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15. they/them. real lyf zombeh. FEAR MEHH!!!

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

hai!!! iz meh, trixie!!!! im here 2 tell u all how 2 b rlly fukkin awesum at makin UR PAGE luk absolutely AH-MAYZ-ING. i will give u sum tips 4 usin CSS and HTML and EvEn mOaR!!!!! n dis can also help u make ur own layouts. but when u do, pls remember 2 nawt steal other ppls code n just replace le images. u can learn CSS, its ez pz :3 n e ways....... 1: add LAWTS of graphicsss!!!!!! okai sumtiems ... » Continue Reading

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spring is a-comin~~~ <3

Category: Blogging

ahhh.... teh sun is out l8 now, but its.... nawt gettin any warmer. sigh. im soooo reddy 4 spring fashion. i wanna wear mai tank tops n skirts (as if i even own many) n shorts.... n im reddy 4 mai skin 2 nawt b fukkin dry n gross -_- i luv spring, probly mai fav season~!!! i just liek wen its kinda breezy but nawt 2 cold (lolololol) n bright n mostly nawt rainyyhh.... even tho, yk, april. but nawt... » Continue Reading

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when things start 2 fade

Category: Life

idk, just when things u used 2 b so happy having are just completely overwhelmed by a whole new wave of ideas, n every1 u knew is goneee, n u feel liek every1 has moved on from sumthing thats liek ur whole lyf n always has been, n no1 seems 2 care abt ur wurld n e moar. its nawt a fun feelin. ppl move fast, n every1 rushes onto teh next thing, but i move slow » Continue Reading

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songs i luvvv <33

Category: Music

i luvv a lawt of songs but here r sum of mai all tiem favs.... or just current favs, LOL. » Continue Reading

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mai goals.

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

i wanna wurk hard 2 b who i wanna be, but ive gotta rlly put mai mind 2 it first... i want to dress cute everyday (this may b surprisin 2 every1 who no's meh, but i actually dont dress super nicely n scenie all le time.) but b4 i can do that, i need 2 work on getting better sleep!!! i have a super shittttt sleep sched, i go ta bed at lyk 12 am half le time, n i wake up suuuper exhausted n super l8... » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

okai so ive seen a lawt of ppl with lotsa kyoot blinkies on thar page!!!! but um, da thing iz..... some of them can be HUUUUGE compared 2 others XD so heres how u fix dat.  an average blinkie is 150 x 20 pixelz!!!!! 150 iz da width n 20 iz da height. u see, especially with blinkies.cafe, sumtiems u will see BIIIIG blinkies n they dont always fit...... so heres a normal sized blinkeeee: n heres a l... » Continue Reading

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mah blinkies...... moar will b added l8r!!!!

Category: Art and Photography

haii!!! im makin a blog 2 post all mai blinkiez on!!!! thx xXx-rawr-xXx 4 suggestin it :333 ur supr kewl as fuk!!!! n e wayz, here r sum blinkies i make!!!! feel free 2 use em!!!!!!! ^_^     Now Playing · East Clubbers - Drop » Continue Reading

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i wanna stay up all nite..... im guna blog XD

Category: Life

agghhhh!!!!!!!! i dont wanna go 2 sleep i wanna stay up!!!!! ive been watchin millionaires vidoes on youtube n ive found sum kewl stuff :] https://youtu.be/mNT9co8CV90 this vdieo is cute :3 rawrr random trixie thoughts idk wat 2 do with mahself o.O do i sleep??????? do i go crazy?????? IDKK!!!!! but whatevzzzz.... dats all i gotta say. heres a magical sparkly rainbow 4 u » Continue Reading

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i <3 pokemon black n white

Category: Games

im listening to the ost rn coz i want 2 and oh mah gawd xD pkmn black was da first main game i played (da real first poke game i played was mystery dungeon) and i loved dis game SOOO MUCH it was my favorite 4 da longest time and i spent 3 years playin it b4 i actually beat it lolllll thats probably coz i was always in the pokemon theater or whatever it was called and i would dress up my audino or ... » Continue Reading

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pony collection as of 01/31/22!!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

hiya!! i thought id start off my MLP collection blog with a pic of how it looks so far :3 its still very small. but i get new ponies all da time so itll keep growing!!!! scroll for more stuff at the top are my two G1 ponies from 1982 and 1983! da left one is blossom and da right one is sunlight ^_^ i also have my 2 equestria girls (sonata duska and aria blaze..... the gfs) and my many many G3 pone... » Continue Reading

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