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Explain your favourite show/movie badly

Curious to see what y'all can come up with 

Guys I might not reply as fast because of school and stuff, so feel free to guess what other people r talking about:3 

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1- Old John Wick can’t enjoy retirement in peace because a bunch of slutty whiteboys don’t want to pay him
(Scored by a man-whore cat loving icon)

2 - Idiot isekais himself into plate throwing version of Beat Saber and ends up finding his old ass dad
(Scored by two idiots with masks sharing a braincell)

3 - Bastard son of a horny god’s life is flipped on his head after demon shit happens

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little sack people with numbers written on them

(its a movie)

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i thinmk its garfriel[d

by mars; ; Report

isnt it called nine?

by marbles; ; Report

guys i think he's talking about little big planet

by skeptic999; ; Report

It's nine a Tim Burton movie I think

by Melziee; ; Report


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4 musician animals want to travel to Paris but accidentially get to Bremen, which is a dystopian city led by a wannabe dictator and owner of a sausage factory that uses them to make propaganda, but they can free all animals kept to make sausage out of them and then blow up the factory into a gigantic lava crater

average German kids show

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if you don't believe me, here's the english version
and here's the full german version with a scene where the cat seduces the manager and he gets... nervous

by daMGK; ; Report


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hypno brain replaace rasict

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Clown :3

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animation comes alive and this guy just cant stop them

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guy screws girl then becomes cancer

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A man visits his partners house only to find out they're racist and are trying to replace him with a double

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shrek 2

by Katetail; ; Report


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a business major, a model, and a goblin start an animation studio

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a dozen bad tempered men decide whether or not they should kill a child

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12 Angry Men?

by buoymoder; ; Report

love that movie

by Lillllllllllllllllllllith; ; Report


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Dumb ginger defeats 7 Exs for a emo girl

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charlie X3

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stupid ginger goes in cryogenic station on accident meets one eyed individual and robot

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meke⋆˚✿ :33

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Silly orange cat fights death and eventually accepts that he will die and life will continue without him!

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i dont remember this comic strip of garfield (/j i know its puss in boots)

by charlie X3; ; Report


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gay boy plays a video game with his chums and destroys the world

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homestuck :B

by VadeVantas; ; Report

iкe's кaleidоscоpe. ☆

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cosplayer barely avoids getting groomed by david bowie

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A cat or dog thing(?) Falls from the sky and an unemployed girl finds and adopts him, they do jobs together and she may or may not be a robot.

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iкe's кaleidоscоpe. ☆

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three highschool drop out canadians can’t make a grand for the life of them

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a blonde and bitter kid decides to terrorize rich British people for generations

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✮ jas / kei

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An activist high school dropout, racist old man, kid who peaked in highschool, girl who was a pill addict in highschool, an autistic guy, and a self-obsessed jerk all go to a terrible community college with a gay dean and and mentally unstable spanish teacher who later becomes a student.

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Thought Shameless, the Whale, or Breaking Bad but I know they're all wrong what is it...

by arik; ; Report


by ✮ jas / kei; ; Report


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Booty-loving gays defeat the Royal Navy.

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stupid alien is sent to earth which apparently is even stupider and this kid knows he's an alien but earth is too STUPID to realize

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Invader zim lol

by Melziee; ; Report

xD my favorite thing ever rn

by AshLuvzInvaderZim2007; ; Report