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New Album OUT NOW!

My new album Enter the Void is now available! If you'd like to support me and my music, please listen , like , follow and share to your friends . I hope you like it. The album has different genres so if you don't like one track please give a chance to the others! SoundCloud -> click here to listen ! YouTube -> click here to listen! Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music etc ->  click ... » Continue Reading

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— by Francesco19 Comments— 24 Kudos

SpaceHey Spotify Playlist

I created a public playlist on Spotify, here's the link . I think that would be a cool idea, to promote the artists featured on SpaceHey. If you are an artist, and would like to be part of this playlist, comment this post with at most 3 songs and don't forget to add me ! (and also give me some kudos :D) » Continue Reading

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— by Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™11 Comments— 17 Kudos

Artist of the Week: Shane lucius

Every Wednesday I'll be posting a different musical act on my profile and in this blog post. I love supporting new artists, so if you'd like for me to promote you on here, leave your links in the comments. Lets discover new music together! 💚 This Weeks Feature: Shane lucius Check out Shane lucius on their Socials: ◻️ SpaceHey ◻️ YouTube ◻️ FaceBook ◻️ TikTok Previously Featured ruffiØ All The Rage... » Continue Reading

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— by x♡chloeXcatastrophe♡x2 Comments— 14 Kudos

thee complete myspace / scene music bulletins (so far)

hi! this is where i'm going to collect the bulletins i write about all the awesome 00s music i'm listening to as i relive my scene youth on this website (for me, for you, for America). ~♥ note to self, i miss you terribly ♥~ lol sorry but christmassacre sent me into a "remember how much you love fftl???" rabbit hole last night and this account is a from first to last stan account until further not... » Continue Reading

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— by Rob Sheridan2 Comments— 10 Kudos

Now Playing: Synth-Pop 1979-1987

Excellent playlist by Matthew Perpetua on the history of synths in pop music throughout the 80s. » Continue Reading

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— by Zsolt8 Comments— 7 Kudos

Emo's Not Dead

I hope you're familiar with Matt Cutshall, who often feels emo, might delete later. Turns out he's made a whole song, and the video is premiering today . The song is already available on Spotify , and it's as emo as it gets. 2020 is getting saved, afterall. » Continue Reading

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— by Tommy Panzram1 Comment— 4 Kudos


The Hurt Process Emo / Post-Hardcore / Metalcore You know a band didn't get any long-term love when a Google image search mostly brings up broken links. To compound on this, it seems the entirety of their photo history was destroyed by the great MySpace data massacre of 2019 . But, as much as it seems the internet would like us to forget The Hurt Process, I shall do no such thing. I find myself go... » Continue Reading

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— by meh!!1 Comment— 3 Kudos

Vibin to this today » Continue Reading

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— by 🫀Kinderwhore🫀1 Comment— 9 Kudos

My Band.... if you wanna be cool and listen 🖤 » Continue Reading

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— by rebecca walcott

rebecca's music playlist of fun!!!

I like music and I also like to share music so here is my playlist of music that I like and also like to share. rebecca's music playlist of fun! » Continue Reading

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— by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX2 Comments— 15 Kudos


I like to get a little decorative in my bulletins, and I will be adapting this into a blog later. But thank you xXCiarahXx for this awesome idea! Today I am gonna be making a post about my top ten favorite bands. I listen to all of these bands to various degrees, and some bands I know more songs than others. It is gonna be hard to both rank and choose only ten bands, but I am going to try my best ... » Continue Reading

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