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spacehey rant

i like this silly website and its cool features but omg there needs 2 be more to DO on here!!!!!  » Continue Reading

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i feel like i'm probably one of the youngest people one here lmao like, i see a bunch of "i miss the old internet" and stuff but i wasn't even born till 2008 so like- » Continue Reading

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A better explanation as to why I think dni lists are bad

Dni lists are, in theory,  a good idea. You tell people who you don't want to interact with and then they hopefully don't interact with you. However, in practice, they suck. They suck because people are picking a choosing who can and cannot interact with them in the wrong way. They're taking things they dislike for example slim jim's, and saying that people who don't like slim jim's cannot interac... » Continue Reading

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환영합니다! Welcome!

조선어 저희는 아직 프로파일을 짓고 있습니다. 미래에 조선의 정치, 문화, 보도, 사실과 관련된 것들을 얘기하는 블로그들을 올릴 것입니다. 저희 블로그를 다 읽어주시고 구독해주셔서 감사합니다! English We're still working on the profile. In the future, we will post blogs about North Korea's politics, culture, news, and facts. Thank you for reading and subscribing to our blog! » Continue Reading

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nothing is stopping me from makng my spacehey completely illegible by using some crazy ass font  » Continue Reading

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About me

I'm 16 atm just needa change the 15 but I'm Melanie irl name? Mia Rivera I live in Minnesota address? Only if we r very very close » Continue Reading

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my name?

hello! i am sereni!!! i use purely neoprns so please dni if you dont like them!!! i am the host of the floor 0 system, i am not too educated on systems, but please ask if youre curious about them! i can probably get another alter to answer the question! » Continue Reading

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any other creepypasta / slenderverse fans??

just looking around for any other fans out there!! cause im in need of more friends! » Continue Reading

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Hello fellows! This is my first time » Continue Reading

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Steampunk Themed Layout

     I did another layout. This one has a steampunk theme complete with a cute little guard robot to watch over all your Spacehey stuff!! (You can totally kick him out if you want to.) I did spend a little more time on this one, I played around with custom texts and link colors, but I think you guys will like it. I'll be using this as my profile starting 9/16/2022, also for a preview you can click... » Continue Reading

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