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— by Mayluv200

kawaii desserts, any recommendations?

its currently 5 in the morning and i obviously cant sleep cause theres so much shit thats going on in my head. one of the things that im thinking about that i thought i should share with you all is that, if you guys had any cute recipes i should try out to bake? . you see ive never baked before and i kinda wanna try since i have such a huge sweet tooth, also lately ive been doing so well with my m... » Continue Reading

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— by ☆εvεlyn♡AKF☆ — 2 Kudos

Apple Crisp Mini Cheesecakes

🍂another fall idea🍂 •graham cracker crust; mix together graham cracker crumbs, sugar, cinnamon, and melted butter to moisten crumbs. •divide mixture into paper cups and press firmly to make the crust.  •cinnamon-oat topping; mix together flour, quick oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and melted butter. stir until coarse crumbs form. •apple filling; peel and chop 2 medium apples. toss in lemon juice to p... » Continue Reading

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— by Dripping Venom...

— by f0ggybr41n — 2 Kudos

fav0urit3 r3cip3s <3

h3r3 ar3 s0m3 links t0 my fav0urit3 r3cip3s! th3y'r3 basically stapl3s in my di3t at this p0int l0l (and all 0f th3m ar3 l0w cal!) zucchini parm3san sp3ars tw0 ingr3di3nt biscuits (i us3 ¾ cups 0f gr33k y0gurt and ¼ cup 0f butt3r f0r a b3tt3r t3xtur3 h3h3) 3asy ch0c0lat3 m0uss3 garlic kn0ts t0mat0 s0up » Continue Reading

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— by ︎︎ ༒will gray༒ ︎︎

cold brew

i just made cold brew and i am feeling very awake » Continue Reading

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— by CiLAN


i put steak seasoning on my salmon... feeling epic. changed my life. i heart it. xoxo, zombiechu » Continue Reading

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— by Sumi_dino


 When taking a cooking class how many times do you cook a week? I'm not sure if there is a required amount of times we have to cook but my class tends to cook about 1-3 times a week depending on what we are learning. Right now we are about to cook some tradition foods from my culture this week! It makes me so excited lol I haven't had theses foods in soooo long so it will be nice to have some good... » Continue Reading

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— by chosoplushie1 Comment— 2 Kudos

Cooking 🤤

Thinking about the sandwich me and wolfy poured a shit ton of flat Pepsi on and left outside to marinate until tomorrow uhhhhh also we r watching a movie in class!! Tangled and the kids sitting at my table are singing along 💀💀💀💀 they r ass at singing btw im jumping out a window » Continue Reading

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— by Nico

I love toast

OK this is random again but toast is really good to eat! Toast is more gentle to eat, it tastes good, depending on the bread is more healthy, is good for nausea, good for taking medicine, good for a quick breakfast, goes well with sunny-side up eggs, good for a snack, it's just really good!!  » Continue Reading

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— by Nex



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— by iidxfan641 Comment

why do i like pumpkin spice lattes

Am i now a #Winemom #girlboss because this shit goes hard not to mention i literally got it from starbucks too but yes i forgot about how good these were even if theyre like a big joke i also got an iced lemon loaf again that was good » Continue Reading

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— by bananaspit


does mcdonalds still offer all day breakfast i swear i need to get a hashbrown after school because i couldnt get it this morning please anyone respond as soon as possible  » Continue Reading

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