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Toxic Gay Husbands (Zero and Nightmare Kirby Gijinkas)

Digital art of humanizations of Zero and Nightmare from Kirby, drawn as chibis. Full description in caption.

[ID: Digital art of Zero and Nightmare from Kirby, drawn as humanized chibis.

Zero is a black man with symmetrical vitiligo on his face, a single eye with red sclera and a darker red iris, and short coiled hair. He wears a white hooded robe with an asymmetrical length and long sleeves that hide his hands, the sleeves, hood, closure lined with red and three red slit designs on the torso. He wears loose white pants and no shoes.

Nightmare is a skeletal blue man with pointed ears, sharp teeth, pointed cheeks and chin, and shoulder length curly hair. He wears cat eye shades with spots for stars in the lenses, long golden horns, and a thin gold headress with three red gems in the center of his head. He has double layered blue pauldrons on either shoulder, a purple cape with pale gold stars, held together my a gold chain with a red gem, sparkly purple button up shirt, deep purple pants, and purple shoes.

Nightmare leans into Zero, who is on the left, hand behind his shoulder. Zero has his left hand on his hip and looks to the left, pouting and furrowing his brow. The background is grey. /End ID.]

Shoutout to these toxic as hell husbands someone please stop them from taking over the universe together and promptly fighting each other for it. For everyone's sake!

Anywhom, these are my gijinkas for Zero and Nightmare from Kirby, they're the fucking worst but they're a couple of my favorite Kirby guys >:3

Also, pics of them separate, as a treat!

Zero chibi from previous piece, now without Nightmare. Nightmare chibi from first piece, now without Zero. his hand is revealed to be wearing a pale gold ring on his ring finger.

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