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— by ☆steve (taro yamada real)9 Comments— 85 Kudos


hi, it's me cheetos / stephen, whatever you know me as, i think i had 2 or one blog abt kara mell that got popular at some point but i deleted my acc cuz of some drama i had. anyways i solved it. Uhm okay now lets get to the blog. [TW: GROOMING] So, story: me and my friends decided to make a twitter acc where we followed kara to see his tweets but...he DM'ed us (i think thats how its spelt) instea... » Continue Reading

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— by spacehey rants10 Comments— 33 Kudos


nobody in particular but ive noticed this with like a ton of profiles. can u guys make ur profile atleast somewhat readable. nobody can read your profile if its in like a really stupid cursive font or if you have a bazillion pictures covering it . you people also suck balls at color contrast  on your profile heres a color picker with a color contrast ... » Continue Reading

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— by icanthinksstuff

☆:.。.o[Introduction]o.。.:☆ - 1st Blog

so… uhhh… This is my first blog. With the amount of time I’ve had this blog, I guess I should try to make a proper intro. So, hi :) You can call me Thinks  (I’ll probably add this stuff into the “About Me” later if I haven’t already as of posting this but) A little bit about me: I go by She/Her B-day is July 6th I like drawing/art (traditional, digital) Hello Kitty’s my fav Sanrio character  I’m i... » Continue Reading

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— by The Messenger

While I'm at it, here's links to remove more spam accounts.

These are unrelated to the guy spam creating accounts for harassment and whatever, but its still just as important to remove advertisement accounts and other such spam so that it doesn't clog up the members list. I'll add some and remove some as time goes on. Remember, report these accounts! NSFW account 7. Helluva Boss fans are built different. Also is currently spamming Blogs. NSFW account 8. » Continue Reading

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— by JC — 20 Kudos


  I don't really care about anything as long as you're a decent fucking human being so, basic DNI, I suppose. if I don't like you or we don't interact regularly, I'll unadd you. don't vent to me. don't tell me what to do with my life. and don't add me if you're not going to interact often. I try to keep things active here. I exist, I make jokes, if you don't like me then leave me be. I'm not going... » Continue Reading

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— by hamburg (fyodor) — 3 Kudos

★ dni/byf

dni : if ur homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, um a literal pedo, uhh support or idolize serial killers/murderers/bad people in general, make fun of peoples religious preferences, and other stuff like that byf : im a minor, i post vents sometimes like there not to to bad (they probably are) but yeah, im kinda weird tbh atleast I think I am so uh yeah, im gay!!?!?!?!!!?!? woahh, (I'll add mor... » Continue Reading

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— by spit4 Comments— 21 Kudos

stop dating ppl u found on here

pls for the love of god stop stop getting upset and cry like a baby when they break up with u after a month and then u make your pfp this shit and then put 'nobody..... everybodys a fake bitch anyway...' in your who'd id like to meet NOBODY CARES 'mood: wanna kms...' bcuz asher/kai broke up with you after 5 weeks corny ass stop getting so sad whenever your 5th of your 10 gfs on spacehey blocked u ... » Continue Reading

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— by The Messenger3 Comments— 42 Kudos

This platform needs some more moderators.

I have seen plenty of cases on this site over the months where the mods here would not ever be online and that would result in lots of spam accounts or other such rule-breaking things to pass until several days later. I feel like with the recent stuff though I have come to a point. We need new moderators so the platform is more safe from horny people and advertisers! Please please PLEASE Kudo this... » Continue Reading

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— by ☆ Atsushi/Collei !! ☆1 Comment

DNI list

People who make sayori jokes, DSMP supporters, proshippers, usual DNI list here, and thats about it !! otherwise youre completely fine !! (also please be careful abt tonetags, if you dont use them I will not know whether you are joking or not. So please use tonetags !!) » Continue Reading

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— by hamburg (fyodor)3 Comments— 6 Kudos

★ about me survery

name: hamburg, fyodor, or just anything you want  nickname: hmm I'm not sure, like I said u can call me whatever  zodiac sign: aqrauis  height: hmm maybee 5'0 (ill kill you if you say anything) what's your middle name?: rose shoes you wore today: converse your weakness: nikolai!?!?@?@[`[ your fear: I'm not exactly sure, can't remember ynow goal you would like to achieve this year: uhh idk best phy... » Continue Reading

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— by Gideon2 Comments— 9 Kudos

If you need a blog DNI get the fuck off Spacehey. People can comment on whoever the fuck blogs they want. Stop ruining the culture of this site with your stupid fucking rules. If someone's a dick block them + report them. Don't expect anyone to foll...

Having a blog DNI is stupid on a site without content filtering or algorithms because posts appear in chronological order making it so people probably won't see your other blogs.  What you're doing is making it so no one wants to be near you cause they feel like they're walking on eggshells when you have ridiculous criteria like you cannot be a fan of South Park.  It's ridiculous for example to no... » Continue Reading

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— by NicoNicoTeen X_X 🚬 — 4 Kudos


Dni The basics(pedo,zoo,racists,antifur), Kpop stans, ABDL ppl, daboyzz, self diagnosers, tc weirdos (ppl who idolize murderers/serial killers), people that make mbti their whole personality Eh maybe Therians, Normal kpop fans, minecraft players, roblox players, freaks Please interact Furries, emos, scene kids, scenemos, gays » Continue Reading

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