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Daily Bugs i found!

Im going to try to post about my daily bug hunts so heres my first one >:D + a mushroom that i dont know what it is im not very good at ID'in plants and fungi yet!  I didnt find very many lil friends today but the ones i did find are very special :]c  (Handsome Trig [a species of ground cricket]) and i think the name really is fitting because that is a handsome lad! i also got a picture of him cle... » Continue Reading

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Hello guyzz!! I'M THE HAPPIEST TEENAGE GIRL RN BC I GOT A BUNNY!! YEEEEE His name is Usagi (yes I called him after Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon) He's 9 weeks old so he's just a baby:3 and he's a dwarf rabbit!! I got him on 14 september and I cried from happiness when my mom allowed me to have him!!! I will later show pictures from my cutie dutie fluffy bunny :3 XOXO BYEEE !! » Continue Reading

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Cat pixels stamps gifs graphic things

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ... » Continue Reading

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would you rather (seals ver)

take care harp a seal pup or... take care a Caspian seal » Continue Reading

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the Cardinals.

Well, my time has come, i have to go, be with the cardinals. Here's a haiku: Im up with the card inals they are taking me up to heaven, Wow! Anyway thats my haiku, they gave me extra time to type that out but theyre taking me for real now... liftiing me by my arms as i type PS i dont know why it s christmas on it » Continue Reading

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So my grandma had like a lot of cats that live in her backyard lolz and my parents are talking abt taking this adorable orange tabby home she is literally the sweetest  cat ever i hope my other cat is ok with her cuz hes old XD » Continue Reading

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New SpaceHey Group: Chihuahua Core

Hey guys! I made a new group here on SpaceHey! It's a community for fans and/or owners of Chihuahuas!  Feel free to check out the group HERE And if you wanna join, make an intro post HERE » Continue Reading

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does anyone have animals ? » Continue Reading

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