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Category: Friends

I'm in a lottt of fandoms and I can't stuff them all on my profile so I'm gonna put them all here lolz, I'll probably update this blog every time I join a new fandom lolz. Video games: Subnuatica, slime rancher , cattails , bendy and the ink machine, Minecraft, terraria , pony town, Undertale , deltarune, overwatch ,  afk arena , cookie run kingdom , stray, mini ninjas, little nightmares, doki dok... » Continue Reading

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I wanna make bew friens X3

Category: Friends

Hey! Id love to make some new online friends!!! I luv drawing, video games, and animation so it would be nice to have someone to chat about these things :D » Continue Reading

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Rant on helluva boss lol

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Ok actually I have something else to say real quick, sorry I haven't been active on this site in like um...months but honestly I have my reasons (mainly the bot gore and nsfw accounts and all that) anyways I'm not really planning to be majorly active on this site for now buttttt I might make an odd blog here and there if I wanna scream about something lol. Also this is a chaotic rant about the sho... » Continue Reading

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My opinion on helluva boss

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

In my opinion some people really overreact when they say that it's a terrible show and that it should be cancelled immediately, but I don't really think it's a great show either. I feel like with each episode it gets a bit more annoying and I believe it's mainly because of the pacing, you start out really slow with not much going on and then it just explodes with random lore and a bunch of fightin... » Continue Reading

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I feel.....normal

Category: Life

I feel normal, TOO so normal that it hurts. There is nothing new or interesting or cool or weird or extravagant or anything the feels like something.. everything is so repetitive and average. WHY CANT THEY MAKE A NEW COLOUR PR FEELING OR SOMETHING  » Continue Reading

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I aspire to be like gay fire breathing man

Category: Parties and Nightlife

So today me and my fam went for some ice cream and not too far away there was a street show were some guy was doing a fire breathing. Honestly it was such a cool show and the guy was really funny and nice. To actually be able to breathe fire he had to drink (not consume) some really toxic liquid he would later spit out while holding fire over his mouth but to ensure he didn't accidentally swallow ... » Continue Reading

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Explain your favourite show/movie badly

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Curious to see what y'all can come up with  Guys I might not reply as fast because of school and stuff, so feel free to guess what other people r talking about:3  » Continue Reading

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Little nightmares 3 is coming soon!!

Category: Games

I'm so excited! I didn't think they'd make any more games after the second one but I'm so glad they did!! » Continue Reading

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My love for music

Category: Music

I absolutely love music it's literally one of the best things to exist. I love listening to different genres and experimenting with new songs and bands/artists. I'm pretty sure everyone loves music! (Pro tip: It's such an amazing way to express yourself and it's such a great way to make yourself feel better, to calm down, to get that mood boost from a si... » Continue Reading

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Can we talk about "scenecore" music for a sec

Category: Music

Don't take what I say too seriously, at the end of the day I'm just some salty person on the internet with an opinion Personally I think scenecore/hyperpop music fucking sucks like pardon me but it's literally just stolen instrumentals from already existing songs with the most god awful untalented vocals I have ever heard with the worst sound effects that just make the song absolutely unbearable. ... » Continue Reading

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I hate how being "alternative" is so watered down now days

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

This is just a big rant lolz I hate the fact that being alternative is more of a trend now days.  I hate how people think it's not that bad to be a poser (not listen to the right music, you don't believe in the political opinions of what the subculture is even about in the first place etc etc).  I hate how I can't even find genuine alternative friends because they all listen to whatever "alt" musi... » Continue Reading

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