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I have to make decisions??? About my future??? Already???

Category: School, College, University

*sigh* here I go, being overly confident and pouring my feelings out into a post I will probably regret later, to the burden of the wonderful people of SpaceHey. I have to choose a University course but I don't even know what subjects I'm passionate about now . I don't even think I have the independence to go to university; independence and travel is like, half the appeal of it in the first place!... » Continue Reading

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Does anyone even read blogposts?

Category: SpaceHey

Alright so it's kind of occurred to me that blogging is actually an option, and that it's actually probably better for me to rant all my rants and preach all my opinions and that without it clogging up other peoples' bulletin boards, which makes me sleep a bit easier at night. The only issue is, I'm not sure who actually reads these? Like, I always sort of just assumed that the bulletins were pret... » Continue Reading

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Spiral steel boning >:(

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I have so many problems but owning spiral steel boning could solve a couple of 'em. Meaning it may not fix my life but it would definitely make it better. Not that anyone cares but hey it's my blog I can vent, you don't have to read this (I might delete it later tbh) I've tried to find it online, but most websites sell ten meter rolls for $50, plus shipping!! But I've found another store that sell... » Continue Reading

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I know this is a stupid question but how do you guys do emojis on computer

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I know most people already know this but I tried looking it up on the internet and all of the results are kind of confusing so does anyone know how to add emojis to text using a laptop computer? Unless you're all just using mobile...? » Continue Reading

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