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Today I am an author

Today is a special day for me- my book is officially published.  It's a maths textbook ( ). There's an episode of The Simpsons where Homer, the hapless father, gets invited to join a travelling freak show. His disheartened wife, Marge, explains "You don't have to join a travelling freak show just because the opportunity came along." Homer considers this, ent... » Continue Reading

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I'm just gonna leave this here..

For this past week, I've basically been sick in bed isolated from the bit of joy I get out of life. And I know I sound so stupid saying this. Why does sitting at a computer talking to mostly faceless people bring me so much serotonin? Is it normal to get so excited when a regular viewer shows up? Or even more excited when someone new decides to give me a chance and clicks a silly follow button? It... » Continue Reading

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— by hkrsztt

Creative Log: 11/29/22

It's been over a week now, so I think it's time for another creative log! In the sort of bad news, I suppose, is...unfortunately, I did let myself become a bit distracted, and there's almost no way I'll have the String of Stardust update fully reedited by the end of November. :( Some life stuff has happened, granted—but admittedly, not enough to really justify the delay. I've let myself become dis... » Continue Reading

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ok so hear me out what if i microwaved a 64 pack of crayons and put it in my hair » Continue Reading

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i'm writing the essay now and morgan is asleep but on being down bad i hope this girl knows m like practically wrapped around her finger it's kinda embarrassing for me like honestly if she were to ask me out rn i would say yes 100% which is out of character and i NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER !!! actually i sorta want her to reject me so i can move on oh my gosh plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz idk i fee... » Continue Reading

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so excited for this summer!!

THIS SUMMER IS GONNA BE AMAZING!! like i know it's kind of silly to get so excited for something that's not for another six months, and i should focus on the present, but there are just so many things to look forward to first of all, like it happens every year, EUROVISION!!! if u dont know what eurovision is, that's super valid, but u should know what it is. it's a yearly song contest where countr... » Continue Reading

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— by Judas

Transition #3

I called today and finally got an appointment. 16th of my birth month. 10:05 pm I have to pretend to be a boy. good luck to me. I hope I don't mess up. » Continue Reading

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the perfect date

locking eyes with hugh neutron at the local taco shack » Continue Reading

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my new year resolutions - 2022/2023

my 1st new years resolution is that i get a new video editing software for my sm64 bloopers, yipee my 2nd new years resolution is that i post on vidlii and youtube alot but its not gonna be easy :/ my 3rd new years resolution is that i will make videos on vmware stuff basically on youtube only yeah thats it, 3 new year resolutions » Continue Reading

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— by Nemo!! :3

My dream life

Hhggggg I wish I never had to talk to anybody ever again. Not even my family.  I just want to live on a whimsical little island in Hawaii and play animal crossing everyday and listen to nice music and have nobody ever bother me or talk to me in my cute little cottage. I’ll have cats and tropical drinks and a nice and peaceful life where nobody can ever bother me ever I wish :( I hate life » Continue Reading

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ima ft.willz this bitch  hmu if u emo  » Continue Reading

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