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my cat typed this

anytvnbvbnh788uhnfjfchyuyuj 7 gfmju7uyhuyujnhu7gvtg9ugy78up;loer;'aqijfujjmvujurfkgvjhjdbnvhyvbn bh » Continue Reading

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— by ☆♡~J0HN~◇♧1 Comment


◇How are you todays?◇ I am good, and i hope you don't mind this little fella dropping by to say hello!🌸♡ » Continue Reading

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— by katz — 2 Kudos

kitties !!

kitties, cats, kittens, whatever they r, they r superior to us!! they are beautiful, innocent, and will never be ugly in any way. they are natural predators, cats are displayed everywhere, no matter what you watch, where you are, there is some kind of cat character. some famous examples: grumpy cat, nyan cat, hello kitty, garfield and you name it. cats are everywhere, we think of them and they thi... » Continue Reading

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— by 🩻Toby💉1 Comment— 1 Kudos

I found a kitten

I recently found a kitten. my little brother was skateboarding, when he called me and told me to walk around the block and help him catch it. it was extremely malnourished and dehydrated. his mother was probably dead, or neglecting him. i have been keeping him in a tiny bed on my bathroom floor. he quickly imprinted himself onto me following me around, and crying every time i leave. I'm not sure h... » Continue Reading

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— by dave XD


dude my fish keep spawning babies PLEASE STOP how do fish even do IT!!??!?! im not gonna look it up.... my fish are just freaky ive had like multiple generations of fish in one fish tank and for some reason theyre able to go without food for a bit.. like, three or four days at the most, my mom's theory is that the adults eat the babys but i doubt that because the only thing they can fit in their m... » Continue Reading

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— by BLUT — 4 Kudos

my son,,

he has every disease [/j he's healthy, just orange and stupid crazy about cheese] if you're feeling bad have a look at my son, he is known to cure many ailments  » Continue Reading

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— by PVRR!!1 Comment— 2 Kudos

thinking abt my cats

i miss them auagh,,, i hop around 3 diff houses so i only get to see them 3 days a week :( i have 3 cats! one is named luna (teeeny tiny little black kitten), little man (black and white with extra thumbs and he is SO PERFECT literally the perfect cat. u can throw him and he will come running back asking u to do it again) and hobbes (gray tabby, super fluffy, super pretty, actually hates everyone)... » Continue Reading

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— by Mr.Awokie1 Comment— 4 Kudos

Sleepy Babies

Here are some of my sleepy pets, top is the kitten i found at the laundromat and the dog has turn 6 years old last month Kitten is named Spirit Dog is named Shabacky  » Continue Reading

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— by pinkjack

— by wh1te._.gh0st1 Comment— 4 Kudos


Today I have seen a baby goat! So cute >ω < » Continue Reading

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— by Hats 99991 Comment

Possum skull I have (ANY bone/vulture culture enthusiast, PLEASE click, bc I have a question)

  (I know I need to clean it btw) My friend saw one of the groundsmen at our school unblocking a rainwater pipe and saw him put this skull in a bush, and she knew I liked bones, so collected it for me. (She's so nice :3) I was thinking of using it for my art assignment, since we have to make a doll that's either future-proofed, a » Continue Reading

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— by MEOKA //1 Comment

Mother cat help

Cat gave birth like,, 2 days ago? She's still panting/breathing heavy but everything else seems normal. Is this ok???? » Continue Reading

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