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Thus Your Story Begins (Dracula Hylics Cosplay)

Cosplay of Dracula from Hylics.

Image Description

[ID: Atticus cosplaying Dracula from Hylics. It faces left while looking towards the viewer with a slight head tilt downwards. Its right hand gesturing up towards its head and the other a finger gun towards the floor. The background is a white sand desert with blue low hanging clouds, a pink sky, and bright yellow moon right above Atticus' fingers. Yellow text in the Bangers font reads, “Thus your story begins” to the left of and over its wrist and shoulders. /End ID.]

God this cosplay was hot as hell (damn you synthetic fabrics) but I look SO cool I can't get over it, I'm obsessed forever and ever <3

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Photo Editing Process Image!
Four images showing the unedited, initial edit, darken/cool and final collage of the image above.
[ID: Collage of four images showing the editing process for the image above. The first is the unedited image of Atticus in full against a light blue background. The second image is edited to brighten the colors and shadows. The third darkens it and adds a blue tint to the image. The last is the final collage with the desert background and text. /End ID.]

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