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— by sarah ♡13 Comments— 53 Kudos

bya / dna

♡ I am a leftist - I don’t believe in separating a person from their politics but PLEASE keep your discourse off of my page, if my politics leanings upset you, you’re free to leave. I’m not interested in debating. ♡ I’m a lesbian, so my identity is already argued about enough as is. My feminism is hardcore and it will always include trans women, and non-binary people who identify as woman-aligned.... » Continue Reading

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— by Fluid Dynamic9 Comments— 9 Kudos

Hi Friends :) A little introduction :D

Hey You! :D My name is Ross I am 41 and live in Scotland, UK. Fluid Dynamic is my artist name!  I write and produce music and DJ on a live internet radio show, but all of that as much fun as it is does not pay the bills, so I also trade on eBay. I sell make up, fashion items and technology related stuff. So happy we have myspace again it's a much more fun platform than any other social network, li... » Continue Reading

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— by Haylee Woitas8 Comments— 18 Kudos

SpaceHey Users To Avoid

Hay all. I may be a bitch for doing this but id like this website to be a safe place for as many people as possible.If you have an encounter with someone, message me. Ill add to the list and keep things anonymous. Ill post your story as if it happened to me.  Not all these people are bad people. Some users on this list are just under caution, in case the reason why they are here dosed not align wi... » Continue Reading

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— by aleeex9 Comments— 24 Kudos

2008 me is screaming

hiiiii pals i never thought i'd be doing this again and honestly i'm livinggggggg for it. can't wait to watch this community grow, thrive and restore hope in humanity. the rawring 20s are finally living up to hype (; » Continue Reading

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— by Catastrophic Carmen :315 Comments— 16 Kudos

Is there any Scene/Emos out here >_<

HIII, I wanna meet some more scene/emo/goth kids or anyone thats alternative at all, feel free to say hi! » Continue Reading

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— by Naara2 Comments— 2 Kudos

falling objects

This is the exact code I used ! &lt;div class="snowflake"&gt; &lt;img src="url"/&gt;&lt;/div&gt;   Repeat for as many as you want &lt;style&gt; /* customizable snowflake styling */ .snowflake {   color: #ff006a;   font-size: 3em;   font-family: Arial, sans-serif;   text-shadow: 0 0 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.7); } @-webkit-keyframes snowflakes-fall{0%{top:-10%}100%{top:100%}}@-webkit-keyframes snowflakes-sh... » Continue Reading

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— by electroslag!11 Comments— 28 Kudos

I hate influencers.

I love makers, I love crafters, I love performers, and I love musicians. I really hope this place can be an amazing platform for creative people. I want to see and hear all the cool shit you guys have to share! As this platform blows up, I'm sure we're going to see an influx of people who are known as ""influencers"". I'm generally not a judgmental person, but the presence of influencers in social... » Continue Reading

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— by ༒ 𝙈 𝙐 𝘽 𝙍 𝘼 ༒17 Comments— 6 Kudos


People told me that if u join a social media and say hello, the people will greet u back so... hi :P » Continue Reading

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— by Queensteeze_3 Comments— 1 Kudos


Ok so who's a pro at this now? Bc I'm tryna remember all the ways I used to do my backgrounds and music and I can't remember anything lol HELP! » Continue Reading

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— by Kevina Cochina

I’m Not Follower Hungry

Like anyone else, I crave attention. But I’m not follower hungry like I see most people being on social media platforms.  I’m totally fine with the number of people who I’m connected with… or I should say I would be fine IF THEY EVER INTERACTED WITH ME. My music page for instance. 339 subscribers to my “band’s” channel is plenty. Except I don’t hear anything from any of them.  Your music has to su... » Continue Reading

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— by Palamay Sing1 Comment— 3 Kudos

A blog about my friend Nicole

Nicole is married and lives in New Zealand, she comes and visits me here in Okinawa every couple months with her husband and her kid, yeah she's very beautiful, she doesn't have a space hay account but she does have a Facebook but there's no way that she would ever talk to anyone besides people she knows. I have known her sense 1999 when she was a part of a foreign exchange student program where p... » Continue Reading

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— by RiviR4 Comments— 4 Kudos

An intro survey I found on here!

👌Name(s)? River! 🍄Pronouns? They/them 🔐Relationship Status? Taken 🌈Orientation(s)? Bisexual 🐉Zodiac Sign? Rising is Leo, Moon is Libra, Sun is Aries 💅Do you wear makeup? Sometimes! ✨Favourite aesthetic? Cottagecore 🔮Any advice you would have given 10 y/o you?  Don’t let mom manipulate you and for FUCKS SAKE actually try to pay attention in school and tell dad when you’re struggling with that. 🍀Wha... » Continue Reading

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