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— by acer5 Comments— 16 Kudos

picz of meh from my tumblr !!!

me back wen i had my black n red hair !!! luv these picz lol xD » Continue Reading

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— by ☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆4 Comments— 20 Kudos

💎 The different subsets of scene 💎

Dis has been a long time coming T.T As u guys know, a while ago I asked if u guys wanted 2 hear about all the different forms of the scene style, and u guys said u'd be interested! :0 Honestly, these r mostly arbitrary and I just label all of these different styles 4 fun, but, u guys said it'd be fun 2 so here we gOO- O.o XDD Some of these may be grasping @ straws and highly specific but idrc this... » Continue Reading

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— by LEVVS ♡4 Comments— 7 Kudos


Haiii every1!!  I brought a few new thngs for mai birthday and wanted to show em off! xDDD hope you likkey!! Also if you do like!! — @sceneseraphin is mai insta n @levogen is mai tt!! :33 » Continue Reading

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— by △𝕰𝖒𝖔 𝕭𝖔𝖞 𝕭𝖊𝖓△1 Comment— 6 Kudos

Good Emo clothes shopping websites

You're welcome xD » Continue Reading

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— by M𖤐WLZ — 2 Kudos

🦇🥩 Wish List 🥩🦇

Link here! I try and keep everything as cheap as possible so if you decide gift anything it doesn't leave a dent 🖤 » Continue Reading

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— by Im nayeli 🎀

My phone and its ugly phonecase

I just customized my phone and it looks so pretty but my phonecase is sooooooo ugly, its like 3000 colours that dont even look good and a random pink popsocket that my mom gifted me (at least its pretty) » Continue Reading

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— by Aspen1 Comment

I need help with scene clothing (∩´ï¹` )

Does any1 know of where to get the old early 2000's hottopic shirts? I can't find any that aren't above 50 dollars >~ < I also can't find tutus or good shoes & belts....same with wigs!!! My hair is too short to style the way I want it and idk how to style hair or color wigs :;(∩´ï¹`∩);: Plzz dm me here, insta, or put some places in the comments I'm like desperate ಥ ಥ  » Continue Reading

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— by ฅsol☆2 Comments— 3 Kudos

buying stuff :0

-> this is an ongoing blog of stuff i buy/review! links included :)  ^ deathnote shirt from amazon! [LINKED HERE]  fit perfectly and was super cute :D (sorry 4 my dirty mirror lolol) ^ moonstone glasses chain from etsy! [LINKED HERE]  super cute n pretty + no problems from seller ! :33 ^ headphones from amazon! (glasses chain also shown)  [LINKED HERE]  bluetooth, v comfortable! sound leaks a litt... » Continue Reading

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— by 431 Comment— 4 Kudos

my little pony haul

so there's a local secondhand selling site similiar to depop on which people can list any stuff they want to sell. there's toys. i found some and bought them i love mlp and wanted to expand my collection, i've owned mlp toys since like 2nd grade and have kept them all. i was specifically  looking for a rarity and fluttershy of any sort as i don't have any regular/normal toys of either (ok well i h... » Continue Reading

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— by ⛧Max iz dead ⛧ — 3 Kudos

I think I gotta start planning mah outfits o-o

Every day I rush 2 get dressed n leave 4 skool cuz I am alwayz fuckin l8 xD So usually, I end up w/ sum pretty shitty fitz  Here’s my diagram of what my fit is 2day, sorry if it’s big I’m trying to use imgbb again and I think there is something wrong with the width=“” attribute when I put in images Also sorry if u can’t read my shitty handwriting xD » Continue Reading

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— by Maya Melancholy — 1 Kudos

very much black hair

now i have hair extensions black very much cool yaya woah :O AAAAAAAA » Continue Reading

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