont sexualise me.  » Continue Reading

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— by lola >.< — 2 Kudos

the opposite of a dni list!

since i am #lonely and #withoutfriends i decided to make the OPPOSITE of a DNI (do not interact) list! so if u ARE/DO any of the following, INTERACT LIKE CRAZY!!!! PLEASE INTERACT/DM ME/BE MY FRIEND IF: - you like true crime! - you like slasher flicks! (bonus if ur favs r halloween, nightmare on elm street, scream, or house of wax!) - ANY OF THE FOLLOWING BANDS/SINGERS: type o, ghost, rammstein, k... » Continue Reading

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— by xX.CoolSpectra.Xx — 1 Kudos

im new here o_o

hiii i just joined i hope we could be friends? :3  » Continue Reading

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