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how I make native american indian tacos cuz ppl wont stfu ab the g0re 🔥

  ALOOOO   just read the title. I'm making this in hope it will get to top blogs ,, since these top blogs need 2 » Continue Reading

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— by spasmolytic1 Comment

I need to

stop eating. like not even just stick to a calorie deficit, just full on stop eating any food.  I don't care if it'd fuck up my metabolism or anything, it's still impossible to gain if you don't eat anything. next best thing to starving is eating only fruit + vegetables and only drinking water or tea. I'd be able to do it, except for the fact I live at home. as soon as I'm an adult and live in my ... » Continue Reading

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Сходили в 5 звёздочный ресторан

Сводила плюшевого сына покушать в мак » Continue Reading

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— by juno 🐝2 Comments

my soda tier list

top tier: dr pepper, mello yello, sprite mid tier: pepsi, seven up, fanta bottom tier: coke honorable mention: hi-c kinda a banger » Continue Reading

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— by вялый пенис — 5 Kudos

Что такое Диарея

Патологическое состояние, при котором у больного наблюдается учащённая дефекация, при этом стул становится водянистым, имеет объём более 200 мл и часто сопровождается болевыми ощущениями в области пупка, экстренными позывами и анальным недержанием. » Continue Reading

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— by luiSpooky1 Comment— 2 Kudos

Ghoulia y su receta cacastrofica

Por los años 2010, cuando Monster high estaba en su mejor momento, los creadores decidieron abrir una pagina web donde había información de los personajes, juegos, curiosidades de la marca y varias recetas. Una que se hizo destacar fue la receta secreta de zumo de Ghoulia ¡pero no por algo bueno! La receta del zumo de Ghoulia era una limonada con bicarbonato sódico, » Continue Reading

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— by Hadalpelagics ★3 Comments— 8 Kudos

Breadless Toast Recipe

Try my recipe for breadless toast 1 tbsp jam 1 tbsp peanut butter  1 tsp of room temperature butter Put all the ingredients in a small container and stir it Serve as is Follow for more re » Continue Reading

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— by Papilio Ossa — 2 Kudos

Super Low Calorie Brownies (Recipe #5)

Super Low-Calorie Brownies Total Recipe Calories: 288 (or 547 if using more quantities) Calories per Brownie: 9 (or 15 if using more quantities) (Makes 32 brownies) Ingredients: 230g 0% fat Greek yogurt (132 calories) 60ml unsweetened almond milk (9 calories) or skimmed milk (23 calories) 25g cocoa powder (102 calories) 20g oat flour (75 calories) or 40g oat flour (150 calories) » Continue Reading

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— by kttyclip


Vegetable juice where do I even start you are so glorious i love u vegetable juice so yummy in my tummy delicious >. < » Continue Reading

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— by Papilio Ossa — 3 Kudos

Super Low Calorie Pancakes (Recipe #1)

Low-Calorie Pancakes with Toppings Total Calories: 130 (Including butter, whipped cream, strawberries, and syrup) Pancakes Alone: 70 Calories (Makes 2 decent-sized or 3 medium-sized pancakes.) Ingredients: For the Pancakes: 1/4 teaspoon baking powder (0 calories) 1/4 teaspoon salt (0 calories) 2 tablespoons of oat flou » Continue Reading

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