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Booty Goals

One day I woke up & realized that my life was all of a sudden way too sedentary. I had already started live streaming on Twitch a little bit before the pandemic came about. Once the pandemic was in full swing & the world pretty much shut down, it definitely did not help with my inactivity that came about due to streaming. I mean, I became really inactive, sitting for hours and hours at a t... » Continue Reading

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Can’t believe it’s almost 2021! New Year’s resolutions! I’m already making progress on these, but they’re still fun to make. Feel free to post yours too! I want to continue skateboarding and keep having fun with it. Not very specific, but I’m already doing it! I want to get far enough into my game project to create a Steam page for it. I know realistically the game won’t be done by next year, but ... » Continue Reading

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— by Hobbit1 Comment

🍃 Hobbit cosplay list

Cosplay goals / plans  Marvel Spidergwen Gwenpool Gwenom Lady Deadpool Black Widow Jean Grey Mystique Squirrel Girl Mary Jane Watson Polaris Goblin Queen DC Poison Ivy  Starfire Raven Harley Quinn Kara Zor'El Enchantress Anime Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online) Alicia Rue (Sword Art Online) Raphtalia (The Rising of the Sheild Hero) Holo the Wise Wolf (Spice and Wolf) Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis ... » Continue Reading

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— by Donald4 Comments— 8 Kudos

Focusing on Bulletins - Not Blog

Hey Peeps. I've decided to focus on Bulletins rather than blogs, at least for the next little while. So while this blog is public, once you become my friend you can read my Bulletins. As you may know, they'll delete after 10 days, which I kind of like, as it keeps things fresh. I'll post at a minimum every few days, up to a few bulletins a day depending on how I'm doing and how busy things are. I ... » Continue Reading

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Flipping a 1975 Camper

I was living in Maryland with my fiancé, Coy, when the the pandemic hit. We'd been renting a 3-bed apartment for a few years together, supported by our jobs at the local BWW, barely. I was in debt from college, and he was in debt from hospital bills. Bored with life but eking by, always dreaming about what we'd do when we just had "the opportunity", when we'd finally be making enough to save a lit... » Continue Reading

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— by The Pyrrhic Llama

The Llama's Grand Return!

Hello friends old and new!  I have been away since day 8 of the Advent Calendar back in December and I return as a stranger in a strange land yet one only too familiar. A waking dreamland haunted by the echoes of a long-forgotten nightmare. And now, to all of you, I say greetings and welcome.  It has been exciting to view all the new changes to this site in the 2+ months I was away. I am appreciat... » Continue Reading

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— by Eliott5 Comments— 23 Kudos

2021 Has Officially Made Me Take Care Of Myself and It's Not Awful, Actually

Been a while since I did one of these and it's just quite an exciting time in my life at the moment and I wanted to document it in a way that wouldn't disappear after ten days. More for myself than anyone. Yesterday after four weeks of radio silence from my job after I was put on leave for deleting a sexist post, I quit. I told my boss that since I had come out and changed my name my colleagues ha... » Continue Reading

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Support For Your Passions

I'm not sure how to start this, but I'm gonna start anyway. This is a rant. For any of you who have projects you're always working on (Etsy shops, music, art, etc.), difficult is it for you to self-promote?  For me, it's pretty difficult. I write music, and I'm quite proud of the stuff I write and produce. But then the hardest part is trying to spread the word to try and garner fans. And the worst... » Continue Reading

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— by Hobbit2 Comments— 6 Kudos

✨ Hobbit tattoo dreamlist

My tattoo dream list, getting about 3 of them this year. Ones marked with ** I already have done. Espeon and Umbreon Sun/Moon Unown - Back Shoulderblades (Left/Right) Purple to blue gradient Moon Phase Collarbone (Left) "You Remind Me Of The Babe" - Collarbone (Left) (under the moon) Druid moon symbol - Upper Shoulder (Left) The Last Unicorn portrait - Upper Arm (Left) Spyro the Dragon portrait - ... » Continue Reading

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— by The Pyrrhic Llama — 4 Kudos

Even Llamas Have Desires... And Fears

I'm not sure where I'm going to start with today's blog entry, so I'm going to ask for your understanding in the way I skip the intro and just jump right into it, mid-entry. Do these sentences serve the purpose of an opening then? Look at that, this problem is resolving itself already. If only solutions to all problems were so easily achievable! Well friends, it's another morning for the llama and... » Continue Reading

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Hi, I have written a book that is on Amazon Kindle, which is a paranormal thriller, based on one family's true account of supernatural occurrences in their home. I'm currently editing a novel I finished that I started a couple years ago, and is somewhat similar to what is happening today in the world. Hope you check out the book. ... » Continue Reading

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