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Blinkie Portfolio

~⛧~ Blinkie Portfolio! ~⛦~ For when I tell people IRL that I make retro-style web graphics as a hobby and they want to see my work.                                                                                                                                             » Continue Reading

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— by Teapxt2 Comments— 4 Kudos

# How to Get Rid of Rule-Breaking Accounts Without Clicking Onto Their Profile ☆!!

Hello, everyone!!    hi, everyone, hope you're having a good day/night! today, i, the illustrious Tea Fortune will show you how to report accounts that break Spacehey's Terms of Service without clicking onto the account. as you all know, reporting g0r3 accounts these days are getting especially hard, considering they've started using flashing screens to stop people from reporting, and it puts ever... » Continue Reading

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i'll never understand the mindset of wanting to post gore here out of all places anyway?? this is such a small website the blogs page literally updates twice in three hours what's the point?? out of all the places you chose to try and traumatize someone you chose the myspace rip-off??? ur so fucking lame LMAOOO » Continue Reading

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— by WILLI4M2 Comments— 2 Kudos

tbh? the gore accs are??

the gore accs need serious help bro why are you out here posting gore for everyone COUGH COUGH MINORS to see?? if you do that and dont think twice you need help!!! like im pretty sure all the accs are the same person but like still this isnt the first time i see them,??? dude stop making these accs every goddamn day whats the point bro also on a myspace fansite out of all places sorry im rambling ... » Continue Reading

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— by blaire ★ — 1 Kudos

dni / byi / please interact / etc

dni - basic dni. (especially pedophiles, and those who romanticize it... I HATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. IDC WHO YOU ARE, I HATE YOU, YOU ARE SO GROSS. YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE.) - tcc (especially those who romanticize killers/love them...get help.) - bullies. (i don't like you.) - those who sexualize EVERYTHING (ewww.) - people who defend bad people in the music industry ( if you separate t... » Continue Reading

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— by mai1 Comment

i need help with my profile ;-;

keep seeing all these cool looking profiles and its making me jelly, ive been at this for awhile now trying to make my profile look cool and i just dont wanna take a random layout and use it as mine, i wanna make my own yk.  Rn im stuck on fonts, the fonts work and stuff its just so tiny and i can barely read it.  atp im stuck on everything and just need help in general making my profile look good... » Continue Reading

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— by ~𝓭𝓸𝓰𝓭𝓪𝔂~2 Comments— 4 Kudos

Well, I am at the edge to leave spacehey TW:G0r3

CAN SOMEBODY STOP CREATING PROFILE WITH G0R3 AS THEIR PROFILE??? So I was chilling on Spacehey, right I was minding my business and then EVERY of my friends are talking about some people with a g0r3 profile picture. I am so traumatized by this cause when i clicked on "cool new people" THERE WAS LITERALLY EVERYONE WITH A G0R3 PROFILE!! SPACEHEY, FUCKING FIX THIS MADNESS. EVERYONE OF MY FRIENDS IS T... » Continue Reading

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— by jasper!!☆ — 4 Kudos

my hazbin hotel theories (mostly alastor bc he's interesting asf)

ok so i personally believe that lilith (lilith is charlies mom) owns alastors soul bc husk said to alastor “tough talk for someone whos also on a leash” since alastor owns husk's soul, husk was referring to “also on a leash” as someone owns alastors soul and we can see that at the end of episode 8, we can see that lilith has been granted a free stay up in heaven and alastor just randomly shows up ... » Continue Reading

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— by n3pTune — 4 Kudos

possibly tcc accounts / gore maker accs  - banned, tcc account  - banned, tcc account (possibly) & gore maker acc (some person told me once that micah is a gore maker acc) and there was another acc that might've been a tcc acc but got banned, their name was asher and their pfp was some character with dog ears filter? not sure tho but anyways. anyways ill update ... » Continue Reading

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— by зомби — 2 Kudos

intro + dni !! :3

INTRO >_ < My name is Nyan !!! You can call me Zombie if you want I'm trying to make new friends online and my bsf introduced me to this website !!!  Not comfortable with saying my age!!! Please don't friend me if you post problematic stuff! I really hate drama that circles around me I usually make posts daily so if you want go ahead and comment!! if you want to chat more friend me on my discord w... » Continue Reading

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— by Lillllllllllllllllllllith1 Comment— 1 Kudos

dear minors

Don't listen to the blog below, just use the fucking blinkies anyway » Continue Reading

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— by Sage_knight2 Comments


Hey my dear readers!! I know a lot of you have seen the new user page! What's going on? Who's bergit? Well right now no one knows!! He's making so many emails and might be trying to take down the site since I don't think the site has cloud fair, it's kinda like the ao3 situation ya know? I'll keep you all updated!! I love you, sage knight  » Continue Reading

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