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— by Dandelion Tea

On Feeling Like I Don't Belong

When the lights go up I don't think I told you I don't think I told you That I feel out of place Pull me underground Don't know if you notice Sometimes I close my eyes And dream I'm somewhere else ~ Anywhere Away From Here - Rag'n'Bone Man & P!nk » Continue Reading

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— by HighVikingr1 Comment

Song of the day: Freezing Moon This is the song that introduced me to Norwegian Black Metal, ever since hearing this song i have become obsessed with the genre, and since then i now have a band paying an  homage of some kind towards this band and its former vocalist Pelle 'Yngve' Ohlin, "WHEN ITS COLD, AND WHEN  ITS DARK, THE FREEZING MOON  CAN OBSESS YOU" [Mayhem's drummer, Jan Axel ... » Continue Reading

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— by โ†œmothโ† — 2 Kudos

— by D.D. Gandolf

First post heyooooo (Yes I make music)

Here is a list of nice tunes I uploaded on Soundcloud so far as an introductory post: 20 Pandemic Antaractic Thunderclap Spring Breeze Springboard You can access by clicking the words :) I plan to upload more music later y'all.  Later  » Continue Reading

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— by Retsi

— by Karen Carmichael

— by DarkMiryam — 2 Kudos

Kanseil - Panevin

If there's something I'm missing in my life is live music. I've been to the last concert in November 2019, it seems a life ago. Surely this is the band I want to see IMMEDIATELY as long as live events will be available again.  » Continue Reading

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— by SWH — 2 Kudos

This Is Synthwave

I recently was included in a synthwave compilation called This is Synthwave 3. It's a great compilation full of great artists, and the record label owner is doing a bang up job especially on the audio formatting front. All of it is quiet mixing with very little compression to allow for as much dynamic range as possible. The compilation is available on Heavyweight Double Vinyl using the quiet mix f... » Continue Reading

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— by x_v4mp3y3lin3r_x


a few days ago i half-jokingly made this post on tumblr abt coining a new subculture named "sleazecore" and it beijng about 'snorting glitter off dicks in club bathroom stalls' and in response my mutual made this playlist about it which honestly fucks obscenely hard so yeah โค๏ธ that's it! that's the blog » Continue Reading

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— by ๐“ฌ๐“ช๐“ต๐“พ๐“ถ1 Comment— 1 Kudos

Avril Lavigne???

Okay soooo I like some 00s rock/alternative hits, but mainly I stick with r&b or bubblegum pop... well, lately I've been really into Avril Lavigne. Her 2007 album The Best Damn Thing has been on repeat for me these last couple weeks, lol. It's when she started her transition to pop, but her rock roots are still very present. I love it. I Don't Have to Try is such a good song!  » Continue Reading

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— by Rabbit

Elisa Toffoli

Elisa sings her song "Dancing". » Continue Reading

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