Does anyone even read blogposts?

Alright so it's kind of occurred to me that blogging is actually an option, and that it's actually probably better for me to rant all my rants and preach all my opinions and that without it clogging up other peoples' bulletin boards, which makes me sleep a bit easier at night.

The only issue is, I'm not sure who actually reads these? Like, I always sort of just assumed that the bulletins were pretty barren, hence the reason I thought "Alright, let's fill these bad boys up" when I first made my account, but that was when I only had a few friends and now I realize that there are actually quite a few bulletins. I'm wondering, though, because I realised I actually wasn't subscribed to any of my friends' blogs, if anyone even reads blog posts? Because I look at most of the recent blog entries and most of them don't have any interaction at all. I've found that bulletins tend to get more engagement, which just makes them more appealing in general.

I saw a bulletin the other day, about how people were using the bulletins too liberally, and while I don't agree completely, I still might post some attention-seeky things or just kind of silly posts that I just don't want haunting my account for eleven days, I do feel like there may be things that work a bit better as blog posts, idek what I'm doing or what I'm saying. I guess I'm just kind of confused, and figuring out how to post stuff. I know this probably comes across as a bit of a "hey, interact with me if you CARE about blogs!!" I'm just genuinely curious how many people would see if I do begin updating regularly. (Sorry if this is a little bit hard to read, my thoughts are pretty scattered at the moment I might delete this later depending on how I feel when I have more time and can think more clearly).

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