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In and out©️ {regular series / AU} UPDATE

Hello Everyone! I have a friend who is doing a "POV", or, "Point of View" Of this series and I have viewed her blogs and in my opinion they are very well made, She is doing a 'POV' of the character "Joel" because irl, that is who she really is. In this series the POV is originally Abbie / Kai's, She explains how her life goes day by day and has many tragedies in her life, all in all she tries to f... » Continue Reading

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at the beach <3

went to the beach yesterday! + some bonus pics lol » Continue Reading

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in and out 12 my pov

Im pissed. "What the hell do you mean?!?!" her brother shouts. I stand up obviously pissed. "WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT???" I yell. Abbie lets her head fall, "You wouldn't understand" she says. My face changes to an unsure glare but back to anger. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN, DONT PULL THAT SHIT ON ME, SAYING NO ONE WILL TALK TO YOU OR TRY TO REACH YOU OUT TO YOU? THATS BULLSHIT" I yell at her. "What i... » Continue Reading

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i hate modern internet

I hate social media but for some reason i cant let go of it. It started with tik tok and i deleted it Its literal cancer. People glamorizing suicide and fake alternative people. And ppl spreading lies and rumors and i was sick of it so i deleted it. I thought it was only tik tok but turns out its THE INTERNET IN GENERAL. Like I never knew but youtube is the SOURCE of it. I normally use instagram w... » Continue Reading

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25/07/2021 - Today sucked

I woke up with only four hours of sleep and I had to do stuff and that involved looking at myself in the mirror and I hated doing that then I did more stuff which also included playing with squeaky dog toys which made funny noises but I was scared people around me would notice and then got super tired then I finally came back home but I didn't rest yet so now I have a giant fucking headache. I too... » Continue Reading

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— by Reina1 Comment

in and out 8 my pov

I didn't realize what the hell i was doing until i was standing in the doorway. I leaned against the door frame just watching not talkin. Dixie told me to sit but I didnt move.  Abbie finally wakes up after I walk back to my spot on the door frame from calling my momma and sayin ill be late to pick up the boys. Dixie and her talk until Dixie says " Can you guess who else is here?" "Jordan my broth... » Continue Reading

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— by ˜”*°• Rnaro •°*”˜

Nothing matters anymore. Im finally done.

nothing matters anymore. i dont matter. you dont matter. your family doesnt matter. the world doesnt matter. we were all created by thin air only to exist for no reason. we have no purpose. money has no purpose, its just paper. your devices dont matter, they are just objects. your life doesnt matter, since it will be ended soon. so why deal with it. i could care less about what happens to me. happ... » Continue Reading

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— by ☾★𝓒elestial_𝓒elery☆☽1 Comment— 2 Kudos

The Panoramic Pandora Panera whatever

The Pandemic is sad because lots of people are dying and getting sick - but I also am enjoying it. Not people dying of course! But just other stuff that has come out of this:   I enjoy that now you can have delivery just leave stuff at the door without having to see you  I enjoy the times where reservations were required at restaurants and tables were a lot more spaced out  I enjoy not having to s... » Continue Reading

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I`m not okay

I really need to get this off my gut. If I have to be honest, I`m not okay. This blog can be quite triggering 4 some readers, so I`ll put a small trigger warning here. TW ; mentions of abuse & threatening, mentions of mental problems like anxiety, phobias, addiction (caffeine, meds/alcohol) & trauma (unknown numbers is a post-traumatic phobia here), separation of friends, possible mentions of mpre... » Continue Reading

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— by EddieIsHere2 Comments— 3 Kudos

Dear Diary

Dear Diary.... Today I shit my pants in the middle of class. It was so bad that the teacher fell over and passed out for a whole minute. I was absolutely mortified as into what in the hell was happening! Then! I realized. I shit myself. I didn't know what to feel. I was both embarrassed and scared. What if my classmates eat my poop!? It was so scary. Luckily, they just sent me to the nurse to get ... » Continue Reading

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— by Mike ░▒▓█ マイケル

this site rules!

Wow, I can't believe someone actually made this. BRILLIANT! This is freakin' awesome, I hope it continues to grow and overtakes every other social media site. 🤣 » Continue Reading

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