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MUSHROO M Posted: 7/27/21 Difficulty: Easy/Medium I called this the Mushroom Puzzle because the layout of the numbers reminds me of a mushroom. This is one of the first Sudoku puzzles I have ever made. GREEN TEA Posted: 7/28/21 Difficulty: Easy/Medium Green tea... It's been one of my favorite drinks since childhood. It's only fi... » Continue Reading

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— by J3RRY L3HR

A Whole Lotta Games

A WHOLE LOTTA GAMES @ GOG.Com  or @ Steam Now also available digitally on Nintendo Switch, X-Box One, and Playstation 4. I did most of the soundtrack with Luke Wilson. We're splitting tracks 50/50 on the next one, which will be even longer!!! See "Whole Lotta Music" blog post for all of the soundtrack stuff! My Super Mario Hack ( s ) Actual ROMS. The best is "Jerry's Remix" I did the levels. My Cu... » Continue Reading

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How to play Toontown Online in 2021

So Toontown Online was released in 2003, and disney has shut down the servers (go figure). So heres how to play. FIRST, open your browser, go to "", make a new Sunrise account and download the installer Now, when Toontown installs, when you "Toontown Online: Fetching Version Info", let it fail. Then go into your root drive t... » Continue Reading

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hey guys . what platform do you use to play games? Steam or ?  give me some information... what games do you have? Tell me  » Continue Reading

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finding out i know silent hill 4 much more than i realize, at least, i listened to its soundtrack all the time as a kid. weird » Continue Reading

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Do you enjoy games that are action-packed and entertaining?

  This Slope Game is a must-try! Get as much cover as possible by guiding the ball through complicated circuits. Prepare to put your best foot forward and beat the highest score! Players will control a 3D ball that will automatically run through a stunning 3D world in this game. Their only goal is to run as far as they can. However, there are numerous obstacles in their path, such as traps, red wa... » Continue Reading

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The crewmates are Among Us.

I need to get rid of them. Fast. Before they realise that I am an imposter! Luckily, they won't figure it out. Because I'm a genius. I'm the 200 IQ imposter play. I am literally Dream. They will never catch me. 200 IQ imposter plays will always win. » Continue Reading

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i swear to fuck

kakyoin, i will win, you have no choice but to accept that I shall win. The great Kishibe Rohan does NOT lose, I will play till my death, if it means getting more points. » Continue Reading

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begginfor roblox uwu

literally i just want a cute roblox avatar but im broke » Continue Reading

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roblox windows93 group » Continue Reading

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If you're on, add me :D my username is xv4mp3y3lin3rx Have any of y'all heard of/checked out I heard about it back in 2019 when it was announced by the creators of Animal Jam, signed up for the mailing list, and was SOOOOO disappointed when I was finally sent an email about the beta release on mobile, because it isn't compatible with my phone! So then I got my laptop a few days ago ... » Continue Reading

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