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newer scene bands [LIST]

I've seen some things floating around here and on other socials about looking for new/rising  bands in the scene so i thought I'd post some on here in the hopes it helps someone out. i will use YouTube videos as its a neutral platform that a lot of people have instead of apple music, spotify or similar. This will be kept short and sweet so here is a list of some newer scene bands! Seeyouspacecowbo... » Continue Reading

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A Whole Lotta Music

I've only put a couple of albums up on Youtube for now. I'm remaking a lot of stuff lately MAKINA : Music by Machines, featuring music both from 2000 and from 2020. CONTINUUM I AND II : Two continuous albums track-to-track bled together into one full track. " MAKINA: Machines & Melodies " featuring select tracks to be sampled. 30 on full version $4 " PLUGGED! " My latest and a sequel to MAKINA tha... » Continue Reading

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— by Herr Kaschke

Release: That Ass up (Summercamp of Doom) Official Indie Arena Booth Online 2021 Theme

Heya dear People from the Internet, Today iam proud to release my new Song "That Ass up (Summercamp of Doom)" which is the official Theme and Trailersong for the Indie Arena Booth at gamesco m 2021.  Stream or buy  (Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, etc) Some Story: Since 2016 in i create thankfuly a theme for my Friends from the Indie Arena Bo... » Continue Reading

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song rotation - July [LIST]

I like to talk about music a lot tbh so I thought as it's nearing the end of the month it would be good to share a few of the songs that I've been listening to quite a lot. It's a mix of newer and older stuff from different sounds but all of them are good imo. youtube links will be added if you want to listen to them. This won't be a ranked/organized list by any means but here we go..  Sorry You'r... » Continue Reading

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Sinfonia n.1 Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov

Come primo intervento del blog voglio condividere con voi il secondo movimento della prima sinfonia di Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov.  Spero che vi possa piacere. :-) » Continue Reading

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List Of Alternative POC Bands/Artists

Meet Me @ The Altar - Pop-Punk/Pop-Rock Band De'Wayne - Pop-Rock/Rock Solo Artist Nova Twins - Punk/Rock Duo The Volunteers - Indie-Rock Band Pink Shift - Pop-Punk/Pop-Rock Band Lesibu Grand - Pop-Punk/Punk Band Danny Denial - Punk Solo Artist Loathe - Metal Band Notions - Rap-Metal/Metal band Magnolia Park - Pop Punk band FKA Twigs - Alternative-Pop/Electronic-Pop Solo Artist Willow Smith - Pop-P... » Continue Reading

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I ❤️ Candy Black

Come enjoy his music at: » Continue Reading

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— by Alcheter

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my diy band jacket!

about a month ago i bought an old 90s black denim jacket secondhand for like 13 bucks. the plan was to make patches for it and cover it and make it coooool. it's about halfway covered so i wanted to show the progress! all patches are hand stitched (could have painted some but this is more fun!) and hand sewn to the jacket first up is TDAGARIM which stands for the devil and god are raging inside me... » Continue Reading

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— by CORIUM1 Comment

New Song I made !! Frankenstein SUCKS !

MUSIC : D Maybe you'd be surprised to find this was inspired by my LPS haha . This is the most formulaic dramatic thing I've made I'm not sure how to feel about it . I should totally make a fucked up musical or something . I am also going to be finally working more on the production of my next album woo : O ! I've been puttin... » Continue Reading

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— by Forrest Friends

new disc out on Chocoloate Monk (UK) >>>>

yahhhhhh. stoked this is finally out there. _____________________________________ Forrest Friends -  untitled    CDr £5 choc.519 The Forrest Friends emerge from 2020 and show how the old passing-an-8-track-back-and-forth can really get you to some strange places. Devolving righteously into a mish-mash of mood musics. Imagine Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase doing some alien gas-huffing wangers, or one of t... » Continue Reading

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