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New Album OUT NOW!

My new album Enter the Void is now available! If you'd like to support me and my music, please listen, like, follow and share to your friends. I hope you like it. The album has different genres so if you don't like one track please give a chance to the others! SoundCloud -> click here to listen! YouTube -> click here to listen! Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music etc -> click h... » Continue Reading

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SpaceHey Spotify Playlist

I created a public playlist on Spotify, here's the link. I think that would be a cool idea, to promote the artists featured on SpaceHey. If you are an artist, and would like to be part of this playlist, comment this post with at most 3 songs and don't forget to add me! (and also give me some kudos :D) » Continue Reading

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Artist of the Week: Shane lucius

Every Wednesday I'll be posting a different musical act on my profile and in this blog post. I love supporting new artists, so if you'd like for me to promote you on here, leave your links in the comments. Lets discover new music together! 💚 This Weeks Feature: Shane lucius Check out Shane lucius on their Socials: ◻️ SpaceHey ◻️ YouTube ◻️ FaceBook... » Continue Reading

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thee complete myspace / scene music bulletins (so far)

hi! this is where i'm going to collect the bulletins i write about all the awesome 00s music i'm listening to as i relive my scene youth on this website (for me, for you, for America). ~♥ note to self, i miss you terribly ♥~ lol sorry but christmassacre sent me into a "remember how much you love fftl???" rabbit hole last night and this account is a from first to last stan account until further n... » Continue Reading

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Now Playing: Synth-Pop 1979-1987

Excellent playlist by Matthew Perpetua on the history of synths in pop music throughout the 80s. » Continue Reading

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