One of my earliest "memories" is touching/pointing at a sapling a bit taller than me in the backyard of my very first house when I woulda been under 3. I don't know if I actually remember this or not, because there is a photo of little me doing this and that is way early to be forming memories, but I can experience it from my perspective, and I don't think there was a camera there in my memory. Wouldn't be surprised if that was a semi regular occurrence as toddlers love doin the same shit over n over again

The header for my main Tumblr blog is the side of a shed of my late great aunt n uncle, many a season ago. It looked like that just that one time, as things got knocked over and plants died. The house was lined with bushes and trees overhung the driveway. They had a deck overgrown with vines and my sister n I would sometimes try and clear it. When the house was gettin ready to sell after our great uncle died, the whole fam got together to clean the yard up. They lived next to the funeral home their services were held at, and we were just there for my late great aunt, and the new homeowners got rid of the bushes. The house is fuckin naked!

Most of my relatives are rural, so lots of farmlands and lots of forest. My aunt and uncle have a small treeline in their backyard, and right next to it was a corn field my cousins and I would play in as kiddos. The grass is littered with dandelions, and one time the yard was littered with what I can only imagine were large seeds that were a bit pointy and either cyan or green. Never seen shit like that since and I tried to google for them but no dice.

We had palm trees around where I used to live. I remember when one of them was short enough I could touch the palms, and dead leaves were like big ol weapons or fans to play with. Our lawn had pine trees, and I do NOT miss having to pick up those prickly pine cones. We had bushes line our house, but there was a gap in it at the corner that was filled before we moved. Our backyard had a huge dead spot where no grass grew because there was a huge tree that cast a shadow.

We don't have cherry blossoms around here but we have a lot of trees that flower white in the spring. There's a few in my neighborhood but also on my route to n from work. I believe I heard once they were Bradford Pears, but they didn't smell so I dunno!

I don't know plants for shit, but I know what I remember about their place in my life.

(This is originally from an ask on my Tumblr, but I think I wrote this nicely enough it belongs here :3)

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