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— by ☾ JadeyxXxHavok ☽2 Comments— 20 Kudos

A safe place for everyone ♡

 This site has been overwhelmingly positive between everyone here so far, and it's been the breath of fresh air that we all need. Though as the site continues to grow, I would like to leave a message here for all new friends coming in. My profile is a place full of love. Black lives matter.  LGBTQ+ is fully supported and loved here. I support you all, I stand with you all. You are safe here on my ... » Continue Reading

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— by ~ rachel5 Comments— 19 Kudos

HI ~

I'm feeling nostalgic and is like being 19 again with this spacehey web. Let's see how this adventure goes and hope it helps me in a way to be more chatty and interact with people ❤️ » Continue Reading

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— by ♡︎maggie♡︎4 Comments— 8 Kudos

secret MySpace memories

I made a MySpace in 6th grade and had it for maybe a year and a half until my very strict, Catholic mom saw it (I accidentally left it up on the Family Computer) and freaked out haha. I had a very moody, black and white, high-angle photo (ofc). My quote at the time was an Arcade Fire lyric about unmarked graves or something lmao and I had a yeah yeah yeahs song playing. So, ya, my mom found it and... » Continue Reading

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— by Zsolt14 Comments— 6 Kudos

Websites of a (micro)generation

It's without question that MySpace was the most popular of all, but can you remember other places that you frequented, that shaped and formed your identity, your expression, your musical and cultural taste, and were engaging, interactive, social? To me the following come to mind - most of them are gone, or changed their content, and reduced the community aspect: AbsolutePunk - it was probably the ... » Continue Reading

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— by Countess Tristina Sinns3 Comments— 19 Kudos

On the Validity of Transgender and Non-binary Peoples

First - I am so happy to have found a social media community that is so very supporting.  The fact so many people here are LGBTQ enlightened and accepting is wonderful and very air clearing for me.   Establishing the validity of the gender spectrum is something that has - for likely obvious reasons - become very important to me.  I have a lot to say about being transgender.  My journey has been a ... » Continue Reading

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— by Kathleen2 Comments

I am 27 now

I turned 27 recently, I had a relatively nice birthday, I went to my favorite place in Chicago to eat--Little Goat Diner, there was even a custom made cake waiting for me on arrival. That's more than what a lot of people can relay about their birthdays when edging near the dreaded 3.0. I even went to the Monet Art exhibit,  which provoked existential thoughts of course--'What will people remember ... » Continue Reading

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— by Kaya Lili3 Comments— 7 Kudos

Bored to Tears

It’s crazy it’s been almost a year of this. Even between lockdowns when things were open I didn’t go out anywhere so I’ve well and truly got cabin fever 😬 Absolutely dying to get out for an adventure but can't see much happening any time soon. Although I think my DDR pad is arriving next week so at least that's something fun to do inside. It's like a proper metal one haha, unreasonably excited.  I... » Continue Reading

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— by ISLE OF SGàIL — 6 Kudos

Contacts And Am I Single And More!

For the people I added and I'm offline you can find me here. This all I own besides Google Hangouts. So if you want to message me on GH just ask on my other platforms. What you see is what you get. My profile blogs is a daily news catalog you pick out what you want to read for the day and then pick up another article the next day. Not that difficult to understand lol. You can ask me questions that... » Continue Reading

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— by Lyrian Space Frequencies — 4 Kudos

Your "anti-establishment" movement is funded by the establishment

You've been tricked into becoming a conformist. You've become the very thing you're supposedly protesting against which is fascism. That is the road to totalitarianism. Didn't the nazi's want to abolish the police? Didn't they want to burn books? Censor and erase history? Conquer and divide? Since when did racism become a problem again? Is this a lab experiment? Didn't they have a saying 'Für euer... » Continue Reading

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— by ISLE OF SGàIL — 2 Kudos

Intro About Me. Loose Spiritual Writing of 2021

So I decided to give this website another go and stay for awhile. However I rather chat on SC or Kik  or IG or stuff like that. So if you add me. Let me know if you want to chat there! I often will have my account logged in due to the fact I'm always tab surfing and what else not! I also would love to see your cats or any other pets you've! I know some people don't have IG but you can view my acco... » Continue Reading

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— by Xx_𝓢𝓬𝓮𝓷𝔂𝓪_xX8 Comments— 17 Kudos

Of Spacehey and the Internet Childhood...

Does anyone else remember the first time they discovered the internet? Mine was at an internet café, a crowded place with tons of people. It was a bit before I actually got Internet at home, with one of those fascinating, noise modems. There was where I discovered what by all means was a new world. In a sense was like exploring a new land. Each little corner, with its clashing aesthetics, felt lik... » Continue Reading

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