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— by ♱ santa nikolai (michael) — 6 Kudos


My name(s) are Michael/Nikolai/Karl/Inso/Insomniac (If we're friends then you may use "Marie" or "Kolya" on me!) » Continue Reading

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— by Blank Blogger3 Comments— 27 Kudos

EXPOSING A CREEP, "alex", "sandersalex69", previously known as "i❤horror" notice how his friends list is exclusively women, including minors.  He had also appeared to be catfishing, claiming hes a "professional model" His previous profile picture, which can be found with reverse-google-searching. his profile after I had commented "Wow, you're a stock-photo model! You must be so famous because you're all over Google" He had blocked me a... » Continue Reading

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— by valerie_valentine — 6 Kudos

Blog about the gore accounts so you can report them. have been banned!!! Also this person seems to be supporting these accounts and had their profile picture a... » Continue Reading

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— by Nowuh :3 — 7 Kudos


i don't care your opinions on discourse but do any of you genuinely think this is okay to say to somebody? making these wild assumptions about my life based on literally nothing other than the fact i am anti-harassment. you guys don't even know what i ship, if i even have any ships rn, nothing. also, implying i ship as a coping mechanism is really funny to me. dunno why, it just made me laugh. i d... » Continue Reading

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— by Decepti-Blurr1 Comment— 6 Kudos

PSA ABOUT PROSHIPPERS/I HAVE CREATED A TRAP ACCOUNT ABOUT THEM Please do not Report this account , I have created this to Lure proshippers, I am going undercover and I will be keeping track of them up on this blog. Thank you. Users > Incest supporter > > > » Continue Reading

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— by fern!!3 Comments

that one fucking zoophilia rentry?? a deep dive :)

im talking about this rentry in this blog. read it, or dont. ill basically summarize it anyways. this rentry has good points, but falls flat with its overall message. im making a cohesive counter argument to this and actually explaining why zoophilia, even non-contact, is very very wrong because i dont like just saying "this thing is bad because... ermmm... i said so" they say "focus your hate on ... » Continue Reading

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— by ♱ santa nikolai (michael) — 2 Kudos


> Homophobic, Transphobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. > Racist, Sexist, Ableist, Discrimination, etc. > Invalidates A Person's Pronouns / Gender / Identity > Pedos, Zoo, Etc.  > Proshippers, Comshippers, Lolicons, etc. > Flirty/Inappropriate 17+ Year olds. If you're 16+ but you're none of those types or don't do that around me then you're fine! » Continue Reading

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— by Frankie ☆ Iero2 Comments— 12 Kudos

Masterlist of Block and Reports

This will be updated as i come across more, please IM me any accs you find (GORE ACCOUNTS) - (crime scenes and graphic gore - (extreme gore and befriending p0rn accs) - (p0rn and sh0tacon)  - (images of graphic unaliving) https... » Continue Reading

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— by 4chan4 Comments— 9 Kudos

Idiot resolves SpaceHey NSFW Problem.

Hi SpaceHey, not gonna say my name but im here and im gonna kill-shit right now. So ummm... what are these ''NSFW'' or ''Gore'' accounts? They are mostly filled with the most disturbing ass images ever. Who manages these accounts? Snodat. (Or just anybody else that is like snodat. -_-) We don't need a fucking introduction we know exactly who this dude is. Now for the thing i comed... How do i repo... » Continue Reading

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— by LYNETTE!-★ — 16 Kudos

dear spacehey : (a psa on nsfw on this site)

Dear Spacehey users, if you don't wanna get banned DON'T DO ANYTHING NSFW I have been seeing a lot recently nsfw or nsfw related bullitens now I am againsist shaming minors for mentioning nsfw but some users take it too far. NSFW bullitens may get you banned if they are reported especially if you make frequent nsfw bullitens Also NSFW at a certian a point can be annayoning and make a lot of others... » Continue Reading

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— by pico n boyfriend1 Comment— 8 Kudos

god i hate this site (rant)

i am sick of going on here and seeing nothing but porn y'all are purposely friend requesting minors with your pfp set as porn. what is wrong with your asses. go to jail. you bitches make me fucking sick to my stomach. does this make you proud? do you feel a sense of joy doing this? do you get some kind of pleasure in your sick, twisted mind from exposing minors to porn? do you like doing this? do ... » Continue Reading

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— by kult1 Comment— 8 Kudos

my only complaint with this site..

there should ABSOLUTELY be a way to filter minors on this site, why did I come across a 12 year old?? there should be an age option in the site's fields and allow us to block us contact from them. » Continue Reading

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