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Ice cream flavors. Pick your favorite.

Chocolate Vanilla  Swirl  Mint Pistachio  Fudge  Sherbet  Banana flavor  Blueberry rare flavor  Strawberry  Mango  Pineapple  neapolitan  Cookies and cream  Oreo  Cherry  Coffee  Reese's peanut butter ice cream  Frozen Yogurt custom sprinkles and toppings can be gummy worms, gummy bears, Skittles, M&Ms, Reese's pieces, Twinkies, moonpies, pecans, walnuts. There's also vegan options for you too. Al... » Continue Reading

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Happy thanks giving to all the ladies out there

I listened to a new song and the lyrics really resonated with me , called girls look better... super good... thanks giving....happy to all » Continue Reading

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Now that's a salad! » Continue Reading

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Sugar cookie tea

It smells exactly like sugar cookies !!!!!! » Continue Reading

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so i just found out a lot of ppl dont like onions??? (what foods do you NOT like?)

ik that ppl not liking stuff is normal but i truly have not encountered someone (that i know IRL) that doesn't like onions like... at all... huh???? thsi makes me curious, what food item do yall hate i gotta know because this is fascinating... » Continue Reading

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Thanksgiving update

Hey what's happening, forum? Here's the fruit- no, the cake- of my labor which I made last night for today. Also pictured (if this thing works the way I hope) is a strawberry compote I created for it as well. It is very good. Yeah, be jealous. Unrelated, remember when Kudos bars existed?! Those were the days. Rate, comment, subcr- » Continue Reading

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Advent calendars

Theyr'e pretty cool, I'm not much of a christmas person but I like advent calenders a lot. I wish there were year long ones. The world would be a better place if the day could always start with a small, delicious snack. » Continue Reading

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