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— by ariyelluhhh2 Comments

how do i add pictures and graphics to my page? anyone?

I've tried so many different codes and the images/graphics I select don't be working lol. I used to be professional at this, but these new codes aren't fucking with me. anyone know the trick? 🥺 » Continue Reading

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— by zoi

the usual bizarre (coding dump)

hello! this is where i will be storing my codes from now on ^_^ don't forget to put the .  tags around this in the editor!! /* background img */ body { background-image: url(; } /* font + cursor */ * { font-family: courier new; cursor: url(, auto!important; } /* link hover */ a { transition-duration: .3s } a:hover ... » Continue Reading

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— by Boogley — 2 Kudos

How to add an image to the corner of your profile

Just add you image URL and you're ready to go. It's currently positioned for the bottom right of the screen. To change that you must change the amounts in: right, bottom, height, etc. » Continue Reading

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— by John-Richard Javier1 Comment— 2 Kudos

Add a moving / scroll / bouncing / marquee text effect to your Spacehey profile!

A little cool trick I've found somewhere when I was learning about HTML scripting. thank you faenass for helping me remember something like this i love you  By using this trick, you can get a scrolling or moving text effect anywhere in your profile or even in the Comments. Here are the codes (copy & paste this anywhere in your profile): Right to Left scroll: This text will scroll from right to lef... » Continue Reading

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— by ivonnn_e

Hydra 2.0

Experimentación en Hydra  2.0:) » Continue Reading

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— by shani :) — 3 Kudos

how to evaluate info you see on social media: why do people spread misinformation?

(a lil preview of something i'm working on for neocities ;) ) if you see something on social media, it's safe to assume that you're not getting the full picture. on social media sites, you curate the stuff you wanna see, so more stuff that's geared towards you appears on your timeline. since more stuff you'd like appears on your timeline, you're more likely to stay there for longer. if you wanna s... » Continue Reading

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— by Ez (♥ω♥)1 Comment— 6 Kudos

my obsession with the early internet

I was born in May of 2000. By the time I was old enough to use the internet for anything but and pbs kids, it was beginning to morph into the hyper-regulated capitalist hellscape it is now (not to say all forms of regulation are bad, but shoving everyone into the tiny square of an instagram post takes away from the self expression that used to be available in the early days.) Of course ... » Continue Reading

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— by Daniel aka MELONKING

Melon’s Web Manifesto v1.0

Technology has always been the gateway to the unknown frontier; digital space is not a tool or a medium, it is the invisible unreality that is waiting to be found. In the misty days some time around the millennium I had the notion I would like to make my own website. However, being six years old and not knowing much about anything that idea would take sixteen years and a degree in Computer Science... » Continue Reading

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— by niyaaaa — 4 Kudos


hey y'all ! so i'm going to share some embed codes that i know . idk a lot of them bc i'm still learning as i go , BUT here are a few of the ones that i use . so : to make the text scroll : TEXT to make text scroll & bounc e  : TEXT these also work for pictures . to make text bold : TEXT to cross out  text : TEXT to make text blink : TEXT to post pictures :  i use this website called . y... » Continue Reading

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— by ac3

Helpful layout resources!。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

Here are some sources you can use for editing your profile!~  Online Icons old ones from myspace that are cool even cooler ones with more variety!~ how to add it to your layout very cool layout tester this is so editing your layout is 10x easier color code tester (google) this is so you can choose the colors of things (if you don't know how to already) Music with autoplay copy & paste a youtube so... » Continue Reading

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— by Cory 1 Comment— 1 Kudos

🖥🎄 CSS Holiday Snippet: Winter Snow

Here's two lines of code to add some nice subtle snow along with a nice snowbank at the bottom: body::before{ content: " ";  width: 100vw;  height: 100vh;  display: block;  position: fixed;  background-image: url('');  background-size: cover;  mix-blend-mode: screen;  pointer-events: none;  z-index: 1;  filter: blur(3px); } body::after{ content... » Continue Reading

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— by HammondLover4