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— by ♪ COSMO/OREL ♪ (semi ia) — 168 Kudos

this site is a total disaster and actual hell in real life

seriously why the fuck am i getting so much hate and gore about me recently? do you realize how fucked do you have to be to make these accounts? what do you get as a reward? pleasure from hating an innocent person?  i literally didn't do anything wrong.. i hope in somewhere 20 years you realize what you did as a teenager and regret it extremely.  because that's not a good behavior for someone onli... » Continue Reading

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— by (Read) The state of Spacehey7 Comments— 85 Kudos

Also, to combat gore and the generally dead state of Spacehey

I think that Spacehey should change the sign up to be more similar to that of Ao3, where you'd have to wait for a certain period to receive an invitation so they can make an account. (Would also solve the tempmail issue, which is what I used to make this account.) This would help take off some of the weight of the bills An has to pay to keep the servers running as there wouldn't be a crazy influx ... » Continue Reading

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— by 🌺 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 jizzl (PissBoi37)4 Comments— 12 Kudos

SpaceHey award winners.

gayest: daz nicest: fl*rtz rarely inactive: Me  (that isn't how awards rlly work but I don't control who voted who) best art: Sammy / twink or wtv their name is ,,  silliest: pudding spacehey whore: nova » Continue Reading

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— by rory6 Comments— 32 Kudos

spacehey discourse is SO EXTREMELY chronically online.

the gore thing is actually insane. I have no idea who this Cosmo person is but I'm being so fucking for real when I say you're dickriding them so hard. the gore is unnecessary, and it hurts other people too. if you post gore, you're IMMIDEATLY one of the biggest losers ever because you're mad over what??? but like also.. what did this person do to have so much gore made about them?? like?? i dont ... » Continue Reading

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— by xeviant1 Comment— 31 Kudos


What's SpaceHey Summer Bash? To kick off the summer, some other users and I have decided to make a small event to celebrate the end of the school/work year, as many users who have been inactive due to school and work are becoming more active with the coming of summer. To show our appreciation for the SpaceHey community, we are hosting a variety of small events alongside a big awards bracket! » Continue Reading

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— by ZACK?! O_o2 Comments— 6 Kudos

— by Voxxus Altari3 Comments— 6 Kudos


SPACEHEY PSA: ⚠ANOTHER GORE RAID IS ONGOING⚠ Do not view the "Cool New People" Section, and avoid posts by users "kyle.", "gorfield", "alfi" and users with Neptune in their username. Hello Spacehey, unfortunately, we've got another gore raid on our hands. This time, i've been unfortunate enough to see the video of the s*icide of Ronnie Mcnutt, a 33-yearold veteran who k*lled himself live on facebo... » Continue Reading

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— by insomnia — 7 Kudos


DNI (DO NOT INTERACT) if you... do/are a supporter of witchcraft/satanism/dark magic type shiz (I don't hate you, but my morals align with Christian views) Get hung up over political controversy (eg, Pro Life vs Pro Abortion , Isr » Continue Reading

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— by 🛑g0re report links on bulletin🛑2 Comments— 16 Kudos

How to report TCC profiles with a username and no user ID

Here's how to report tcc gore pfps that have usernames: DO NOT REPORT THE PERSON I USED AS AN EXAMPLE HERE!! use a browser that allows to you "inspect"/"inspect page" as shown below 1. go to the » Continue Reading

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— by Simon Cowell — 31 Kudos

SpaceHey's Got Talent

Hello my name is Simon Cowell, and I am your judge on Spacehey's got talent, I want to see your talent and I am going to judge your talent based on your skills. Golden buzzers are not guaranteed. » Continue Reading

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— by Alice1 Comment— 2 Kudos

first day on spacehey :) 6/13/24

I have never been on myspace, and I completely missed out on that entire era of the internet, and I have minimal nostalgia for it. However, just now, I spent an hour attempting to customize to background of my profile. It was torture, but it was honestly kinda worth it. I've seen some pretty cool pages on here and I am looking forward to meeting people on this website :) » Continue Reading

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— by Noah1 Comment— 6 Kudos

We need to clean up this site badly

Sorry if this seems like its all over the place, I'm not in the best spot to be writing right now, might edit later. I don't know what it is about spacehey, but it seems to attract the absolute worse demographic of any site I've used in the past. even the most rancid sites have a better userbase than this, which is made for EVERYONE. First off, let's address the elephant in the room- gore. There N... » Continue Reading

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