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comprehensive scene kid guide for new scene kids

hello!! welcome to another 1 of my stupid blogss, today im talking about scene queens to help all u..idk what a baby scene is called. new scene kids?? goths have babybats & thats adorable, but we dont have aanything D: tell me ur favorite scene queens!! i could definitely put more so if u have favorites tell me bc i will end up adding them (probably depends how many ideas u guys give me). just uhh... » Continue Reading

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— by chiyuuusss7 Comments— 21 Kudos

fashion is boring

fashion nowadays is so boring now. as someone who really loves fashion it kinda hurts to see what became of it. i look back at the styles of the generations before us and they all have something we seem to be lacking; a feeling of love. so why has that started to disappear?? could have to do with the quality of clothes now?? with companies like shein and temu rising in popularity for their low pri... » Continue Reading

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— by deni (aka ilyas)4 Comments— 13 Kudos

i shaved poppy from trolls bald

unfortunately dont have a pic of her before πŸ’” update: i painted her completely blue + gave her an emo cut » Continue Reading

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— by Adrax6 Comments— 16 Kudos

*✩˚πŸͺΌπ™š*:ο½₯Tips to have long nails + Inspo designs for begginers (traditional nails)🌊.ೃ࿐

πŸͺΌΛš ༘ ΰ³€β‹†ο½‘Λš I have studied manicurism and I usually work in this to earn money. These are some tips that I have learned in my classes (for traditional nails) that help me have my nails long and strong :3 Λ–°π“‡ΌπŸŒŠβ‹†πŸš (Excuse my English, it i » Continue Reading

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— by Eva5 Comments— 9 Kudos

i don't like subcultures

as i spend my time on this website, i see a lot of scenemo kids and y2k kids and anime kids gosh you name it. and i look at their profiles and they kind of look the same,, i feel like subcultures in general make you look a certain way, have certain interests or else you are considered a 'poser'. like you have to make it your IDENTITY. and it's so limiting in a way... i definitely felt that pressur... » Continue Reading

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— by Luka6 Comments— 20 Kudos

People don't know fashion anymore

People don't know fashion like at all, why am I seeing videos online talking about "gyarucore cybergoth y2k" words used to have meanings. People online are so confusing, like everyone have watered down clothing styles like goth, gyaru, scene, etc., to just fast fashion. There is no such thing as "clean girl gyaru" you just have no idea what gal is don't you? And recently I've seen people mischarac... » Continue Reading

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— by β˜†π”‘π”¬π”’π”ͺπ”¦β˜†4 Comments— 8 Kudos

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bow in my hair, i make ‘em stop and stare

i love the millionaires i was listening to them while i took these pics, anyway i finally can do scene makeup without it looking like doodoo wipes because i finally invested in liquid eyeliner xD these r some of my fav sefliz of myself plz rate 5 star on youtube dot com  alllso yes the first one is my pfp xD » Continue Reading

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— by chiyuuusss3 Comments— 8 Kudos

gyaru rant

(gal=gyaru) why do people seem to act so dense when it comes to gyaru?? like they understand subcultures just fine until it comes to gyaru and it pisses me off so bad. and its always on toktok too. from feeling the need to ask every gyaru with long nails how they wipe their ass to just not understanding that subcultures arent exclusively music based and can infact be based around » Continue Reading

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— by tragicissy691 Comment— 1 Kudos

kewl pics i took a while ago :p

was doing my hair and makeup also tried to edit a photo for once , im not suuuper fond of these but i also look kinda swag so im sharing anyway » Continue Reading

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— by XxL1ZZ13LUN4CYxX — 1 Kudos

My Complete Band Shirt Collection (Will Be Updated)!

Here's a link to all of the band shirts I showcase in this blog post: Image One: This is a Paramore shirt I bought from Hot Topic. I don't wear it that much, but I probably should wear it more often. Image Two: Although I stopped listening to Falling In Reverse after learning about how shitty of a person Ronnie Radke is, I haven't given this band shirt away because I re... » Continue Reading

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