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THE GREATEST CINAMMON ROLLS ON EARTH (UNDISPUTED BY MONARCHS AND EMPERORS THE WORLD OVER) AS MANUFACTURED BY AIDANC BAKERIES INC., EXPERTS IN BAKING AND CONFECTIONERY SINCE 2014 CE makes 6 rolls. takes about 1-1.5 hours and ~$20USD. preheat oven to 350F/180C. (If using cast iron, preheat it in the oven too. I recommend it cos the bottoms of the rolls are almost fried in a way, very tasty) FOR THE ... » Continue Reading

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There are a lot more cheesecakes and mirror glazed cakes that I couldn't find pictures for since I deleted my Instagram.  Oops!  I did work in a bakery for a bit, but I made French pastries.  My decorating isn't very good, it's just something I have a lot of fun with.  I love trying out flavor combinations and making fun things for my friends. » Continue Reading

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In-Depth Recipe for Red Pepper Pesto

Hello fellow spacers, Today I will share my personal recipe for dang good Red Pepper Pesto with you. If you ever bought a jar of red pepper pesto from the store and thought that was alright, my Red Pepper Pesto will blow your mind. I'll try to go as in-depth as I can in explaining the different ingredients, so you can mix & match as you will. Cooking is the most fun when you create your own re... » Continue Reading

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— by Becca Ann

Food blog!

So I have always had a passion for cooking but lately during this pandemic it really has grown a lot! I have been trying to branch out more and more. Tonight's dinner I think has topped all the ones I have made so far ! I love being able to make things from scratch and make it my own. Hopefully one day my skills will be so good that I can make everything from scratch! But I guess we will just see ... » Continue Reading

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Polish Christmas Supper (Wigilia)

I had a traditional Polish supper for Christmas tonight!! It was really tasty Here is some of the food I ate! These are Polish dumplings, or pierogi as we call them! They are filled with sautéed mushrooms and sauerkraut! They go very well with beetroot soup! Speaking of beetroot soup, here it is! It was soooo tasty, and it is served with mini pierogi (also known as uszka or "little ears") also fil... » Continue Reading

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Pasta and Tomato Sauce

CHECK IT OUT! The other night I made pasta and tomato sauce and it was really fuckin good :) The sauce was made from scratch and I'm super proud of how it turned out. » Continue Reading

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— by Abigail Amelia1 Comment— 6 Kudos

Half-Loaf 2

I made some bread today!!! I accidentally didn't make enough dough for two proper loaves, so I ended up with 2 baby loaves! I hope they taste good! » Continue Reading

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My weird Middle Eastern Cooking rabbit hole

So I went to this Libyan restaurant and tried a type of breakfast meal called Shakshuka , and it was really good. Curious as to how I might make it at home, I looked it up on YouTube and gave it a try. It turned out well, and this led to a few months long period of me being obsessed with trying to learn new Middle Eastern recipes. So now, besides Schnitzel, most of the authentic meals I know how t... » Continue Reading

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Izakaya Uosan

Halloween visit to one of my favorite izakaya: UOSAN. Daily specials. I appreciated the discount on draft beer. Some of the best sushi in town! » Continue Reading

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Izakaya Danji

Another favorite of mine in town: Izakaya DANJI . COVID times cuts the capacity of every restaurant in half. Fortunately none of my favorites have been forced to close yet. Very grateful that we're able to dine in and not have our infection numbers in Hawaii skyrocket like the rest of the country. Kanpachi is a common and affordable sashimi choice locally. Baked tofu done the right way: hard and c... » Continue Reading

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— by Molly Iams

Standard Issue

This is just my personal dinner food blog now. I mean it's myspace. Why not. It was my birthday today! Pictured: coconut curry with chicken on konjac noodles, and I of course had a very celebratory birthday cake quest bar. » Continue Reading

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