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do not eat guy feirieies restruarnt

Category: Food and Restaurants

My family was flying home from Mexico through Cancun. Our flight was delayed a few hours and we had no choice but to eat in the Cancun airport, a horrible tourist hellscape of a place. Our choices were Margaritaville and Guy Fiearii american rssturant so we ended up going with Guy Friessi.  The food was insanely expensive, and we knew the portions would be really big, so we ordered only 3 dishes f... » Continue Reading

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fascinating. you really live like this? (On Spacehey)

Category: Blogging

as stated on my profile i am forever entertained and intrigued by the way people behave online so in this blog post i will ramble about some Thoughts i've had about Spacehey! There are so many kids here. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just interesting, and as a 17 year old i include myself in this! I think the way the world is right now and the way the mainstream internet is falling apart at ... » Continue Reading

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guys you dont have to censor everything

Category: SpaceHey

this is a phenomenon i've seen around the internet over the past few years. Kids keeps censoring sensitive or heavy stuff (ex: racism as r@cism). I know a lot of these people come from Tiktok or Twitter where the algorithm will destroy you if you use the uncensored words, but Spacehey doesn't have an algorithm. You do NOT have to censor things!! it's okay!! This especially goes for Tumblr and A03,... » Continue Reading

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you can sell your soul for 9 dollars on etsy!!

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

11/3/23   9:33 PM There's a whole genre of listings on Etsy selling various demon pacts. i'm not religious at all but even if i were and I was into demon stuff, i'd still consider these listings a scam. So of course i bought one!! I bought a demon pact with 72 goetia demons to please ressurect my pet stinkbug Supper, who just died i think. It was 12 dollars. At the time of writing this I have just... » Continue Reading

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Gutted Bagels

Category: Food and Restaurants

I work at a coffee and bagel shop. It's really great, I love working there a lot. We have many bagel options and we have many sandwich options, and we also have many regulars. There's Ann, an old lady who orders such a specific drink so regularly that she has her own drink in the register (iced Earl Gray tea, one shot of espresso, sugar free vanilla, and honey). There's the one or two people who a... » Continue Reading

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McMerrybell's Gas Station Chapter 1

Category: Writing and Poetry

CHAPTER 1.  Hi. My name is Jongle McMerrybell (Jon for short) and I am a 19 year old human. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. In reality, I have a dark secret. I can’t tell what it is because it’s dark and secretive, but someday I’m sure the secret will come out.  I qas walking down the street (pennsylvania avenue in nineteenthtown, new york) on my way to work. I work at the local gas station... » Continue Reading

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kids are roleplaying with ai and it makes me SAD

Category: Blogging

i used to roleplay so much with strangers on the internet and the community and friends i made doing that was so important to my growth as an artist/person. and now that we have character AI i see so many kids mainly roleplaying with ai instead of other people and it makes me Sad. using ai to roleplay with your own ocs makes sense, or using it to do a specific scenerio you wouldn't want someone el... » Continue Reading

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thoughts on DNIs

Category: Blogging

I think DNIs are interesting.  If you are taking DNIs completely seriously, what homophobe or racist or terf is going to see 'homophobes/racists/terfs dni' and go Hmmm okay i will leave politely :) ? People who hate people for dumb reasons like that don't typically respect DNIs because they are often very reactionary. It's like an older person going 'hey small child you better not say the word che... » Continue Reading

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Fire alarm fun at my school today lol

Category: Blogging

Today at lunch someone pulled the fire alarm. We were all like Man. because it was 31 degrees and snowing outside. i brought my furby and curly fries outside because even if there was actually a fire i was not going to stop enjoying my fries (they are the best part of school lunch and i am So hyped whenever they have them). We all kinda thought that it was a prank pull because it happened a lot la... » Continue Reading

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Exploring immortality with my ocs!

Category: Books and Stories

OK. one of my favorite things to explore in fiction is immortality and how it affects a person. In my main OC universe, I have 3 immortal ocs: Eon, Gatsby, and Bunny, all of them exploring a different way immortality can affect someone. Eon and Gatsby used to be mortal, and Bunny 'spawned' immortal. this is how their immortality works! Eon and Gatsby's planet, Terias, was mostly covered in a toxic... » Continue Reading

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ayo im back

Category: Blogging

hi i forgot about this website and now I have Returned » Continue Reading

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hello I have just made this

Category: Blogging

I now have made this blog! I made a really cool rotating cuff last night I’m currently waiting for coffee to finish making and then I’m going to clean my hamsters cage! » Continue Reading

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