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pony collection as of 01/31/22!!

hiya!! i thought id start off my MLP collection blog with a pic of how it looks so far :3 its still very small. but i get new ponies all da time so itll keep growing!!!! scroll for more stuff

at the top are my two G1 ponies from 1982 and 1983!
da left one is blossom and da right one is sunlight ^_^

i also have my 2 equestria girls (sonata duska and aria blaze..... the gfs) and my many many G3 pones!!! i LOVE G3 sooooooooo much!!!! i just think they look supa cuteee

i know they all look a little funny rn coz theyre on my bookshelf, but im getting a shelf soon so they can all fit!!!!! :D

thats all i have 2 share rn!!! but ill be posting whenever i get new ponies so ill see u then!!!! 

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so cute omg love the perler too xD

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OMG, I love this ( ≧Д≦) too much envy

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thxxxx youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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