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— by Spike <3 — 2 Kudos

lucid dreaming

is anyone here interested in lucid dreaming?? id love  to talk about it with someone and get advice to be better at doing it on command. i find it so cool!! » Continue Reading

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— by Danni1 Comment


Its only 43 days til halloween and i need to get my costume ready. i want to be a vampire but i cant, because i cant wear the fangs because of braces. i still wanna be something gothic and scary with a lot of fake blood. anyone got any suggestions? » Continue Reading

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— by ☾ Ronnie ☽

Kokichi Dream

I had a dream the other night, and all I remember is that somehow event's in the dream led to me paintballing an entire neighborhood of houses with Kokichi Ouma. Probably one of the most tame dream's i've had, but memorable nonetheless.  » Continue Reading

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— by Christina


If you ever have a dream and don't understand what it means shoot me a message and I'll help the best I know how 😊😌 » Continue Reading

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— by Monokuma


Hi a11 Im M0n0kuma (y3s it is r3a11y m3 h01d y0ur app1aus3) m30w. I wi11 b3 p0sting a11 0f my b10gs in dr3ams and sup3rnatura1 m30w! If y0u n33d a trans1ati0n l3t m3 kn0w m30w! I hav3 tw0 typing quirks as y0u can s33 m30w! (L=1 E=3 O=0 I add m30w at th3 3nd 0f my s3nt3nc3s m30w) I can't wait t0 mak3 s0m3 n3w fri3nds!! » Continue Reading

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— by Sokka — 2 Kudos

No doubles is bull

No doubles is bullshit imo because the ENTIRE theory that kin stuff is based on is that there’s an infinite amount of timelines. You’re not the “ONLY REAL (insert character here)”. Doubles shouldn’t make you “uncomfortable”. You need to calm down and remember what the foundation of kinning is.  » Continue Reading

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— by xXSunny_SayluXx

dreams ive had lol

Ant Dream or whatevah: there was a whole colony crawling on the ceiling of my bedroom and i start grabbing my stuff and running. i think the ants were fire ants... ayo that dream was kinda... *tucks hair behind ear*: i was in kind of some classroom enviornment and my crush was wearing tiny glasses that were super dark and only covered his eyes we just started smiling and staring as our faces grew ... » Continue Reading

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— by emoboyxD


hello everyone hope u have a very good day » Continue Reading

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— by fishbones


Trees. This is a blog about... trees... I once opened my shampoo bottle and thought. I thought "what about the trees."  It's time i start to open up, to come forward with what i really think. Tomato soup has a nice ring to it. Never disregard a free pen, never turn down a free pen. Some plastics don't make it all the way to your house. So what if i want to take a left at this stop sign? I hope the... » Continue Reading

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— by Monokuma1 Comment

N33d M0r3 P30pl3 H3r3

W3 n33d t0 g3t m0r3 sc3n3 kids 0n h3r3 th3r3s n0t n3ar1y 3n0ugh 0f th3m m30w. A1s0 this sit3 can g3t kinda b0ring wh3n th3r3s bar31y any p30pl3 0n it m30w. B3caus3 n0t many p30pl3 p0st 101 m30w. » Continue Reading

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— by Kaz

A Recent Dream

In advance, I have very detailed dreams that often repeat. This is the plot of the most frequent dream I have. It starts out to me traveling to this large mall/ car shopping center. Once I arrive, there is 3 hours until closing. Running all over the store chatting to employees and such, everyone is very friendly and helpful. With 30 minutes 'til closing I realize that I lost the keys to my car. Th... » Continue Reading

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