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— by Haley Shantell


Can’t wait to move out of Texas in June. 8 more months and I’ll be moving to Canton Illinois. I’ll be away from family but I need the change.  » Continue Reading

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— by Marissa1 Comment— 3 Kudos

Trying to be more productive...

or so I say every 2-3 weeks before making a schedule and completely forgetting about it lol Idk if any of you are trying to be more productive or not, but one of the things that stood out when I was watching one of those "5 things successful people do" videos on youtube last month was when the guy asked people about their to-do list and they all laughed at him. Which was when he looked and saw tha... » Continue Reading

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— by Chiaki Nanami — 1 Kudos

name/face reveal

if i get 46 friends i will fo a name reveal if i get 56 friends i will do a face reveal » Continue Reading

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— by K$TR2 Comments— 2 Kudos

New Website!!!

Ay Yo! It's me the K$TR!!! It's always sorta a long time before I post anything mostly cuz I can't really be bothered to keep updating every single social media I have, so I just decided to make my own hub for all the things I do! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thaat link up there yea, that's my new site im working on!!! Filling it w all sorts a crap, and calling it my own littl... » Continue Reading

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— by Marissa

In this post, OP attempts to write left handed

Trying to practice writing with my left hand since my right hand has be sore more than usual this past week. [image text]: I'm writing this with my left hand, and is quite difficult (as I'm sure you can see). This looks like the writing of a child. Though it's something I've been meaning to do for at least twenty years. My hand aches relatively frequently, especially when it's cooler outside, and ... » Continue Reading

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— by Hatch — 3 Kudos

Jealousy - Marina and the Diamonds

Someone in the NPD server is using Royal We first person pronouns and I'm so fucking jealous. I wish I could do something like that to differentiate myself. I really want to use the median first persons but Im too fucking stupid to keep that up. I want to speak and people find me interesting and incredible and different. I wish they would hear me speak and want to be around me. They do that for my... » Continue Reading

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— by Kassi Chaos1 Comment


Hey everyone, i've never written anything like this, and honestly im so scared im shaking. I dont know what to do. Im being kicked out and i have absolutely no money to my name. I have a job that I do from home on the computer but with being kicked out I wont have internet to do my job. Ive been living check to check for so long i have nothing saved and im about to be on the street with my cat. Is... » Continue Reading

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— by Warfles1 Comment

— by Vann


Bro I need a drink and or a nap » Continue Reading

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— by Rain:)

— by Steph Kay

Blog entry 001

iIt is the first day and no one suspects a thing. Is it 2006 again? » Continue Reading

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— by Hippie_Witch

Dealing with my own actions

Today in my therapy session I talked with Dr. Nancy about some drama that a ex friend keeps stirring up. I had to accept that even though a few years ago I tried to be a friend by letting her know a rumor was going around about her man cheating. I saw the way he acted towards this other woman. I saw the body language, i couldn't just not tell her the rumor right? So i told her and now looking back... » Continue Reading

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