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Dropping everything and moving to Japan at 18

 I'm really doing it... I'm leaving California to live in Japan. This was all so sudden. I just bought the tickets like 4 months ago, I just recently found a place to live over there, and I don't even know how I'm going to find a job. I applied and got accepted to a language school, I just have to wait for immigration to accept my application. My parents and a few people they know who live in japa... » Continue Reading

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I may think America is cool and I live in America but Canada is WAY Better than America (Opinion)

Believe it (or not) I think Canada is better than America :D (Even if I haven't been there). Canada is better because of it's Quality of Life, Education, Safety, Free Healthcare (and NO Free Healthcare is NOT bad >:/), Immigration, Polite, Clean air and water, and many more!!!!! I wich I could visit Canada after the Pandemic! I wanna move to Canada so bad :(. » Continue Reading

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Cheap Flights to Istanbul

Find cheap flights to istanbul The city dons modernity, while still staying true to its heritage having mosques, churches and basilicas. By getting cheap airline tickets from us, you get a chance to see the opulence left behind by Ottoman and Byzantine empires by exploring Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace. YouTube>> » Continue Reading

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— by blackenze


guys I went outside wich is something I wished people on the internet did more often but anyways tomorrow we are going to the bitch🏖 I think lowkey wished we stayed home so I could draw but this is great too❗❗❗ » Continue Reading

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hyder, alaska rambing

first blog entry, dunno what to write.. so im just gonna dump everything i know about my most niche interest here. .... hyder, Alaska! its a teeney tiny town with a population of about 60, right along the Alaska/British Columbia border. so close, in fact, that many people go to school and work in the neighboring B.C town of Stewart, hyder shares the B.C area code, sets its time to pacific time ins... » Continue Reading

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— by Ramen


hmm... so, a fun lil fact about me. i'm trilingual (in order of learning) :3 i know Polish, English and Japanese. I wanna move to Sweden when i'm older so im learning swedish, right?  its so difficulttttt!!! >~ » Continue Reading

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— by MikeyJ

North Carolina Mountains

I am planning a 3 to 4 day trip to the Smokey Mountains in western NC later this week. I'll be visiting Chimney Rock. » Continue Reading

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Nomad Chronicles, The Seventh Tale: Despair During The Journey

 As the chill just began to set in I bid Carbondale farewell. I was up that morning a good hour before the sun, it felt like such a routine at that point. My things were mostly packed up the morning before, I said goodbye to my host, I filled up my tank the night before, I showered before hitting the road and once I got to my destination. Geographically I left that place, but did I really leave an... » Continue Reading

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