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Me and one of my older siblings have been watching a crime series that takes place in Korea and revolves around a detective group that gets people notifying them about cases that they are tasked to solve.  usually most of the crimes being related to murder and other dark topics, the crimes usually end the same with the detective group talking to witnesses and having a few suspects in the end until... » Continue Reading

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Films and shows I like (Last updated: 05/22/24)

A AMÉLIE 2001 (film) AMORES PERROS 2000 (film) A PLACE CALLED CHIAPAS 1998 (film) B BAITED WITH ZIWE 2017 (show) BLACK PANTHERS 1968 (film) BLACK SWAN 2010 (film) BUFFALO '66 1998 (film) C CERDITA 2022 (film) CHILE '76 2022 (film) CHRISTIANE F. 1981 (film) » Continue Reading

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movie reviews ^._.^

I watched the movie "challengers" in Japan. I was a little surprised at the scene where a tennis ball flew onto the screen lol.Tashi was a little harsh, and Patrick was toxic. but Art was a good boy. If I was  Tashi, I'm sure I would like and love only Art (>_ » Continue Reading

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Random long entertainment and culture rant.

Everything awesome and cool is being pussified in the market for "modern audiences" and its being done so hard, that to express the notion that you see it itself, is itself being run into obscurity by being made cringe through being cliché from repeated exposure, in a long game of cultural attrition. The punk DIY ethic was a seed. including things like SCP foundation and other purely mass niche cu... » Continue Reading

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Japanese horror recommendations

Theres a few i want to share, some of these are popular with the horror community in general and some just within people who are interested in these themes!! starting off with some well known: Ring ( » Continue Reading

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Completed The Promised Neverland Given (+ movie) Jujutsu Kaisen The Disasterous Life of Saiki K Horimiya Kakegurui Kiss Him, Not Me Erased » Continue Reading

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Drag Queen Vampire Movie

if you're looking for a fun campy movie for pride and not sensitive to light gore (small wounds and blood splattering) I recommend Slay, it's free on tubi!  other warnings I do have is a homophobic/transphobic biker says the slur used towards trans women/ppl and the target audience seems to be for 18+, nothing graphic but it does have a bit of raunchy humor  » Continue Reading

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Movie Recommendations!

Anyone have some recommendations for good movies with emo or alternative main characters, or side characters that have a decent amount of screen time? I'm not picky about the genre. » Continue Reading

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movie/director recs

does anyone have any recs of under-appreciated movies/directors? lmk guys my watchlist can only get bigger » Continue Reading

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