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Dark Entry #1

2-12-21 Today my first call came in right before 10AM. My coworker Ben and I were dispatched to a residence where an elderly man had passed away. Our company always sends at least two people to residential calls, more if the deceased is on the heavier side. Our office staff let you know the address as well as the names and phone numbers of people present at the scene so you can call them and give ... » Continue Reading

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online wh0re

hey hey, finally figured out how to link my twitter! so uhh, check that out and on my twitter you’ll find a link w/ all my links to my websites & such. (:  » Continue Reading

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Don't hate me for this...

If you want to join Robinhood at any point, join using my referral ; you get one free stock! » Continue Reading

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Dark Entry #2

All my calls today were pretty “spicy.” My first call of the day was a Covid case. An elderly man had died of Covid in an adult care facility, and I was dispatched to bring him back to the mortuary. All calls require wearing a certain level of protective gear (gloves, face mask) but Covid cases are another story. As soon as I pulled up to the facility I opened the duffel bag of special PPE that I ... » Continue Reading

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Dark Entry #9

WARNING: MENTION OF SUICIDE          I backed into the crowded apartment complex. The sheriff and medical examiner had taken up most of the available parking, leaving little room for my van. And we were still waiting for Ben to arrive. Hopefully the other residents would be understanding about the temporary lack of parking. I sat in my van and started paperwork. In situations like these, where dis... » Continue Reading

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The Beginning

       I stood alone to the left of the wooden double doors, tapping my block heels against the tile floor. Music filled the air as people gathered in small groups and walked around talking to one another. Checking my hair and makeup in a large ornate mirror, I added some finishing touches to my lipliner. That’ll do, pig, I thought to myself. A large group of unfamiliar people brushed past me and ... » Continue Reading

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Dark Entry #6

       It all started with a text last Monday. I was at home with my cat when dispatch sent me to the medical examiner’s office of a nearby state to bring a deceased back to our mortuary. My cat is a very old man and has been struggling with liver and kidney issues so anytime I have downtime between calls I always head straight back home to check on him. After saying goodbye to my sweet old man I ... » Continue Reading

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I've never actually used MySpace

This is really interesting. I can finally make use of 'that weird website' that my older cousins and aunts used to obsess over prior to facebook days! Whilst you're here, if you run webinars / workshops or virtual training courses than check out my engagement tool » Continue Reading

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Dark Entry #3

3-8-21 Nothing too exciting (to me, anyway) has happened recently so I thought I would share an experience that happened a month or so ago. My coworker Ben and I were dispatched to a newer neighborhood in one of the suburbs of our city. The text from the office said that the deceased was 27 years old, and that we were to call the sheriff’s deputy on the scene to give our ETA. Usually we are given ... » Continue Reading

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Dark Entry #8

Jesus Christ. I just got home from work and I’m not feeling very writer-ly so for this post I’m just gonna recant my day the best I can remember. It was clear early on that this day was going to be hell. We had two people call out, and we’re already short-staffed on my shift. So today it was just me, Beth and Christine handling all the calls. The three of us are pretty fucking tough though. We jus... » Continue Reading

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Dark Entry #5

Last Thursday was probably the most insane fucking shift I have ever worked in my entire life, hands down. It started slightly stressful, but not too overwhelming with Ben and I being dispatched to a residence close to the office. An elderly woman had passed away at her home, and her daughter and son-in-law were expecting us. We were informed that there could be a language barrier, and were given ... » Continue Reading

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Dark Entry #7

A maintenance worker passed me in his electric vehicle as he drove down the narrow path from the parking lot into the cemetery. The funeral directors had every one of their landscapers and porters outside tending to the sprawling cemetery grounds. The team was planting flowers, mowing the lawn, and pruning the many trees and shrubs. If there wasn’t a body in the back of my van to unload I would ha... » Continue Reading

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