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Da day has come !!! How i`m going to change my name & end my endless misery

The only name my mom would let me to change to is Gerard... Yes, because of MCR. If I told her, I am trans, she wouldn`t let me change my name to the male version of my deadname, because it`s my uncle`s (her brother`s) name, so she would probably only accept the name Gerard, because I listen to MCR & she sometimes calls me that. I tried convincing her to call me by my deadname but a little changed... » Continue Reading

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Just thoughts

I want to go on a shitty party and like, kick someone or some shit. I want to have the worst time of my life that will slowly go on and become the best at this party, God, this would be so fucking nice. Just imagine, you sitting on a chair, a lot of people just walking, standing ,and maybe dancing around 'n shit. Bring as fuck. And then you just decide to walk around the house, after all, why not.... » Continue Reading

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— by Chris

— by SpaceBassist

Pre-production for the next album! Tonight? Yeah!!

So my band managed to survive the pandemic. We haven’t played a gig in over a year, and things were rough for a bit and we had a guitar player quit. We weren’t sure if we were going to continue, but we have decided to move forward as 3 piece. We have one full length album and an EP that’s waiting to be mixed and mastered, but those are old songs we wrote in late 2019 early 2020. The last few rehea... » Continue Reading

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— by Introvert Aaron

Book Idea

I told my physical therapist today that the VA would be calling within the next week to set up the approval for my next round of physical therapy.  This is rare.  Normally there are months in between approvals where veterans receive no help and watch their ailment get worse in a backward slide.  My PT said that I should write a book about all of my dealings with the VA, sharing the tips and tricks... » Continue Reading

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— by Dadpool

— by Dadpool

Youtube playlist

I have started to get my playlists organized,you can check them out HERE. » Continue Reading

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— by firecat

Juega la versión beta el juego.

Este miércoles subiré la versión beta de mi nuevo juego para saber si hay errores. Estará en mi sitio web no porque necesito el tráfico en mi sitio web. Este también será el dominio 5º año y quería hacer algo especial. También pondré a cada juego en una descarga, puedes descargar el juego si no quieres usar, Google, Amazon u otros sitios web. Otro cambio se está deshaciendo de PayP... » Continue Reading

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— by Jani/Aerie

I can do anything i just don’t want to do everything

I FEEL LIKE, idk maybe i over estimate myself sometimes. Or I’m not actually used to people. But i feel like i can do anything but not if I don’t want to. I get called lazy for feeling this way πŸ•ΊπŸΎβ€ΌοΈπŸ˜Œ » Continue Reading

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