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Dark Entry #1

2-12-21Today my first call came in right before 10AM. My coworker Ben and I were dispatched to a residence where an elderly man had passed away. Our company always sends at least two people to residential calls, more if the deceased is on the heavier side. Our office staff let you know the address as well as the names and phone numbers of people present at the scene so you can call them and give t... » Continue Reading

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online wh0re

hey hey, finally figured out how to link my twitter! so uhh, check that out and on my twitter you’ll find a link w/ all my links to my websites & such. (:  » Continue Reading

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Dark Entry #2

All my calls today were pretty “spicy.” My first call of the day was a Covid case. An elderly man had died of Covid in an adult care facility, and I was dispatched to bring him back to the mortuary. All calls require wearing a certain level of protective gear (gloves, face mask) but Covid cases are another story. As soon as I pulled up to the facility I opened the duffel bag of special PPE that I ... » Continue Reading

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I've never actually used MySpace

This is really interesting. I can finally make use of 'that weird website' that my older cousins and aunts used to obsess over prior to facebook days! Whilst you're here, if you run webinars / workshops or virtual training courses than check out my engagement tool » Continue Reading

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I work at a lot of arcades in London, UK, mainly with Japanese games *Photo thread*

As a kid switching schools a lot, moving abroad and then a boarding school which I found very tough, my second home were arcades.   I made good friends and had some great times in arcades! Playing Streetfighter during the fighting game boom of the 90's, then DDR during the music game boom of the 2000's. Went on to work at Namco, Bowlplex, Funstation, and managed Las Vegas Soho (in Piccadilly Circ... » Continue Reading

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I hate that it says no blog entries, so here's a blog entry.  This is not the first time that this has happened. There was a  big ruckus at work (it's happened at other employers and customers in the past) because there was a computer that no one could log in to because no one knows the password, and the computer wasn't talking to Active Directory so none of the users could log in with their own ... » Continue Reading

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