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this is literally me without my glasses ( idk how to live without them » Continue Reading

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sigh. Broke college student stereotype is real and I'm living it

Open job market Look inside "We're hiring" Apply for job "Sorry, but we've made the decision to not move forward with your application." » Continue Reading

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— by 【𖦹† Billiam †𖦹】2 Comments

— by digital_dolly

GIG FINISHED ! LESSS GOOO !!! (≧ヮ≦) [[10/09/'23 | 22:07 ]]

Hi! Been awhile, srry LOLZ ! Anyway, i finished my first PC building gig for a fellow Dutchie i found on Twitch !!! When i met him he was playing Armored Core: VI, and his poor RTX 2080, Intel Core i3 prebuilt was getting more hot and choked up than i am most friday nights, teehee ~ (˶ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˶) Since i noticed he was getting 3 FPS average, i asked him if he needed me to build him a new 1, and he... » Continue Reading

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— by p0k3m0n_l0v3r


my toilet is still broken and its hanging on by a thread, every time is sit down to dispose of myself, the seat moves. like i dont wanna have a chance of falling off my toilet while letting all that out. PLEASE TOILET STOP BREAKING WHEN I SIT DOWN IM ACTUALLY LIKE, IF I FALL ONE DAY, RICKY WHEN I CARCH YOU RICKY, WHEN I CATCH YOU RIVKY, RIVKY, RICKY WHEN I CATCH YOU. » Continue Reading

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— by felix2 Comments— 1 Kudos

Witnessing bj at work

For context, I work at a Sonic drive-in; yesterday at around 9:45 at night, I brought a drink to a truck that had a shirtless man in it. At first, I thought he just didn't have a shirt on, but when I leaned up to hand him his drink, I saw that he was completely naked. His girlfriend was blowing him. Right in front of me 😨 Long story short: don't get bj's when you know a carhop is gonna come give y... » Continue Reading

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college classes canceled today, a perfect chance to sit back and do absolutely all online work at once :3 » Continue Reading

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— by SPIT

slug burger (and various other bug based fast food chains)

new haunt meanz new character... debating soo hard on a silly ass 'logo' for her uniform bcz the theme this year is 'fast food freaks'. the plan is 2 have this nasty little food service worker whose whole deal is that th food is all Contaminated 2 all fuck with bugs & worms nd also she spits in the food nd i rllyyy want to have a bigass prop centipede that she talks to and harasses guests with. as... » Continue Reading

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— by Milk's room — 1 Kudos

such a long day at work

Today I went to the mall for a job interview. I made it to the interview a little early so i took some time to browse around. When they called me in, I was ready to wow them but much to my horror, it was a group interview.  I really freaking hate group interviews. Everyone is trying to outdo one another and it's really hard to make yourself stand out :( I still think I did okay, but I wish that it... » Continue Reading

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— by Seth

College :3

RAHHH i am so bored, i've been doodling the whole time TvT » Continue Reading

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I finally got a new job after quitting my old one. It was like 10.50/hr + barely any tips pls I don't even know what I was thinking. The minimum wage is $17.00 here and I had another front desk job offer that was willing to pay $17.10. Anyway, I got a new job at a catering company that pays 20/hr as a base pay + I get to choose when I work so we'll see how that goes. » Continue Reading

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— by Emeyezed

i'm a spencers/spirit halloween employee!!

i love this job!! ama? or discuss fellow employees :3c position: sales associate wage: $11 per/hr (after tax ab $9.50) work environment: great!! my co-workers r awesome and we all get along question for fellow spencers employees- are y'all doing the gumball thing too?? we have too many!!!! » Continue Reading

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