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Work stories & weird orders

So I work at Burger king and we get some weird orders sometimes today i didnt have a shift but my coworker told me about it. Someone came in and ordered a big king XL with 24 pickles...... apparently that man usually orders a big king XL with 13 PATTIES LIKE SIR WHAT. I HAVE A PIC OF IT I JUST NEED TO CROP IT. HIS USUAL ORDER^^^^^ » Continue Reading

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— by 🦥Grey Stardustt

18+ only (minors DNI)

If you are 18+ go check out my adult sites onlyfans & manyvids » Continue Reading

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— by Jeff's blog

What was in those boxes?

It was 1986, Billings, Montana, was living there month of April, migrated there all the way from Florida.  Chernobyl just happened. In fact if you're awareness is great, you might know that Chernobyl had more effect/affect on reality than is perceived. That power plant blowup there caused a wave of planetary psychic right on to mental electrochemical in the human brain. It's the reason leaving Flo... » Continue Reading

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— by Kevin1 Comment

How I'm able to afford such nice things.

So, now that you got past the clickbaity title, I get asked a lot (usually Facebook, since on SpaceHey I only have one photo) how I'm able to afford so much expensive clothes and vacations and so on.  Well, I use a couple different apps to generate supplemental income! Now, of course I'm going to list them, and of course with my referral links, but I have never used referrals before posting on her... » Continue Reading

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— by gaylordcwjtate


アドビス合同会社 のような日系アメリカ人の法律事務所と協力することが有益である理由はいくつかあります。何よりもまず、当事務所の弁護士は、日本関連の法律問題の取り扱い経験が豊富です。これは、日本の複雑な法制度とそれを効率的にナビゲートする方法を深く理解していることを意味します。さらに、私たちはハワイの日系コミュニティと強いつながりを持っています。これは、日本の法律や文化に関連する事項について、専門的なアドバイスや支援を提供できることを意味します。また、日本のさまざまなビジネス組織や政府機関とも関係を築いており、他のほとんどの法律事務所では見られない貴重なリソースや情報にアクセスできます。さらに、私たちの弁護士は、人々が目標を達成できるよう支援することに情熱を注いでいます。だからこそ、私たちはクライアントのニーズを満たし、私たちとのやり取りの結果に満足していただけるよう細心の注意を払っています... » Continue Reading

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— by Jeff's blog

answering some questions of What was in those boxes

Won't be here too much more, before I go will mention some questions arose about What was in those boxes post. That post was done on impulse just remembering at the time, a telling of history of shear luck being in the moment. Who were those guys that set in the big Lincoln? Don't know. Prolly dealers or whatever label you'd apply to them. They were "organizers" of distribution, links in a chain, ... » Continue Reading

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— by zomb1etramp


Life is a little bit stressful right now. My grades suck ass, I'm doing the best I can to get them up, but I have a distraction problem, I js found out the guy I was literally fucking, was talking to 3 other girls 1 of them being my best friend of almost 3 years, I told myself I was gonna get over it but I really cant stop thinking abt it, He moved away now, but I still miss him even if he is an a... » Continue Reading

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Adulting </3

Guh!! I'm going to apply for a job tomorrow and honestly I am so scared :'0! I've never had a job, and I'm so used to being at home all day this is gonna be so stressful uuuugh!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck u guys » Continue Reading

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— by JC1 Comment

discord + carrd

jaysee049#0635 » Continue Reading

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— by Sammy — 1 Kudos

New Job!!

I finally got a new job after a whole month of waiting!! (Holiday stuff delayed that a lot so that was annoying lol) and on the side I’m gonna start selling stuff on various sites, whether it be cool stuff I don’t have any need for anymore or little art things I make (stickers, buttons, charms). I can’t wait till the money starts coming in, but for now I’m a pretty broke fella XP » Continue Reading

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— by Natan

Good Presents

This is my first time ever so eager to share my experience with an product. Lucky for me, I found all the most needed features in this brand. By the way, share below in the messages, how do you like these gadgets? I have been looking for something worthwhile for myself and my family. » Continue Reading

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— by Shivam singh

hair transplant in bangalore

Our goal is to deliver high-quality service in a kind, respectful manner., and sympathetic way. We aspire to be the first and top choice for your family’s healthcare and really hope that you will let us take care of you. hair transplant in bangalore » Continue Reading

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