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Airport Aesthetic

I feel like every time I try to explain this concept I get seen as totally delusion but that’s just the best way to live imo. Anyways, yk the vibes that you feel when you’re an airport? THAT HITS DIFFERENTT LIKE. Idc what anyone says I want to live at the airport but not work there I just constantly want to walk around airports and feel the aesthetic. Ok now that I wrote this out I do sound a litt... » Continue Reading

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i went hiking:DD

This beautiful mountain is located in the austrian alps near Kufstein:) » Continue Reading

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iii love space i love space i love space I LOVE SPACE SO MUCH RAHHHHH (well unless i get sucked into a blackhole XD) » Continue Reading

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Hot Stuff

Gonna go to my grandparents' house soon. Imma be boiling, there's like NO AC over there!!!  » Continue Reading

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i dont use it hardly ever anymore. thats basically it. » Continue Reading

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Almost home, it is such a long journey using only the trains..

Heathrow to Hertford, not many miles/kilometres, but lots of time involved. Piccadilly line into London, with countless stops, crowds and enforced tiredness. Waiting. More waiting, the trains are in the wrong place, still bringing commuters into the city. On the train, again lots of stops, to get to Hertford. » Continue Reading

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thanksgivin is here

feelin thankful for everyone in my life! thanks god, i think. » Continue Reading

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— by Sahil

Most Untold Places of Kasol

Pin Parvati Pass Trek Pin Parvati La Trek is an extensive trek packed with excitement and action for all mountaineering enthusiasts. Out of all the things you can do in Kasol this hike is likely been described as the most transformative experience. It is recommended for those who are experienced in trekking. The 100-kilometer long trail connects the lush landscapes of Parvati Valley with those bar... » Continue Reading

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— by Saadia

Something about Finchley

I have mentioned I work, and socialise in Finchley, so I thought I should talk, tell you more about the area. Finchley  is a large district of north London, England, in the  London Borough of Barnet . Finchley is on high ground, 11 km (6.8 mi) north of  Charing Cross . Nearby districts include:  Golders Green ,  Muswell Hill ,  Friern Barnet ,  Whetstone ,  Mill Hill  and  Hendon . It is predomina... » Continue Reading

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Me and my girlfriend are going to Amsterdam next week!! We’re only going for a couple days but we’ve booked stuff we’re gonna do and we’re hoping to go ice skating too. I can’t wait to have an amazing time and private time with her, and I’m thankful that I’ve been able to afford it. We’re going on the Eurostar coz we wanted to try it and we’ve never used it before! I also thought it would be easie... » Continue Reading

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