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I absolutely fucking despise hotel Transylvania 4, and so should you

Alr let’s start this off by saying that I fucking love the first two hotel Transylvania movies. I love the concept I love the characters I love EVERYTHING. But hotel Transylvania 4? It can die, it can be thrown into a fire for all I care So reasons why this movie was the worst way to end a movie saga, and why it should be erased completely and re-written:3 -The movie focuses on jhonny and Draculas... » Continue Reading

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My 30 Favorite Movies (with Explanations)

I was too indecisive to be able to rank these by how much I love them, so I've chosen to order them chronologically by release date. I also didn't want to put children's movies on this list, but if I had, Wall-E and Shrek 2 would've been on here. This is NOT a list of movies I've rated five stars, they are movies that hold a place in my heart for various reasons. 1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (19... » Continue Reading

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Scott Pilgrim is a pedophile

Okay to be fair pedophile is a big word and I probably shouldn't use it to call him one but it's pretty fucking creepy he is like 22 or some shit and was dating a 17 year old. Also umm Scott buys Knives Chau a lot of booze along with marijuana and cigarettes. :) » Continue Reading

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You Like Eminem? BOOM, ZOD REFERENCE!! how about Big Bang Theory? BOOM, ZOD REFERENCE!! Groundhog Day?!?! AND THIS GOES FOR ANY MOVIE WITH MICHEAL SHANNON LIIIKE: and many many others BUT YOU GET MY POINT Terrence Stamp? the guy who stars in these movies? (and also more but idk if people know those movies) guess what role he played in the classic 80's movie Superman II? THATS RIGHT GENERAL ZOD BAB... » Continue Reading

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quotes from dangerously yours

i decided to make a collection of quotes from dangerously yours!  some of you might ask, "what is dangerously yours?"  dangerously yours is a half-hour romance, adventure, mystery, suspense, crime, and drama show/series sponsored by the vic chemical company, which was broadcasted every sunday. there are 16 episodes, all which were aired in 1944 to 1945, eleven to them available to collectors today... » Continue Reading

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tired of this (kyman rant/vent)

it is so emotionally exhausting to ship kyman . if you couldnt go one day online without being lumped in with the pedos and incest and all those terrible things, you’d feel like shit all the time too !! the number of times i’ve cried to my therapist because people online are saying i should kms over fucking south park is INSANE . im just so tired of it being treated like its any worse than all the... » Continue Reading

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One Great Scene in Freaks and Geeks Ep.1 (Pilot)

Welcome back to One Great Scene where I will be looking at one scene in every episode of whatever show I'm watching. I've started with 2nd season of Better Call Saul but now I'm rewatching Freaks and Geeks and have decided to do the same for this show. While I thought it would prove to be a challenge, there was actually a lot to talk about. I will be alternating between analyzing a scene with frea... » Continue Reading

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Does anyone remember yo gabba gabba?

ok question for you does anyone remember a show on nick jr called yo gabba gabba? i remember watching when i was in the second grade and i think i have a dvd of it too idk where it is though. well the reason i'm writing this blog is that i'm seeing tiktoks of yo gabba gabba on fyp and it brought back some memories for me. so did anyone watch it or is it just me? » Continue Reading

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- a blog about me rambling about danny pudi

so his name is danny pudi of course but some people use daniel pudi as his name of course, his indian and polish, and he's also a silly billy actor who starred in community as abed and mythic quest as brad and also in the ducktales reboot as huey duck, but in reddit he had a commercial which also made him famous known as "my butt hung up on you" i mean it's a bit silly tbh in a way it made him get... » Continue Reading

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these are my biggest kins, ill attach the link to my full kinlist and main kinlist at the bottom gojo satoru yuki tsukumo yuri (ddlc) vash the stampede kuroo testuro venti (genshin) kafka (hsr) howl jenkins pendragon yuuta okkotsu main kins complete kinlist » Continue Reading

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