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RULES If you want integrate a live video in the MUSIC MIX CHANNEL send a private message  to " LIVE CONCERT " or to  specifying the URL of the video and the name of the channel. Only videos of a minimum length of 30 minutes, from Youtube and impeccable sound quality are accepted.  If you are musician yourself, you can offer your own Youtube videos.   Your nickname appear under ... » Continue Reading

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— by Songs From The Moons

New bloggy-type thing? + a song

Hi there! This is the Songs From The Moons SpaceHey. We made it because we adore retro-type culture and like the vibes this site has. All members have access, but we'll sign off each blog/bulletin/whatever to indicate which member wrote it (since I believe we all have different first initials). We're working on material: here's a somewhat new song  about an ominous Apple cube that does nothing and... » Continue Reading

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hiii guyz, everyone here lookz super cool and i wanna ask for music playlists to listen to, it can be any genre :’3!!! non-mainstream music is most preferred but i’ll take any!!1! thx ^_^ the link can be from any app BT dubs 💖 » Continue Reading

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RULES   If you want integrate an audio below, send a private message  to " LIVE CONCERT " or to  specifying the URL of the audio, the name of the song and your nickname.   Your nickname appear in this section. By clicking on it, the visitor is redirected to your Spacehey profile or any other external link. By clicking on the name of the song, he is redirected to your song.  Tha... » Continue Reading

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tfb concert

Last night I went to see The Front Bottoms in concert, and it was SO FUN  The doors opened at like 6:30 and I left around 11, so that was like... 4 and a half hours of standing, jumping, moshing, and dancing. And I am sore now haha Although, during the concert I was having so much fun I didn't even realize I was tired. The openers, Osa Osa and Sydney Sprague, were really good as well.  The inside ... » Continue Reading

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Guitar tips for a beginner?

Hey so, my brother moved out recently and left his electric guitar that he never touched in like 7 years(?), so i decided to try and make something out of it by learning how to play. Thing is, i don't have any people near me that are familiar with musical instruments. Is there any cool spacehey peeps willing to give some tips to a beginner? I know i won't be able to start plying like a pro with a ... » Continue Reading

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— by Lyn

vital jungle bass preset pack one

3 808s plus 3 subs plus a bonus dub siren preset enjoy » Continue Reading

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— by Songs From The Moons

Using tape to capture time + a demo of a song about horses

Recently, I got a 4-track cassette recorder. Well, not that recently, actually - I got it in late July 2021 with a couple blank tapes - I just hadn't gotten around to getting a power supply for it. What do I need a 4-track for? Well, that's a good question! I just like analog media and stuff, and I had a chance to get one that may or may not work for cheap - and hey, if it  doesn't work, it probab... » Continue Reading

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Have you heard of Ghost?

Okay so there's this Swedish rock/metal band called 'Ghost'. My best friend [with benefits ;)] told me about them. So they're basically a faceless band and their music is HELLA good. Also the Faceless Ghouls (instrument players) are so hot. Like it's unreal. I'm serious once you watch them live you'll never go back. They do some pretty sus things that's all I have to say. I'm literally OBSSESSED a... » Continue Reading

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calling all with dysphoria!!

Hii   I have one up for addiction, one up for my gf, and just an overall happy playlist currently :) have a nice day!! hopefully someone enjoys these lol any music recommendations welcome as well!! » Continue Reading

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