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i made a group 4 ppl who love ryan ross cuz i got bored !! go join the ryan ross stan group plz and thank u !!! we can talk about the rose vest and the cringey livejournal pics 2gether » Continue Reading

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— by Persephone

Him ~ 2016

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

⚜️ 2016 I am living in the home that my ex husband & I raised our 2 kids in, again. After having Matthew in Santa Cruz, I became a stay at home mom again, until the money ran out. James was kind enough to welcome Matthew & I into the house again & the plan was that I would save money to move at some point. I had saved a good chunk of money just before getting pregnant with Matthew. I was squirreli... » Continue Reading

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Hey little sister...

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I have made a very difficult decision to temporarily block my 13 year old sister from being able to contact me. I don't care for anyone's judgement regarding my decision as it has been a scrupulously long and hard road. NO INNUENDO GET YOUR MIND OUTTA THE GUTTER OR I'LL CUT YE LIKE A FISH. I am battling my own demons and I don't wish to poison my sister on my path to recovery; it has been exhausti... » Continue Reading

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mom yelling at me again

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Mom said I can't stay up and laugh out loud at 2:00 AM with my friends online. Guess what mom? I'm an adult and the court says I'm in charge of you now! Maybe you need more medications before bed. XD » Continue Reading

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Everything seems better in the subconscious. I am a rarity and I'm not speaking in an egotistical manner. I'm speaking the truth.

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I've been given glimpses of the higher consciousness and what true happiness and love is. This reality seems like hell in comparison and I haven't received those feelings here at least for a very long time. I'm struggling to come to terms with this. I suppose I can look at it as a gift when I receive these dreams or downloads. Perhaps it's a sign to me that I am capable of feeling those emotions, ... » Continue Reading

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I made a video site

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

—but it isn't completely done, yet! It's for my future YouTube videos and their transcripts— specifically that, actually. Despite it not being done, if you click the picture below, you'll be taken to the official domain and rather swanky-looking "placeholder" site. Yeah, so. It's not much at all right now, of course, but it's nice to look at. Nice to see all my graphics are coming in handy. 😀 So, ... » Continue Reading

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★★★ So for awhile I've been wanting a piercing or two and I think I'm finally able to get them!! It was a bit difficult to find a shop that would do snake bites (two piercings on the bottom lip) on a minor tho lolz~  After i get the snake bites (if im even able to) I plan on getting a septum piercing :D  Im so excited hehehe ★★★ list of piercings im interested in!: ★ dimple piercings ★ bridge pier... » Continue Reading

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<3 </3 <3 </3

Category: Writing and Poetry

when the tree inevitably tires and lets you go; you will follow where the wind blows, and i hope it takes you to me, my leaf. winter, fall, summer, spring- let the seasons’ moons wane and wax, and let your colours change, but your splendor remains in the lines and intricacies that stroke your very shape. i trace my finger along your grace and, green for the summer or brown for the fall; i feel you... » Continue Reading

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— by M4tt

Daff 💔

Category: Life

I saw her livestream last night I said to Her I am very worried about you 🖤 before I went to bed last night I tried reaching out to her direct message . 16 hours later I found out the horrible news 💔 Your browser does not support the audio element. HTML5 Audio Player » Continue Reading

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Our first step

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

You don't need to understand everything entirely just yet, right now what you need to do is believe in not only me but first and foremost in YOU. But do you truly know you? Of course you do in a sense but what is truly you and what has been fed to you? What are you wishing to carry with you and what are you willing to leave behind? Some medication can heal you, and some can make you spew. The bott... » Continue Reading

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