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— by Zombie

☣⋅⋆ₒ⍣◦☠⚡︎About Me⚡︎☠⋅⋆ₒ⍣◦☣

 ⚡︎ WELC☣ME ⚡︎  Idk what to write about honestly, so i'll just ramble about stuff  ⚡︎  Life  ⚡︎  I'm 24, and live in Denmark in a small apartment, but big enough for my sweet partner and I. Currently I am studying on an adult education centre (VUC, voksenuddannelse) to get some grades up cause I was slacking in earlier school days. In the future I want to study graphic design or media. But I am al... » Continue Reading

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— by pompom2 Comments— 1 Kudos

Im new ^^

New here and need friends cuz im bored lol » Continue Reading

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— by irene — 2 Kudos

Drawing/Secret Box/Tellonym

my secret drawing box my secret letter box tellonym » Continue Reading

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— by ★ terzo 666 ❞ — 2 Kudos


➤ This account is 17+ if you send a request and your age isn't visible you will be declined. If you are under the age of 17 you will be declined. 𖤐 ❞ ➤ I am not here for discourse nor do I care to interact with any. A lot of it is petty, and not worth my time. Just don't be a bad person and idc if you're around me. 𖤐 ❞ ➤ cringe culture is dead. Fandom culture is wonderful. If you shit on someone f... » Continue Reading

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— by Ghaztly3 Comments

Talk to me

M bored and wanna make friends, y’all should talk to me » Continue Reading

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— by Zombie — 2 Kudos


Pleaze do not add me if: It is not in your interest to interact with me at all. (I'll remove u if we don't interact) If you just want to promote your business or music. If you are a homophobe, transphobe or racist. If your age is not shown on your profile I may not accept your request If you are way below the age of 18. If you really REALLY want me to accept your requests I accept ALL on my >>art ... » Continue Reading

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— by Xie4 Comments


I believe you should be my friend for multiple reasons.  I will list these reasons below: - I AM VERY COOL (I HOPE) - I HAVE PET CATS, THEY ARE VERY CUTE - I am lonely - I SHARE ONE FACT ALMOST EVERY DAY NOW, I AM DOING THAT NOW - I need friends - I'M NOT VERY JUDGEY that is all. have a nice day. » Continue Reading

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— by xaira2 Comments— 1 Kudos

lets be friends

H E L L O O O O O my names xaira, im here to make some friends. i dont have any standards or rules or expectations, even if we dont share interests we can chat and hang out and learn about each others interests !!! i love anime, manga, horror, internet mysteries, and murder documentaries the most, so if you like any of that lets get chatting right away ✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧ » Continue Reading

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— by Mushroom child 🍄1 Comment— 2 Kudos

kasper is a fag


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— by Will1 Comment

Stranger things Alters/IRL’s interact!!

Hello! I’m in IRL of Will Byers and I wanna meet more people from my source! Especially interact if you’re Mike, El or Jonathan :) » Continue Reading

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— by ☆ luca ☆1 Comment

✦✧!!GET TO KNOW ME!!✧✦

Hi!! im luca :) heres a little guide / info thingymabob about me!!! ☞ LUCA BALSA!! hello!!! my names luca :> im a 15 year old(and a half) from england who loves spacehey!!! ive been using it for 'round 8 days at the time of writing... that's crazy!! err so im obviously british but im also f luent in polis h, and learning german and russian (the LANGUAGES!!) teeheeee. i tend to type in all caps, sp... » Continue Reading

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— by Tord2 Comments— 2 Kudos