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My DND Set Up

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! Today I will be showing you my essential pieces to my DND play each week. I started just a few months ago. I have always wanted to play, but did not know where to begin to look for a DM during a pandemic. Then my husband told me of a classmate of his from college who runs sessions and said we could sit in on one to see if I would like it. I started rolling ... » Continue Reading

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What's your favourite game?

Mine is differently Undertale, I love the story and the Music is 100% a bop. » Continue Reading

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Game development project: Moonlight Infection

So, as of late, I've been working on a game. That game is titled, "Moonlight Infection" ! It's about a post-apocalypse where the moonlight started to burn and infect everyone. Meanwhile, a new plant cropped up called the "sunshroom", which your main character utilizes. Netul, who you play as, is already infected. It's just a matter of making sure he stays himself. The story takes place weeks after... » Continue Reading

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So I purchased ANOTHER pinball

Pretty sure I am beyond the point of no return.... whenever I first got into this hobby, I said I would never buy pinballs with reckless abandon, but 2 and a half years after buying my first, I am up to 8! Do I have a problem yet? The game I purchased is Corvette. One of the games I played quite a bit of when I was young, and I love the theme being a car guy, so I just had to purchase it. Can't wa... » Continue Reading

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fav vidya

stellaris halo 3 odst (strong nostalgia) hades minecraft stalker papers please LISA the painful pathologic Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse Yume Nikki Disco Elysium » Continue Reading

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Animal Crossing Direct Live Blog

I haven't played AC in probably about a year, but it was a really good way to distract myself during the first lockdown, especially when I was temporarily out of work. After playing a few hours literally every day, I kinda ran out of steam to play, so I'm excited to see if this Direct will bring to interest me in picking it up again. [9:00 AM]:  Here we go! Nov 5th release date Brewster added, the... » Continue Reading

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Late Update

So today i played a new game on my switch (new in the sense that i bought it yestersay):  the game is blazblue cross tag battle. I bought it bc it was on a sale of 65% (っˆڡˆς ). The game is so good and i luv playing gordeau, yosuke and jin.  gn every1. » Continue Reading

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