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— by Josh Manders179 Comments— 345 Kudos

Deleting Facebook permanently, I encourage you to do the same.

I have made this initially as a bulletin but they are only 10 days in length before being removed, so reposting here for posterity. Original bulletin: Facebook, Inc is a garbage creepy company. I do not like their business practices at all. That's not even counting the cesspool of a user base they're cultivating on the platform.Because of those reasons I have decided after over a decade on Face... » Continue Reading

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— by Seth23 Comments— 171 Kudos

Resources to get started pimping out your profile

Thanks to Spacehey and the rise of popular web browsers such as NetScape Navigator 3 and the new Microsoft Internet Explorer, we can now do things on the web never before possible. Spacehey makes connecting easier than ever and offers the unique ability to express yourself on your profile. Here are a couple resources to get started.Resources to get started:Amazing GeoCities GIF repositoryCameron's... » Continue Reading

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— by An83 Comments— 246 Kudos

SpaceHey 2021

Happy New Year everyone! In this Blog post I'd like to share the plans I have for SpaceHey in 2021! SpaceHey Music I'm currently working on SpaceHey Music - a way for independant artists to share their Music directly on SpaceHey to a wide audience. Every person on SpaceHey can then browse through all shared Songs, listen to them, share them with their friends and embed them on their Profiles... » Continue Reading

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— by An55 Comments— 79 Kudos

The Future of SpaceHey

Hello everyone! I'm An, the creator of SpaceHey - nice to see you here! In this blog post I will write about my plans for SpaceHey in the future. The LaunchOn Sunday I took SpaceHey online. I posted it on ProductHunt and on HackerNews. Shortly after that, SpaceHey started to see a ton of visitors and new users! I would have never thought that such a huge amount of people would see my project! Sp... » Continue Reading

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— by Shanen23 Comments— 26 Kudos

Custom cursors in Spacehey [Guide]

This cool site is full of old school and new cursors: And it even shows how to use it in your "MySpace profile" :P The CSS given on the site may not work, so use the following format instead under your style body tag: cursor: url(link in cursor code area), auto; Example: cursor: url(, auto; But... » Continue Reading

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— by Nein MC4 Comments— 35 Kudos

A Spacehey CSS preview thingy I hacked together in like 4 minutes

@import "";This isn't very good yet :P I think it would be neat to be able to load any profile as example, and I haven't tested it beyond "seems to work". But even as quick and dirty as this is, I figure it might be somewhat useful already. Any suggestions or bug reports welcome! Also feel free to just take the thing and make your own version of it,... » Continue Reading

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