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— by Rosary

I'm going to have to relearn HTML for this lol

I want to pimp out my profile with like sparkley text and .gif's n shit. » Continue Reading

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— by int3rn3tgirl3 Comments— 10 Kudos

blog and forum directory [will be updated over time] blog site crypt for ghouls, fiends, and zombie queens minimalistic text based blogs/logs a blog site reminiscent of 2008 ode to myspace [I prefer spacehey][not a big fan of the user interface on friend project] drum n’ bass and jungle and house and acid house fo... » Continue Reading

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— by rixochixo

~~ LiVE ON TWiTCH ~~

follow me on insta TODO LIST make 1000 Friends :) post new blog! hi!! :) Shop Twitch embedding powered by what's up G what's good ayyye ayyyooo oooooohhhhh yo hot tamale » Continue Reading

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— by jepu — 3 Kudos

The first Mechanical Calculator invented in 1623

The first mechanical calculator was invented in 1623 by Wilhelm Schickard , a professor at the University of Württemberg in Tübingen. The calculator consisted of three components: an adder which was the core part of the machine, a multiplier unit based on Napier's bones mounted on rotatable cylinders and a simple buffer memory for one decimal number. The mechanical calculator could be used for all... » Continue Reading

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— by xKero — 5 Kudos

I Switched From Windows To Linux Today

Hey friends , I don't know who I am writing this for, but this evening I finally switched back from Windows to a Linux system. (^ ~ ^)o What happened? I installed Linux Mint (Cinnamon) and thereby removed my previous Windows 10 installation I used as a daily driver. Why? I felt increasingly uncomfortable with Windows in several ways. Primarily, I do not want my computer to spy on me, to track my e... » Continue Reading

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— by rebello1 Comment

Streamlining my Internet usage

So after JayCee Bee's reasonably recent blog post on ethically consuming the Internet, I've decided to take down a list of my Internet services that I regularly use: Social Media: Mastodon - Primary SpaceHey - Secondary (starting to share more time with Mastodon) DriveTribe - Almost completely dead except I have some friends on there I need to keep in touch with. Instant Messaging: IRC - Primary (... » Continue Reading

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— by Dolli-Con

✿Layouts I've created✿

⚠️ THIS BLOG POST WILL UPDATE IN THE FUTURE!!! ⚠️ ✿Here are the layouts I've made so far✿ 『  '🎀|With a bow on top!'   』 『  🍬|A Spoon Full of Sugar  』 ✿More layouts are scheduled to be added✿ » Continue Reading

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— by wren underscore

week 3 - where do we go from here?

where do we go from here? i mean, the internet the way it is now, that is. it just feels like a huge loss, or misstep. some ongoing digital catastrophe that seems like a snowball rolling down a hill, gathering sticks and rocks and dirt until it turns into an avalanche. after experiencing what the internet had to offer in the early early 2000s, and what it could have been (and bitterly thinking to ... » Continue Reading

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— by 🥓 Bacon 🥓2 Comments— 2 Kudos

Upscale and colour edit - My Nan and Pop

I'm always wanting old photos to test and edit on and recolour (if they are that old). My Nan must of found this image and my mum sent it to me. Here is the image, I'm not sure how old they are, but its the first time I've ever actually seen my pop look "young" up until then he'd always looked kinda old (in his 40s+ I assume) so its quite a weird thing to see (I may of seen a photo when he was a c... » Continue Reading

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— by rebello — 1 Kudos

Now on Multiverse!

So, I'm not just on SpaceHey! Yours truly is now on Multiverse! I'll probably still be using SpaceHey (and Mastodon) often, mainly for more in depth social interactions and long-form blog posts. Thanks to the Reclaiming the Internet group for pointing me in this direction! My first post: Sign up to Multiverse here: » Continue Reading

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— by Ankit Kumar Sinha

How to Convert MBOX File to PDF on a Mac Device

In today’s era of technology, there are many email clients and file formats available online for users. Hence it depends upon the users which file formats they want to use according to their requirements. Most of the users look for an organized email client-server to keep their data safe, one of them is MBOX file format. But most of the time MBOX files are not accepted everywhere. Therefore many u... » Continue Reading

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— by corentin