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— by ⛧Max iz dead ⛧3 Comments— 2 Kudos

Bro I am Literally crying over not being able to post images

I’m stuck on my phone cuz my computer is broken and imgbb, imgbox, and don’t work  I can’t upload any images to Pinterest or anything and copy the image url  That’s literally all the ways I can think of help  This is the third time in the past two days I have cried over this goddamn  PLZZ YOU GUYS IM BEGGING FOR IMGBB ALTERNATIVES !!!!!!!! I NEED TO BEABLE TO UPLOAD IMAGES !!!!!!!!!!!!... » Continue Reading

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— by Bela — 6 Kudos

Pimp My Profile to Spacehey Layout Guide

Use this as a base code. It's customized with simple gray fonts styles, sizes, images, border styles (etc) to avoid confusing you on what you have to change. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Find the layout you want. For this guide I'll be using Sparkling Blue Roses & Jewels . It's an easy layout to transfer over. Step 3: On the right side of the layout page you will see 3 li... » Continue Reading

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— by aptain2 Comments— 10 Kudos


in getting a custom made layout?? id charge like $1-7 depending on how complex and how much time i only accept cashapp but im willing to get other money related apps if you wanna see some of the layouts i already made, search up "aptain" under layouts and if youre interested pls add me n IM me  idk man im bored and broke  someone pls πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» » Continue Reading

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— by Y2K Economicz


  To make it sweet and simple, opportunity cost is what you've given up to buy something that you really wanted.  For example, a pair of heels and a pair of earrings.  While both are super cute, you gravitate more towards the heels and decide to purchase them, leaving the earrings behind.  Every choice that you make has trade-offs, and when choosing one thing over another you'll miss out on what t... » Continue Reading

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— by themaywitch — 8 Kudos

my stamps/graphics/blinkies collection!! :D

~~ STAMPS ~~ ~~GRAPHICS ~~ ~~ BLINKIES ~~ ****i didnt make any of these**** if you made any of the graphics featured and would like me to remove them, just comment and i will remove it immediately !!!!! ~fen » Continue Reading

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— by π–‡π–šπ–Œπ–‡π–Šπ–†π–—π•Ώπ•Ύ1 Comment

homemade c89 code

i guess i’ve started taking it upon myself to educate a young cis lady about c programming. luckily she is using a mac. on mac, you can open up your ‘ ’application and run: $ echo "#!/bin/sh\ man -t $1 $2 | open -f -a System/Applications/\ " > pages $ chmod 755 pages $ ./pages c89 to view a readily accessible pdf of the c89 compiler on, and $ ./pages 3 atof to v... » Continue Reading

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— by Actual Acorn5 Comments— 3 Kudos

How did you discover Spacehey? (and other lost civilizations)

What's up people of the SyberWorld, it's Actual Acorn comin' at ya with another blog update. I've been yusing this site for a while and I find it interesting how even though this is a remake of a site from the early 2000s, almost everyone here is kwite young. kinda makes me wonder how you all learned about it. From a friend, or from Tiktok, right? But aren't all Tiktok users kwite young? How did t... » Continue Reading

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— by ˚*οΌŠβœΏβ€ο½ˆο½ο½‰ο½Œο½…ο½™β€βœΏοΌŠ*˚1 Comment— 5 Kudos

kawaii dividers

Here are some kawaii dividers I found that you can use for blog posts or bulletins! » Continue Reading

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— by 4tar11 Comment— 2 Kudos

for those of you whose IMs or blocked or you have time limits or whatev

note that this is only for people with chromebooks: make sure that you have the app edulastic (if not go to the chrome store and download it)  when you get to the sign in page, click sign in with office 365  on the next screen, click sign in options, and then sign in with github on the NEXT screen press the github logo  this will take you to the website; scroll all the way down to the bottom of th... » Continue Reading

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— by Alveus Nosville — 2 Kudos

The architecture behind the entire 7th console generation

Somehow every time I'm tipsy late night on discord I end up talking about the same stuff anyway so might as well let you all hear it as well. Seventh gen is in my humble and very biased opinion the best of them all with 6th in close second, in my far less biased opinion it's the definitive one, if for no reason other than being the transitional stage between local and on-line gaming, not to mentio... » Continue Reading

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— by Tatii'zLayouts — 2 Kudos

Part two CSS

.profile-info{display:none!important;} .blog-preview{display:none!important;} .profile h1{display:fix!important;} .online{display:none!important;} .online img{display:none!important;} .url-info{display:none!important;} this hide profile info , profile h1, online image & text . url profile just make sure you put < style > to start the code and end it with < / style > a:link{ font-family: 'Righteous... » Continue Reading

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— by classic