McMerrybell's Gas Station Chapter 1


Hi. My name is Jongle McMerrybell (Jon for short) and I am a 19 year old human. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. In reality, I have a dark secret. I can’t tell what it is because it’s dark and secretive, but someday I’m sure the secret will come out. 

I qas walking down the street (pennsylvania avenue in nineteenthtown, new york) on my way to work. I work at the local gas station. You might not think of gas stations as being local business, but ours was, because Ninteenthtown is really small. Ever since I was little, I have dreamed of leaving. The town is SO small that I don’t even have to do anything at the gas sation. No one comes by. I usually bring my handheld game consoles with me so I have something to do. I’m essentially getting paid for paying games, which is sick, but also boring. I forgot why i didn’t move out yet.

Today around noon, some extremely tall slender guy walked in. i was so surprsued i fell out of my desk cahir and greeted him kindly. 

“Hello! Welcome to the gas station!” I smiled.

The tall guy fumbled around the shelves a bit, his back to me. He seemed to have a really nice suit on so I clocked him as some kind of business man on his way to NYC. 

“Ok let me know if you need anything.” I sat back down because he didn’t say anything. He kidn of nodded and turned a little, somehow knocking over a box of chips on the shelf with his lanky arms. They almost seemed like tentacles. 

“Oh no, i’ll take care of that’ I rushed over to pick yup the chip box. I caught a glimpse of the guy’s face and was Spooked. Thoroughly. This guy had no face! 

He quickly turned around, hiding it once more, as though ashamed of his lack of face-nes. I felt bad for getting spooked immediately. Maybe the guy had had some kind of horrible accident. Or amybe that’s just how he was born. To disrupt the growing awkward silence, i cleared my throat.

“Um, sorry, so yeah let me know if you need anything!” I returned to my chair and pretende not to watch the guy, who slowly progressed to the back of the tiny store. That’s when i noticed THREE more arms had spouted from his back! They looked like squid tentacles. And that’s when it finally hit me. 



I began drafting a letter to my friends wright away (we don’t have phones here because the internet doesn’t work. The games wirk. Because i don’t play anything multiplayer).

I had almost finished excitedly writing my letter about slenderman in the gas station when he quietly approached the counter and i looked up. Because he was so frinkingtall. My neck hurt.

“Hi, do you need anything?” I asked politely.

Slenderman lowly lifted one of his several arms to place something onto the counter. As a side hoby I like to make pins and the pin bucket was at the backoft the store. Slenderman put a little pine with the bisexual flag on it onto the counter. 

“oh! Ummm that’s 50 cents.” I said.

“slenderman” slenderman said. I assume he is like a pokemon in this manner. And he put $9.36 on the counter before kind of dissipating towards the door. 

“Wow thanks for the tip!! Have a wonderful day!” I called after him, waving extatically. I finished drafting my letter and put 19 stickers on it (they were all birds, from my bird sticker collection) and sent it off of my friend. And that was the time that I, Jongle ‘Jon’ McMerrybell, met the real life Slenderman. He seemed really polite and also bisexual. I think he might have killed people but honestly i would go party with slenderman. If you ever meet slenderman please give him my hellos!


A/N: im writing some random stuff now. deicded i wanted to write random stuff. it's not meant to be good, just to have fun and mess around. i literally wrote this in like 30 minutes. please recomend situations to put jongle mcmerrybell into. jon mcmerrybell cannot leave nineteethtown but i am sure there adventures to be had yet! jone mcmerrybell's pronouns are jongle mcmerrybell/jon mcmerrybell/jon mcmerrybell's btw

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