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advice for getting musty smell out of faux-leather?

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I love getting clothes from my grandma but she is also a nicotine addict doused in perfume living in a mouldy old house by the beach. As much as I love second-hand clothes (especially from her, since she heavily influenced by sense in style growing up), Mum cannot stand it, especially from her. She can't stand the smell, and to be fair I get that, as well. This particular item I got from her are t... » Continue Reading

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Drab Majesty!

Category: Music

I am going to see Drab Majesty live this Saturday!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I don't watch them all that much so generally I only listen to them so maybe their funnier than I think but I do have a brother who watches them all the time no headphones and I am so sick of hearing the same repetitive sped up or slowed down songs and like, I voluntarily listen to vaporwave and plunderphonics and like so sure. Whatever. But at least those are entire songs, not the same few second... » Continue Reading

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Cocktail recs?

Category: Food and Restaurants

Anyone got any suggestions for a third cocktail I make for new years day? Grandma wants me to make some cocktails; so far I know I'm making a mudslide and a fruit tingle. I'm trying to think of a third one; preferably one that would provide some variety, and/or be impressive. Tasting good would also be ideal o/c XD Any suggestions would be appreciated! » Continue Reading

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Question for Japanese Learners

Category: School, College, University

Any advice for studying writing in Japanese? I have a study pal over zoom, and we often do flashcards to learn the Kanji and stuff, and while there are quite a few ways for us to practice our recognition, it's kind of difficult for us to know how to practice actually writing the kanji based on sound or meaning, particularly since there are no teachers/professors to run it. Any suggestions? Screen ... » Continue Reading

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I know my assignment is shit

Category: School, College, University

I wish there was a way I could tell the professor that in my submission. So that he doesn't think I'm an idiot that genuinely believes I did a good job, when I literally just slapped it together five days after it was due. I hate this so much. » Continue Reading

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I want a vintage TV

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I want a vintage TV in my room so bad I cannot even express it but I also need things to play on it because otherwise What's The Point » Continue Reading

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Little Question about Blog Etiquette I guess

Category: SpaceHey

So like, sometimes I like to go onto most recent blog posts (because blogs are posted pretty scarcely as is) and just read through whichever blogs are most recent and add kudos and sometimes comment on them. Do people think it's weird when someone they have never previously interacted with does this? I mean in my view a first interaction has to happen at some point therefore expressing agreement o... » Continue Reading

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I love venting in SpaceHey blogs

Category: SpaceHey

It's like group therapy only you are pretty sure you are the only person within earshot. » Continue Reading

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About to start anti-anxiety medication!!!

Category: Life

I really don’t know what to say. My anxiety has been pretty bad lately, and I honestly feel like that’s part of the reason that I haven’t been as active online lately (or in person if we’re being truly honest). I just constantly feel so tense, it stops me from really wanting to interact with others at all. I’m pretty excited. Idk how many problems I have that are solely sue to the anxiety, and how... » Continue Reading

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