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Artfight 2024!

Category: Art and Photography

Image Description [ID: Artfight ID card for team Stardust, filled out for FriendShapedPlant. It attacks, "Dunno! Prolly mainly opposing team? And [people with] cool charas,"will maybe do frien » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

One of my earliest "memories" is touching/pointing at a sapling a bit taller than me in the backyard of my very first house when I woulda been under 3. I don't know if I actually remember this or not, because there is a photo of little me doing this and that is way early to be forming memories, but I can experience it from my perspective, and I don't think there was a camera there in my memory. Wo... » Continue Reading

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SpaceHey 102? Shit to maybe know/do once you've set up camp

Category: SpaceHey

Hello! Welcome to the Old Web reborn! Sorta lmao what is this intro This blog post is sorta an extension of Pory's Welcome to SpaceHey: a beginner's guide! and also pulls from notes and tips I gave to some homies that considered joining SpaceHey. I presume you already have a cool epic layout and mostly know about this sites features, if not check out Pory's blog!  These points are not in any speci... » Continue Reading

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Technically Official Tiled Pokemon Backgrounds!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Alright I ain't no Pokemon fan, I jus like Banette and the spooky stuff, but whilst lookin thru images of Banette I found! A Thing! A company called Original Stitch used to make Pokemon apparel, from buttoned shirts to bandanas, and though they've closed, somehow their patterns ended up on Bulbapedia! The patterns could make for some fun tiled web page backgrounds methinks, if there's a specific P... » Continue Reading

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I overanalyzed the Bad Apple AMV at midnight so you dont have to

Category: Blogging

Okay gang I'm gonna make this quick cus I gotta fuckin. Work to be at tomorrow but I'm losing my mind. So I watched one of those Bad Apple But Its memes as you do and I ended up 1) trying to list all the characters from memory in order of appearance and 2) learned some new things???? So yeah lets get into it Trying to List The Characters From Memory "My Memory" is near exact to how I sent it to my... » Continue Reading

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Thus Your Story Begins (Dracula Hylics Cosplay)

Category: Art and Photography

Image Description [ID: Atticus cosplaying Dracula from Hylics. It faces left while looking towards the viewer with a slight head tilt downwards. Its right hand gesturing up towards its head and the other a finger gun towards » Continue Reading

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[Best Viewed on PC] Album Collection!

Category: Music

Sexplosion! - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (LE 2LP Pink Vinyl) OneShot Original Soundtrack - N » Continue Reading

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Toxic Gay Husbands (Zero and Nightmare Kirby Gijinkas)

Category: Art and Photography

[ID: Digital art of Zero and Nightmare from Kirby, drawn as humanized chibis. Zero is a black man with symmetrical vitiligo on his face, a single eye with red sclera and a dark » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Just learned about this Kirby Air Ride exclusive enemy and I need to share them with The Masses Say hello to Dale: » Continue Reading

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Bandana Dee Cosplay Pics!

Category: Art and Photography

So I'm a big fan of Kirby, being a long running Special Interest of mine, but it'd been a hot minute since I cosplayed from the series. Learned like the week before con there was gonna be a Kirby photoshoot so I knew I have to bring one back! So here's Bandana Dee! (Photos not from shoot rip still gotta find those) » Continue Reading

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