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Bandana Dee Cosplay Pics!

Category: Art and Photography

So I'm a big fan of Kirby, being a long running Special Interest of mine, but it'd been a hot minute since I cosplayed from the series. Learned like the week before con there was gonna be a Kirby photoshoot so I knew I have to bring one back! So here's Bandana Dee! (Photos not from shoot rip still gotta find those) » Continue Reading

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Top Surgery Letter Consultation!

Category: Life

Okay, so I've been wanting to get top surgery for a few years now, and the surgeon I wanna go with requires a letter from a therapist or the like before consultation. I just had that appointment to get a letter done so I thought I'd write out my experience doing so! I found a local place that was willing to do so for free after trying one I found online and getting ghosted, so yay to that! The app... » Continue Reading

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Okina Matara and Disability

Category: Games

Full disclaimer: I am not a wheelchair user or physically disabled in any way, just an Autistic person passionate about disability activism and a Touhou fan. This piece is being written from that perspective. If any wheelchair users want to share their thoughts on Okina or better seasoned Touhou fans have corrections on translations or lore surrounding her, please do leave them in the comments! (A... » Continue Reading

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Procrastinating and Profile Layout Editing

Category: Life

Instead of working on my fucking homework I decided to mess with my profile layout for hours on end! Executive dysfunction ftw » Continue Reading

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TV Head Costest (and Image test)

Category: Art and Photography

Giving uploading pics a shot, so here's a TV Head costest I did last week with some editing cus I got excited lmao. There's more I wanna add and I need to find some other webcore-y fits to go with it, too much of my closet is just t shirts and gothic/alt shit. » Continue Reading

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Fucking Around and Finding Out

Category: Blogging

Hello fellow web dwellers of SpaceHey :3 I'd been considering joining here for awhile and finally caved as every other social media platform seems to be crumbling. My HTML/CSS game is shoddy but I took a layout and modded it a tad. Imgur images don't seem to be working for me anyways, I don't know about anyone else >.> But yea! Hoping this place isn't too bad and I can find people with similar int... » Continue Reading

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