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Movie Blog 1 : Cocktail (1988)

Movie Blog 1 : Cocktail (1988) (21/10/2021) Movie : Cocktail - 1988 Production  : Touchstone Pictures, Disney Genre  : Romance/Drama Content Warnings  : Alcohol, Sexual Content Actor Highlights  : Tom Cruise, Bryan Brown Ratings :  Enjoyability -  06/10 - Recommended to me because I am a bartender, wasn't too bad. Visuals -  07/10 - Nothing to flashy, as it is a simple romance film. Jamaica scenes... » Continue Reading

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My strange guilt???

I feel awkward in public settings because something in my brain prevents me from watching new media. I can eat up all the shitty 90s/80s movies/shows I want but the moment something like squid game pops up my brain cannot even fathom the idea of watching it. When I tell people I'm sick of hearing about the kind of stuff I get absolutely mauled. "iTs So GoOd whY NoT?" Its not against the content, I... » Continue Reading

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— by andrew covell

mirmaxs 1998 the faculty

i mentioned a film in a recent bulletin i heard about the film from tv tropes the 1998 film the faculty it's noted on tv tropes as being a horror film about a parasitic alien the alien supposedly being an allegory for communism i decided to give this film a watch first off with the only subscription service assessable to me right now being disney+ finding this film in english (there was a spanish ... » Continue Reading

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Movie suggestions

As long as it was a bulletin, here's the copy of it so I won't loose it :D Movie suggestions for tonight Hey friends! I need a suggestion to spend the night xD I would like to watch a movie about witches or historic witchcraft, could you please give me a list of your favorite ones concerning the theme? I have already seen a lot of them but probably in your lists I can find something new :D thanks ... » Continue Reading

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— by xX_th3_n1xk_Xx

[TRIGGER WARNINGS] jimmy urine allegations

So back in early August there was some claims made against lead singer of mindless self Indulgence; Jimmy Urine. It was said by a woman that they were in an relationship while he was working on the "Tight" album so probably around 1998-2000, which wouldn't be a problem if she wasn't 15 at the time (while Jimmy was in his twenties). It was found that Jimmy had manipulated her into dating him claimi... » Continue Reading

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am going to watch the new halloween killz movie 2nite!!!!!! im vvvvv excited about it even though they kind of ran michael myerz into the ground the past 43 yearz LULZ i cant complain i luv slasher moviez but jason n ghostface are my favoritez x3 i saw the 2018 halloween movie when it came out in theaterz!!!!!! im excited to see the new one the graphicz were beautifully well done 3 yearz ago !!!!!... » Continue Reading

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rewatching the spectacular spider-man !! (/ - ^ ) norman osborn lives rent free in my head » Continue Reading

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Invading Myspace. Ghoul World Order Season 6 Premiere

Come check out our Season 6 premiere as we take an interdimensional trip inside of Myspace.   » Continue Reading

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Anime ~

So, I was wondering if anyone can give me some anime recommendations? I want to get into a new one. I recently started watching Demon Slayer. I'm not really into things like this, but Demon Slayer for some reason caught my eye. I really like things like High Rise Invasion or The Promised Neverland. So if anyone can give me recommendations I would really appreciate it. C: ~ mushii » Continue Reading

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my dilemma with South Park

I like southpark and this is something ive grown to feel guilty about, as of late. Maybe its because its so frequently under problematic media in ppls dni blacklist, maybe its because the last season was shit and im forgetting why i ever liked it.   The truth is i never really liked southpark for its humor, i find bathroom humor to be just hard to sit through but i can become so attached to charac... » Continue Reading

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I'm so sick of streaming services...

I used to have cable, but all of these streaming services, HBOmax, paramount+, disney+, peacock, etc...They keep pulling entire channels and tv shows from television to isolate the content to their streaming service. I can't afford every single streaming service every month, so I have to play a fucking game of "figure out which streaming service is fighting for the rights of this movie/show this m... » Continue Reading

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— by Tae

Invader Zim

Peace is nice. Peace is nice. Peace is better than... CHICKEN AND RICE. Peace Peace Peace. Nice Nice Nice. Peace Peace. Chicken Chicken. Rice Rice Rice           ~ Gir I just watch Enter the Florpus again, I can't contain how much I fuxking love Gir! » Continue Reading

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