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Before you friend...

I am a truscum/transmed, i believe you need any severity of gender dysphoria to be trans, that is the only requirement I am against xenogenders and nounpronouns or whatever theyre called (Ex: Meow/Meowself) I am against MOGAI labels Full list on my LGBTQ+ stances I am autistic and have expressive language disorder, talking to people is hard for me- making convos... » Continue Reading

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— by Y2K Economicz


  The amount of supply or quantity of goods a supplier offers to consumers.  Consumers are us. For example, what happens to the supply of blue jeans when the price of cotton drops? There will be an increase in the supply of jeans. This will also decrease the price of jeans and increase the supply of jeans. All because the price of cotton dropped, making people happy. » Continue Reading

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dni   basic criteria;  under 16 (friend reqs are fine, but don't expect me to talk to you or anything); proship/neutral; anti self-diagnosis; hoyoverse/dreamsmp/vivziepop/south park defenders;  'endosystem' or believe systems can form as a result of anything but childhood trauma; kin/are an 'irl' of myself (hajime hinata/michael afton); kin/are an 'irl' of my boyfriend (nagito komaeda/jeremy fitzg... » Continue Reading

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About me โ˜†*:.๏ฝก.o(โ‰งโ–ฝโ‰ฆ)o.๏ฝก.:*โ˜†

Hello! Welcome to my acc :) I’m Fynn, but a few people call me C, so that name’s kewl too. I’m 14 and a Virgo (24th august). My pronouns are he/it/vamp/vampself. Please don’t use any femme pronouns, or they/them for me.  I’m omni sexual with a preference for men, and I’m polyamorous.  I live in the North East of England (yes, British people are real). So meeting people within my age range from the... » Continue Reading

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Face reveal » Continue Reading

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— by Family Dental Solutions

The Different Types Of Treatments Offered By Cosmetic Dentistry In Marietta GA 

Cosmetic dentistry in Marietta, ga , consists of several treatments that correct the appearance of your teeth considerably and thus, at the same time, improve overall physical functioning and retain your emotional/mental well-being.  Following are the types of  cosmetic dentistry in Marietta, ga , from which you can choose one that you may require to improve the appearance and well-being of your t... » Continue Reading

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all my namez!

I thought about writing down all my namez u can call me so why not? read this if you want to ig. kayden zom kris miles kai » Continue Reading

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wussup guyz itsyagenderlesschild » Continue Reading

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— by โ˜†0hn0_H3xag0nโ˜†4 Comments

stamps/blinkies dont work anymore ???? help???

so like i was trying to add some reigensweep/sanssweep blinkies to my profile and i added them to my about me and then when i saved my layout just like... disappeared and all of my blinkies and stamps as well... i was able to go back and copy and paste them so they arent all gone  but whenever i try add blinkies/stamps to my about me they don't work?? like any of them???  update  btw the code i us... » Continue Reading

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— by Chiaki Oogaki2 Comments— 6 Kudos

Thoughts on SpaceHey from a MySpace Veteran

Decided to make this blog post after reading someone else's venting post earlier. I've said it before, I'm on the older side for this site. That's why I'm here. MySpace was part of my introduction to the internet. It felt much more inviting than IRC and you could form tight-knit communities while customizing your look to your heart's content. Peak Web 2.0 for a Millennial like me. For me, SpaceHey... » Continue Reading

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Me complaining about dni lists cuz they annoy me

DNI JOKE LIST: People who dislike slim Jim's People who disllike jelly beans People dislike butterscotch  People who fucked my mom last night Ur mom ME HATING ON DNI LISTS: If you judge people off of the content they like. Idc who or what you are judging people off of the people they like to watch is stupid unless any problematic stuff they've done is in their videos. I'm saying this cuz one of th... » Continue Reading

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