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General game dev update #1

Thanks for stopping by! Here's a nice song for your troubles! Flyday china Town Yasuha Hey there! For anyone who finds this and doesn't know who I am; I go by Wubzi, I develop PC and web games, and I like posting about them on spacehey! This is an update on my current projects and development in general. My goal is to post one of these updates every Saturday, so please remind me if I've forgotten!... » Continue Reading

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sonic rant

sonic colors is a good game. love it love the story love the design... HATE. the controls. the controls are horrible. literally 0/10 theyre impossible to navigate and impossible to use i hate them SOOO much. but i love the overall game and story. but i think that the story/game focuses too much on the nostalgia than it does the story. older sonic games focus on story because they dont have to worr... » Continue Reading

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genuine confession

I love you mrbeast... i want you forever... and ever... nobody's gonna take you away from me... nobody... » Continue Reading

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#4 ARG Devlog - Sound, UI Improvements and First Demo for Download

Hey hey hello! Very good news today! I made the game look less ugly. Also added music and UI sounds, like clicking on a button. I can't show you the sound through images, so there is also a demo of the current version available for download (link at the end of the blog)!ABjykoyfxSUj47U You antivirus might flag it as a virus... » Continue Reading

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Most Visual Novels forget they're a Game, except for Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk: How to tell a story while still being a game      Have you ever played a story-driven game before?  Something like  Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, or even Genshin Impact during some of the archon quests? If so, you probably have experienced the "movie-game" experience, as I call it. This video game narrative trope describes a story-driven game that decides it would rather be a mov... » Continue Reading

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Character Birthdays!! 130923

This is a list of the birthdays of characters from a few games. I will definitely add more from other games some day. Games included BanG Dream! D4DJ: Groovy Mix Ensemble Stars!! Helios Rising Heroes IDOLY PRIDE Project SEKAI More to be added January 03 - Haruko Saeki 04 - Hiiro Amagi 07 - Tsubaki Aoyagi, Tsugumi Hazawa 08 - Shiho Hinomori 09 - Victor Valentine 10 - Eichi Tenshouin 13 - LAYER, Tor... » Continue Reading

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Team Fortress 2 2007 Gaming Group?

Who want's to join a group I want to create related to a version of Team Fortress 2 from 2007? I wanna host a game once every week and have fun on custom maps and stuff, I wanna have a lil bit of fun on there » Continue Reading

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my favorite project sekai cards 230923

This was going to have other games but maybe I'll just stick to making separate blogs for different games since there are 49 Enstars characters. Lol! Finished!! This game has very pretty art. Hatsune Miku (i wasn't going to include untrained versions of cards but this one is wayyy too pretty tbh. the lighting??) Kagamine Rin (i love cards with umbrellas!! i kind of didn't want my favorite card for... » Continue Reading

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Games from my early childhood that probably no one knows pt3

Bejeweled 2 (Deluxe) About this game: literally a matching game with element that are used in jewerlies (thats where the name came from i guess?)  i also will talk only about this one because the other bejeweled games will NEVER beat Bejeweled 2 Release:2004 Gameplay: (main menu) i love how realistic the main menu and how many different modes to play. To be honest there isn't anything else to say ... » Continue Reading

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would you rather

would you rather work at freddy fazbears for 5 days or » Continue Reading

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