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My Pets

I love my animals, so I might as well make a blog post about them! GilliganMy handsome boi, Gilligan. My husband got him about 6 months before we got together. He was born under a porch and only has half a tail. He's a very affectionate cat, and rarely ever uses his claws against us. He is a great napping cat, but horrible at nighttime. We got this "Gilligan's bullshit hours." If he hears us in th... » Continue Reading

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delicious truffles content

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Fish I am thinking of getting for my tank

So I've been doing a lot of research of what type of fish I should get for my 36 gallon bowfront tank. Here's an idea of what I want so far (also, if anyone actually knows about fish, i'd love some feedback if all these go together!) 1 Angelfish 6 Rummynose tetras  4 zebra loaches I'd also really love to have a 1 betta fish with a few schooling fish, but I know they can be aggressive. I t... » Continue Reading

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