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150 000

Whaaat??!! We passed 150 000 people on SpaceHey - That's incredibly awesome!! I actually can't quite believe it! I don't know what to say other than THANK YOU ! Thank you to every single one of you - you rock! When I created SpaceHey, I would have never believed if someone told me that less than a year later, over 150 thousand people will use SpaceHey. And yet, that's exactly what's the case now. ... » Continue Reading

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— by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX13 Comments— 46 Kudos

Most Common People Users Catfish As On SpaceHey

SPACEHEY IS JUST LIKE MYSPACE THERE IS NOTHING SHORT OF CATFISHING SpaceHey is not safe from the same thing that once plagued us MySpace users just trying to have a good time and trying to make some new friends. You always want to find people who like the same stuff as you, and bonus points if they look cool too! It would be awesome to have your profile picture in their Top8 right? Or to be featur... » Continue Reading

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— by blairVVitch9 Comments— 16 Kudos

SpaceHey: A Month's Reflection on the "Social" in Social Media

This weekend's blog post is going to be a quick one. I suppose that I'll begin with my thoughts on what this site will eventually become. Do I think it will supersede Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other toxic for-profit engines of social capitalism? No, but also yes. Then, I'll transition to why I eventually decided to become a SpaceHey supporter.   As you may already know, the ye olde gia... » Continue Reading

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Wish SpaceHey Was More Active? Join This Group!

Click Here for the group link Are you sad about SpaceHey users going inactive only days after joining? Do you log in often and want to treat this as your primary social media, but see barely any activity on the site? Do you want to organize with others who feel the same, and start building a strong community who seek to breathe life into SpaceHey by creating and engaging with content? Then you are... » Continue Reading

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SpaceHey seems super rad, but I have literally no idea what I’m doing. It’s great. » Continue Reading

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— by Xx_TR!$T4N_xX3 Comments— 22 Kudos

My Plan For Spacehey

I want my page to be somewhere positive where people can interact and smile and just . Have a moment where they can just be themselves yknow ?  In my normal life i have struggled with mental health issues and it brings me down a lot and i’ve felt all sorts of awful no matter how much i tried to just “Be happy “ I understand what it’s like to struggle and i want everyone to know that it is okay to ... » Continue Reading

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— by xsc3n3d0tx1 Comment— 1 Kudos

I just got catfished / played hard by a person on here yay :D

So, I was talking to this person on here a little while ago. And we hit it off really well right away. Like WAYY too well. She was like, wayy too perfect to begin with. Like we had same interests, same flaws ig, yeah you get the idea. At one point I literally had to ask her if she's "real" which is stupid I know. And then she disappeared all of a sudden for 15 days, comes back on here and apologiz... » Continue Reading

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— by ♡~🍑🍰**Peach!**🍰🍑~♡ — 4 Kudos

~`Kin List`~

 Here's my top kin list!~ Yamaguchi Tadashi~ Haikyuu!! Alluka Zoldyck~ Hunter x Hunter Ami Mizuno/ Sailor Mercury~ Sailor Moon Kanna Kizuchi~ Your Turn to Die Klee~ Genshin Impact Helena Adams~ Identity V Mafuyu Sato~ Given kofuku Ebisu~ Noragami Mitsuri Kanroji~ Demon Slayer » Continue Reading

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— by Your_Local_Critter

First post =3

Hello world =3!  This is the first ever post i made on Spacehey. I got curious, so i decided to go and check and it out. » Continue Reading

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— by j4k3w4st4k3n1 Comment


H3Y 1DK WH4T 1'M D01NG S0... T3LL M3 UR PR0N0UN5 4ND HYP3RF1X4T10N X3 (yes ik I'm being cringey BAHAHA) » Continue Reading

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— by Galactic Unity2 Comments— 1 Kudos

None of the people that friend request me chat

I am just wondering why none of the people that friend request me want to chat & how exactly do you come across people on here that do like to have platonic conversations?  » Continue Reading

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