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you can sell your soul for 9 dollars on etsy!!

11/3/23   9:33 PM

There's a whole genre of listings on Etsy selling various demon pacts. i'm not religious at all but even if i were and I was into demon stuff, i'd still consider these listings a scam. So of course i bought one!!

I bought a demon pact with 72 goetia demons to please ressurect my pet stinkbug Supper, who just died i think. It was 12 dollars. At the time of writing this I have just placed my order, so now I get to wait until the seller responds and begins my demon pact. They claimed that this spell was very rare and very strong and will bring unlimited opportunity, and so I assumed necromancy was included in that.

I felt really stupid after buying it and went to cancel my order but decided actually yes this is totally worth it. I have money to spend on useless stuff right now and this Etsy demon pact rabbit hole is very interesting. I want to know more.. and the best way to learn is through experience so here we go!

I will update this blog as my demon pact unravels and my dear Supper hopefully flies once more.

11/4/23  9:56 AM

I received a message from the seller (who i'm calling G) this morning thanking me for my purchase and asking me to buy a $20 spell booster pack. I expected this to be a scam but that's so blatant! It's pretty wack, considering if someone actually believed this they would probably also buy the booster spell. This goes even deeper than I thought. I responded to them saying that I trusted their skills without the booster and asked when to expect the spell to begin.

11/5/23  5:15 AM

The seller, G, messaged me again with another pretty generic response, saying that my spell had been cast and advising me to buy another $20 spell. If I'd bought everything they'd recommended, I would've spent 52 USD on basically nothing. They attached a PDF (copy-pasted down below) containing yet another generic message, loosely about how they cast the spell and what to do next.

Since I didn't buy the booster, I now must wait up to 90 days for Supper to come back to life. This is a genius move for the scammer because Etsy only allows 100 days after receiving a product to leave a review. Any normal person (as normal as someone who unironically buys a demon pact from Etsy) is likely going to forget that they even bought this. If they do remember, realize nothing happened, they got scammed, and want to take it up with the seller, it's almost past the date when they can even do anything like get a refund.

I read all of the reviews on this shop and most of them are positive. Many seem to have been made a couple days after buying and hold an air of 'i'll wait and see' or 'i'll update!' As of yet, no one has updated their review. One review pointed out that the PDF letter was quite generic and likely sent to every customer but seemed fine with it.

I'm sad to say that this scam is kind of boring. It's smart, because only a specific demographic of people would genuinely buy this spell and that demographic is more likely to be tricked into buying more, but it could be better. For one, if I were running a magic demon pact Etsy scam I would actually go through the effort of taking pictures of my ritual setup, even if it was the same couple pictures I send to every person. I highly doubt this person is actually doing any spells and are probably just sending everyone PDFs. I don't know if I can actually report them as a scam because they are technically selling the PDF???

I decided my next move would be to ask G a few more questions about the spell they cast for me. I sent a message asking if they'd brought anything back to life before, because that's a pretty huge deal. They seemed so nonchalant about bringing Supper back to life. We will see what happens...

Chat log copy pasted from Etsy messages:

G: Dear Friend,

Thank you for choosing us for your recent purchase. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

To ensure you achieve FAST and PERMANENT results, I highly recommend our All in One Spell Package "SPELL BOOSTER PREMIUM PACKAGE: [link]. This enhancement offers numerous BENEFITS.

Here are the advantages of the "SPELL BOOSTER" and our PREMIUM package:

- Speed: Manifest desires up to 10 times faster.
- Rapid Results: Typically within 17-30 days.
- Resistance Removal: Effective against stubborn situations.
- Enhanced Effectiveness: Accelerated outcomes reported by many clients.

**PREMIUM Package:**
- Fast-Track Success: Results in just 17 days.
- Power Booster Spell: Supercharged effectiveness.
- Progress Updates: Stay informed about your spell's journey.
- Lasting Magic: Enjoy long-term results.
- Spell Assurance: Free recasting if needed.
- Rapid Response: Quick spell initiation.
- Karma Shield: Protection against unforeseen karmic consequences.
- Personalized Magic: Tailored to your specific desires.

This PREMIUM package is uniquely designed for rapid success and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your trust is valued above all else.

Blessings and light,


Me: Thanks for the offer but I trust your skills without a booster!!

Me: When can I expect the spell to begin?

G: Hello my friend,

I'm very pleased to inform you that your spell has been successfully casted and I'm glad to let you know that it was a Huge Success.

Attached is a Summarized PDF file containing detailed information about what the spell entail, and what is required of you for final manifestation of your desires

ATTENTION: To protect your spells from KARMA and DARK Energies, I HIGLY RECOMMEND This Private Spiritual Guardian Sell To Monitor and Protect you 24/7 Till Your spell fully manifest. Here is the link: [link]

Please Let me know once you make purchase and reach out whenever you have a question or concern.

Attached was a PDF containing this:

Hello, my dear friend,
I'm thrilled to share the great news that your spell has been successfully cast. You can
expect the spell to start working its magic within a window of 17 to 31 days if you've
opted for the BOOSTER. Without the Booster, the maximum timeframe is 90 days.
I'm putting all my efforts into speeding up the process for you, and it's entirely possible
that the spell may work even faster. Spells can have unique effects on individuals, so
your experience might be different from someone else's.
It's essential to note that your own participation in this process plays a vital role. Factors
like your mindset, belief, and resistance to negative energies in your aura can influence
the spell's effectiveness.
To make your spell even more magical and captivating, I conducted a thorough survey to
identify and address any negative energy. Then, I carefully selected potent ingredients,
including herbs, candles, and crystals like peridot, garnet, and ruby, to enhance the
spell's energy and effectiveness.
Your happiness means the world to me, and I've spared no effort to ensure your spell
experience is extraordinary. During the casting, I created a serene atmosphere with
candles and incense.
You are my top priority, and I've spared no expense to provide you with the highest
quality and most powerful materials. Now, all that's required from you is patience. Stay
calm, relax, and maintain a positive mindset. Your trust and belief in the spell's
effectiveness are crucial for achieving your desired results quickly.
My role is to align your intentions, desires, and thoughts with the spell's aura, enhancing
its power to manifest what you desire.
While casting the spell, I sensed a strong aura filled with light and positive energy,
showing that the spell is attuned to your intentions.
If, by any chance, the results don't meet your expectations, please remember that you
have a 100% spell recast guarantee. Feel free to share your concerns, questions, or
doubts. I'm here to provide guidance and support.
Consider me your magical companion, here to address your concerns and support you
throughout this spell journey. I firmly believe that blessings will come your way, shaping
your future in alignment with your desires.
Blessings and Light, [G]

Back to Etsy messages:

Me: Have you ever brought something back to life before?

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