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Being a girl's girl and what's in my purse (∩^o^)⊃━☆

Being a girl's girl really isn't hard,, I feel like it's such bare minimum for all girlies in the world! Especially since we don't owe anything to men ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ I love love love meeting other girl's girls and just hanging out and talking about wtv without fear of judgment! It really makes me happy just knowing I can turn to one of the gfs and be like "omg babe I feel stinky do you have anything... » Continue Reading

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Deberíamos tener una ley en todo el mundo que nos permita legalmente matar a sangre fría a cualquier pedofilo que atrapemos, y que tambien incluya a los abusadores sexuales. Yo seria mejor presidente que Donald Trump y Joe Biden. // we should have a law around the whole world that legally allows us to kill in cold blood any pedophile we may catch, and it also includes sexual abusers. » Continue Reading

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My journey through gender identity

I was transgender (ftm) for about four years before last August when I decided to detransition. Last summer (2023) was very hard for me when I still identified as trans. I told myself that I was a boy-- and at the time, yes, I was-- and that I could only be a boy. I've always been super into fashion and self-expression through clothing and makeup. Still, last year, after my crisis of constantly be... » Continue Reading

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if I do not date someone this year I'm actually gonna tweak out. I'm literally so cool and funny and sexy and awesome 😞  » Continue Reading

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being a girl

honestly being a girl is such a joy like yes i go through icky stuff but i literally have everything in pink and wear the prettiest outfits » Continue Reading

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𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓼𝓬𝓻𝓮𝓮𝓷 𝓶𝓶𝓶

we should like deadass make anotherpersonatily tyology system but like fuck all that myers briggs type shit we should be claiming ourselfs to b like sunscreen like "oh hey im a SPF30 wbu?" yall feel me???? » Continue Reading

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11/07/24 so I have a doctors app to start the long ass process of going on t soon after being out for over 4 years now hopefully it wont take too long and it will make existing more bearable but I am very excited  » Continue Reading

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appreciation rant??

i feel like ive been complaining a lot recently so im gonna be positive for once. i absolutely love this site, it gives me a space to scream into the void and have other people occasionally yell back with another angle i never would have even thought about. i only created an account 2 or 3 days ago depending on when i post this but already i feel myself wanting to change, in the best way possible.... » Continue Reading

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Body Pillow (joke post)

Hey guys does anybody know where to get a body pillow of Uzi from murder drones (asking for a friend THIS IS A JOKE BETWEEN ME AND MY FRIEND DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY I BEG!!! (this is a joke btw don't think I'm weird) (But if anybody knows please tell me) » Continue Reading

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I get tired of having people drive me around everywhere

I never owned a car before because I've taken the permit test 5 to 6 times and never passed it. It gets kind of annoying having to rely on family members to drive me around everywhere because once they're gone then what am I going to do I can't just drive myself everywhere. » Continue Reading

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