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— by doggo — 1 Kudos

don’t friend me if-

your a homophobe, less then 13 have over, 1000 friends or something, nsfw, those people that like pets a lil to much etc. just please dont » Continue Reading

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— by momo — 2 Kudos

a little about me ☆

˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖ hi! im momo i have a lot of interests, like: - video games - kemono friends - vocaloid - fiber arts - jp language + culture my favorite color is pink some of my favorite animals are servals, bunnies, blue jays, and manatees! ---------------------------------------------------------- if it wasnt obvious, i have adhd, which means i type!! like!!! this!!!!!!!! most of the time i am in p... » Continue Reading

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— by MYKOLA4 Comments


help hwo do i make my spacehey pretty » Continue Reading

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— by MyAss1 Comment


How do i post?????11!1!1!!1!1 » Continue Reading

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— by Harmony!

Learning German! (part 1)

I've been super interested in German recently, and I've been consuming a bit of content from German creators on YouTube. Starting yesterday, I also began a Duolingo course, where I'll be doing at least half a unit a day, at most the full unit. I'm attempting to not burn myself out, but also keep myself motivated and invested by making sure I don't waver my progress. Hopefully it works out! I'll le... » Continue Reading

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— by Jessica Snow

Shadow Work Journal Prompts

In a previous post , I touched on the importance of understanding what Shadow Work is before just diving right into it or giving into a product on social media. One of the tips mentioned in that post on beginning shadow work was to keep a shadow work journal. In this post, however, I'll be sharing a lengthy list of journal prompts that I'll personally be using for myself. I figured I would share t... » Continue Reading

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— by Ezra <31 Comment

I’m a 14 year old streamer

I’M A 14 YEAR OLD STREAMER AND MY PARENTS DON’T EVEN KNOW YET HAHA Soo..I’ve been streaming on Instagram lately and now I’m a streamer..I’ve been active lately and streaming and all but I haven’t been getting any viewers joining my streams..I was wondering if there’s a way I could do that so I went to my app settings and set up a professional account for myself. But I’m not sure if it will work.. ... » Continue Reading

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— by Harmony!1 Comment

Learning German: Part 2

Guten abend, folks! I've been chipping away at the Duolingo course, a week in and almost through unit 3? I do expect myself to be finished with section 1 by the end of next week, though I am trying to make sure I don't burn myself out by going too  hard on it. It's been really cool though, even if I know that learning the articles for each word will easily be the hardest part x3 Currently learning... » Continue Reading

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— by appleß — 1 Kudos

I'm hoping to get clothes i actually want soon :p

all my clothes are.. trash, to say the least. i have a least thirty shirts i wouldn't even dream of wearing outside. absolutely none of them are my style too. someone.. please spare me some good plain black t-shirts.. with a hint of dark skinny jeans and maybe even a splash of converse.. ha, ha. no. i cant even wear skinny jeans the feeling of tight clothes makes me upset. anyways, i'll probably g... » Continue Reading

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— by isabellethefish1 Comment— 2 Kudos

a mile

i walked a mile (+ counting) today its a step in the right direction but i want to work more, ill try to go further tomorrow or maybe even later today » Continue Reading

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— by |~Athena Rhinestone~|1 Comment

What I Want In Life

I have been a performer my whole life. I started doing Ballet when I was little and then did contemporary. In 2021 (i think) I quit because of very, very personal reasons. I grew to hate dance because of the shape of my body. I wont get too much into that because ya know, but i grew to be insecure. the only good thing that I got out of it was my love for performing. I started to take singing serio... » Continue Reading

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— by stewperk1 Comment

hello spacehey!!

i havent actually done any introduction on here, probably should do that. Hello! i am StewPerk! I'm just some guy who loves to do animations and play games! I am a huge fan of eddsworld, which you can probably tell from the artstyle i use -_- I really enjoy animating, though i do get distracted easily D: I'm trying to get better at focusing on stuff, so hopefully in the coming days ill be able to ... » Continue Reading

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