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— by caweyka

euro finals thoughts

Thank fuck for non-league ball (Ollie Watkins was playing for weston super mare). Anyways, I think Lamine Yamal will score in the first 20 minutes, then another in either extra time or after the 70th minute, Saka tries & the goal is ruled offside, and Jude wakes up in the 80th minute and the score will be 2-1 to Spain. » Continue Reading

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— by Spooky2001


I started skateboarding very recently like a month ago and i got lazy and stopped like two weeks ago and i just need some advice i think I got frustrated only going forward and practicing moving and turning even tho im sure I still need a lot of practice doing that but im just wondering how do i stay motivated to keep learning???? The smoothest place i have to practice is on the auto lift platform... » Continue Reading

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— by Mark

Bryce harper sends the Phillies to the world series

"Two balls, two strikes to Bryce Harper. Suarez delievers. Swing and a drive, left field. It's deep, it's going, and it is gone! It is bedlam at the bank as Bryce Harper has put the Phillies on top!"  -Scott Franzke, 10/23/22 » Continue Reading

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— by +- !BLOODY FX! -+

— by Lauren!

Formula 1 is the only consistancy in my life.

I feel obligated to start using spacehey more often so that i actually meet people. To do this, I'm going to discuss the race after every F1 race weekend. I think today's 71 lap race at the Austrian GP has been the best of the season! The fight between Lando and Max was extremely fun to watch as a Verstappen fan! I agree that in most places they were both as wrong as eachother although i think the... » Continue Reading

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— by Degauss41 Comment

Watching Canada vs Uruguay, Third place Copa America

Anyone else a futbol fan? If you are, lets watch the game and comment on it! :3 » Continue Reading

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