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emo online shopping [HOW TO/TIPS]

With some styles getting a bit more traction again, some might say a full on revival, or even if you're reminiscing and want to find some stuff you once loved, I thought I'd share some tips for finding second hand clothing for subculture online. This will focus on emo/scene clothing but the same methods apply for every style and subculture and it might help you with finding clothing for cheaper wh... » Continue Reading

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scene inspirations [LIST]

Usually I do a small intro for my blogs but honestly this is just a list of a few of my biggest scene inspirations for hair, makeup and clothes. This is about the style and what I've always found cool when I first started getting into scene and until today. This isn't going to be in an organized list or a deepdive into anyone but here we go.. Izzi murder Leda monster bunny Melissa marie Lexi lush ... » Continue Reading

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kandi basics [HOW TO/TIPS]

I wanted to make something about kandi basics and tutorials that helped me out when I first tried making kandi and knowing about it. I've also seen some posts on different places about wanting to try kandi but not knowing where to start so i though this might help someone out. This will be the very basics and won't be in a lot of detail or go too much into the history for a quick read but it's alw... » Continue Reading

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wtf iz scenecore?

i keep seeing ppl who r like "where can i find scenecore clothes??", like dude wtf iz scenecore??? i'm hearing that itz like hyperpop music n stuff but itz so confusing and way too colorful for actual 2009 myspace scene kidz tbh. » Continue Reading

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— by Human Wreckage

Hair Cut and Possibly Dye?

Hey guys! So like most, I’ve been growing my hair out during quarantine, and I think it’s time for a change more my style. My hair is brown and goes a few inches passed my shoulders. It’s center parted with grown out curtain bangs. What I’m thinking of for a haircut is choppy bangs with a side part and choppy layers. An emo looking haircut I’m in love with. I also want to dye it all red, like Part... » Continue Reading

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Hiii! Uhh I made some kandi jssjjs 1. A Doraemon one 2. A watermelon one 3. A rainbow one 4. A flower one » Continue Reading

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Shameless Plug Lol

HEY YOU! Yeah you! Wanna get some pretty sweet 2000s style clothing and merch to wear and put on ur body? Well do I got the place for you~ "N3X GEN BODYWORKS"! Filled with all of my original designs made to ooze that late 90s and early 2000s energy, you'll feel like you've been warpped through time! Perfect for all occasions; Casual wear, parties and raves, weddings, divorces, etc. What are you wa... » Continue Reading

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what i thrifted 2day!

hi! i went 2 goodwill so i thought i would share what i got here! first is an off shoulder shirt with red lips on it, i saw it on amazon but it was cheaper @ goodwill, i think 6 bucks? next is a hooded shirt with black & gray stripes and 1 pink stripe. next is a teal-ish aquamarine bow shirt with puffy sleeves. i think they trended 4 a while but i luv it so much. then i got 5 pairs of bootcut jean... » Continue Reading

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— by limbs


My mom wont let me cut my hair by myself and would only let me go to the salon to get it done,, im grateful my mom would let me get the haircut but salons probably dont know shit about cutting emo hair lol,, have any emo/scene people had their hair cut/done at the salon and it actually came out good? lmk » Continue Reading

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— by Aidenz


went thrift shopping today and got super sick new clothes one of them was this purple harley davidson shirt and like 15 buck docs » Continue Reading

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— by Ghost

Discord server

Hey I'm looking for moderators and new members for my alternative fashion/subculture discord by alternative I mean styles like emo and scene and even lolita that aren't considered "normal" » Continue Reading

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