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Bald and Bankrupt!

since you can't travel atm Bald and Bankrupt on Youtube is the 2nd best thing to do! » Continue Reading

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So where is everyone from?  Stuck in Illinois, US. Boooo. Comment, comment, Comment!  :3 » Continue Reading

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Diaries of a traveling salesman: Xbox, Miles Davis, and sleeping in the bathtub

I recently had to drive to Michigan for work. I work as a traveling salesman. The company I work for was founded in the 1930s and it appears that their business model has not changed in the last 80+ years. This is lucky for me though, because I am good at it, and I enjoy the road. I enjoy the experience of seeing how American culture changes depending where you are geographically within its border... » Continue Reading

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Commonwealth Paranormal Founder Joe Clark Returning to Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Commonwealth Paranormal founder Joe Clark, along with colleagues Jeff Sanford of Kentucky Paranormal and paranormal investigator Shane Ollice and others will return to Waverly Hills Sanatorium in August 2021.   "I've not been to Waverly Hills in more than 12 years." So I'm looking forward to it. An added bonus is the night of our investigation is also a New Moon. So hopefully paranormal activity w... » Continue Reading

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2021, Let's get it!

WHAAAT!  What a sick way to start off 2021! SpaceHey is literally just what I've needed! I have been looking for new creative outlets for myself and man, this is definitely going to help a lot when I'd rather say a bunch, and get it out quickly, rather than get a sore hand writing in my journal. Lol! I'm so excited to share my journey of travel with everyone! I lost my job back in October, and of ... » Continue Reading

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The tickets

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a ticket this time of the year. People were standing in line for more than three days; there were chaos and a lot of fighting. Sometimes you would hear an incident in the news related to it. I remember when I decided to go for it and be brave and stand in line even though my friend Sacra had already warned me. “ there might be blood’ she screamed, but I w... » Continue Reading

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— by Robi

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Las Penasquitos Grave

It must be nice to be buried in such a beautiful place. This was from our last hike to Las Penasquitos Preserve. » Continue Reading

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