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— by ⭐🌸A nerdy artist (peridot 5xg)🌸⭐2 Comments— 3 Kudos

give me doodle reqs

ill accept characters ocs silly ideas screenshots ext when I close this I will post a yt video showcasing the art and comment it under your comments :3  » Continue Reading

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— by β˜… Afonso4 Comments— 16 Kudos

MS Paint doodle of the day (#3)

I LOVE apples! do you have a favorite fruit? » Continue Reading

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— by β˜†ε½‘ quest — 7 Kudos

hot fuzz sketches / face studies

cracks knuckles its back to studying faces for the sake of a fixation. ik this is probably niche on a site like this but oh welllll . autism blast ALSO! these are on my profile page but i like how they turned out so i'll put them here too - i threw together some simple stamps for the cornetto trilogy :) » Continue Reading

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— by β₯barbara1 Comment— 2 Kudos

you must consume (slight gore???+artistic nudity so it's fine or whatever)

anyway, sometimes biting your girlfriend is almost like kissing drew this on a whim » Continue Reading

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— by Porter πŸ•Έ2 Comments— 3 Kudos

— by Pepbird3 Comments— 3 Kudos

Ouuu I wanna animate

I wanna animate so bad but I have commissions to work on » Continue Reading

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— by youz.L0velyy.virUs1 Comment— 1 Kudos


FACE REVEAL IG :p  its just a random low-quality pic i took on my computer lolz BUT YEA FIRST EVER PIC OF ME I SHARED ON HERE WOOHO :DD!! (also i might attempt to make a group with people that follow me :P) » Continue Reading

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— by atute ^^3 Comments— 1 Kudos

Mis oc's

holaaam, acá quiero poner mis dibujos (son casi todo de mis oc's) ya que no tengo a nadie que les interese mis dibujos mis oc's y quiero mostrárselo a alguien así quee aquí están > tomas°β—‹β–ͺοΈŽβ™€: tiene 17 años, es introvertido pero un poco extrovertido tambien(? ,es amigable, es bisexual, se enoja fácilmente, no le gusta el contacto físico, tiene un amor imposible (el cree eso) por Matias su amigo de... » Continue Reading

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— by BanduAido1 Comment— 10 Kudos


Hello! I thought it'd be fitting to make my first blog post an art post, as I really enjoy drawing and art. I am currently going to college to be a game artist and in my second year! it's been great fun so far :). This art piece initially started out as a vent piece and i suppose it still is, but I think that in the middle of the making of this work I was actually quite enjoying myself with making... » Continue Reading

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— by Darren!2 Comments— 6 Kudos

Art dump

No one asked for this, but im still going to do it anyway, cuz im the most pathetic person ever :>> » Continue Reading

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— by clementine ΰ­¨β˜†ΰ­§1 Comment— 4 Kudos

β— πŸ photos from a corner of the world | vol. 1 β—‘ o(≧∇≦o)

greetings, pals! i often like taking photos while i walk and i thought it would be nice to share some. i think photography opens one's eyes to the beauties of the world that we take for granted. there is beauty everywhere, and there is joy to be found in the tiniest things. Λšβ‚Šβ€§κ’°αƒ β˜† ΰ»’κ’± β€§β‚ŠΛš sunrise from afar afternoon wanderings clear skies :) pondering . . . the end of a long day Λšβ‚Šβ€§κ’°αƒ β˜† ΰ»’κ’± β€§β‚ŠΛš i h... » Continue Reading

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— by KO/TKO πŸ‰4 Comments— 10 Kudos


SOCIALS:    Youtube      TOYHOU.SE small blood/gore warning! » Continue Reading

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