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🎞️ Movie Recommendation Week 2 🎞️

I've decided once a week I'm going to post 3 movies I recommend. Week 2  Turner & Hooch (1989) Summary Detective Turner leads an orderly life until it is disrupted by Hooch, a brutish dog that's the sole witness to a murder. Hooch is not only set in his ways but also distressed over his owner's murder. Spawn (1997) Al Simmons, a mercenary, is double-crossed and assassinated on the orders of Ja... » Continue Reading

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>> top 5 christmas movies <<

H aving trouble choosing the perfect christmas movie to watch during these trying times i mean this holiday season ? if so, read further down : 1 star wars incredible acting and fantastic special effects made this a hit in '77, and it still holds up! 2 King Kong Amazing special effects for its time. Just be sure not to accidentally watch the vile remake! 3 Live Free or Die Hard The Die Hard Trilog... » Continue Reading

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The Social Dilemma

Seriously, if you've not watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix, watch it now. You'll never want to use Facebook again. Let's make Spacehey the "Wikipedia" of social media. Ad-free forever. Where do I donate? 😃 » Continue Reading

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top 5 sexiest vampires imo

akasha from queen of the damned. i would let her rip my heart out and eat it &lt;3 eric northman from true blood. quite possibly my fav fictional character of ALL time alucard from castlevania. i know he's half human but he counts okay  roman godfrey from hemlock grove. he is technically an upir but pretty much a vampire. plus, my heart wouldn't be able to take not having both skarsgard brothers o... » Continue Reading

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— by Noah3 Comments

Twin Peaks

Just finished the second season of Twin Peaks, and until my Fire Walk With Me Criterion gets here I'll be going cold turkey.  If any of you are watching it, don't give up on it because of the bad episodes in season 2 (10-16), you can power through the stinkers! But jesus christ those episodes are horrible... » Continue Reading

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— by andrew covell

ranking the lucas starwars films

why specifically lucas? cuz f*ck disney thats why if for some reason you don't know which films are the lucas films they are the original trilogy and the prequal trilogy there are other films however those are expanded universe and it'd take a real enthusiast to collect and view all 4 decades worth of this stuff so i'm keeping it simple with the films in the main serise meaning this list will only... » Continue Reading

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00s tv

Some of my childhood memories are hinged on shitty aughts television and recently I've been rewatching and getting into more of that shit. So I figure while all y'all adults are reminiscing those years, why not ask y'all to share your favorite 00s shows/movies? I'll go first: on top of having watched American Idol S8 about 4 times during quarantine, I've also been watching Bad Girls Club, Skins UK... » Continue Reading

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— by andrew covell

falcon and the winter soldier

this blog will be a collection of episode reviews that i post as bulletins and copy and paste over here the reason for this is well...politics hear me out... Styzmask · The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Theme | HQ Remake (Epic Ending Theme) [Styzmask Official] i've kinda of fallen out of following superhero movies but especially marvel movies as disney insist on cramming their films with the woke ... » Continue Reading

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— by Caleb

The Ultimate 1980s Movie Marathon

I once toyed with the idea of only watching 80s movies for a year and even went so far as to make a list of 80s films in order of when they were released. The idea was to watch the 80s (and it's influence) pass by in just movies. Here's the list I came up with. If you think there's any I should add I'd love to hear it. 1980: The Fog (Feb. 8) Empire Strikes Back (May 21) The Shining (May 23) Airpla... » Continue Reading

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— by Katie

Movie generator

Ok so if your like me you find it hard to pick something to watch. So instead of being indecisive and wasting time I use   Here are the top 5 it picked that I enjoyed The Wicker Man (1973) The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998) Kramer vs Kramer (1979) Darkman (1990) » Continue Reading

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